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I just wanted to speak about how I got started in Internet Marketing, before I even knew I was an internet marketer. I first started back in 2005, it was when ebay allowed you to make auctions selling digital ebooks. My dad was selling physical things on ebay, he was a manger at a storage facility, so he got random things while he was cleaning out vacated storages. He would find some good stuff and sell them on ebay and make a profit. He was making a descent side income as well, very passive. Then he started selling digital products, known as plr ebooks on ebay. They were in the make money online niche so the market was hungry with buyers.

I was a senior in high school, with a part time job at a book store. My dad told me one day that I could make some easy money on ebay like he was selling digital ebooks. At the time I didn't know what a ebook was, better yet a digital product. I thought it was just some online scam stuff and didn't pay him no attention, until one day he showed me his ebay account. That's when I got interested and asked him how was he selling these ebooks. He told me that all he did, was download this “how to make money online” ebook one time, posted the sales page that came with it on ebay. He said all he does when somebody buys it is, send them the file he downloaded to his desktop to them as an attachment through their personal email address and he's done. I thought it was too good to be true, so he set me up an ebay account and I signed up with paypal so I could accept payments.

He set me up an auction with paypal, just like he set up his auctions. I went to bed that night not thinking nothing about it, I checked my email and I saw 3 payment notifications to my paypal account. My eyes got wide, and I instantly logged into my paypal account and saw that I had money in my account. I sold three of those ebooks on ebay for 19.95 each, I was stoked and my mind was rushing about all the possibilities. I thought to myself, so this online money stuff is real, I can really make money online for doing such easy tasks. I went on to sell a few more ebooks on ebay, but the market got saturated and ebay shut the digital ebook selling down. But that was all I needed, and that was to see that I could actually make money online. So I really began digging, and learning as much as I could learn about internet marketing. I learned the terms and about all different types of marketing methods.

The next thing that caught my interest, as I was learning about different marketing methods, was cpa marketing which stands for “cost per action”. I couldn't believe that companies would actually pay you just for you promoting a link, while people just enter there email information. I was searching on the internet one day and saw someone promoting a system called “Project Payday”. I looked in to the company and saw that they were legit, I wasn't suppose to but to make sure they actually credited my account, I had a friend sign up under my link. When he texted me and said that he signed up, I check my affiliate account and saw that they did credit my account for his sign up. So I really began promoting project payday, I started on youtube. My affiliate link was long and ugly, so I got it shortened with a link shortener and began promoting through youtube. I made a simple video and began commenting on other videos that were in the make money online niche. I would direct them to click on my link to my profile, to find out about another way to make money online fast.

Another way I began promoting my project payday affiliate link, was through traffic exchanges. I know what you might be thinking, but I only used one traffic exchange website that had valuable traffic. Especially since they didn't have to spend no money, all people had to do was sign up for a free account showing them how to make extra money. So after I would do a little promoting on youtube, I would go to this traffic exchange that really go me results. I'm going to go ahead and give you me SECRET traffic exchange website I would use, that gave me signups everyday. That FREE traffic exchange website that I used was “traffic g”, there you go, I just spilled the beans, only because I like you. So, all I would do is go to traffic g and start surfing for free. Everyday I got signups to my affiliate link like clockwork, just by using youtube and traffic g. I was doing pretty good for some extra money, but then once again project got saturated and my traffic began to go down. I kept on trying to promote it, but the time and effort I put into it was not worth the little traffic and signups I started to get. This is how I started in internet marketing, it took me a while to get into it, but I did benefit from the income and knowledge when I first started. I still am in internet marketing, but I now own my own online marketing company, so instead of promoting other people's websites now a days, I just stick to getting my own website clients everyday.

Don't get me wrong internet marketing is a great way to start earning online income, you don't have to deal with customers or anything. All you do is promote your affiliate link, as much as possible so you can see traffic and results, one other thing is to not give up. You will see profits as long as you stick to one proven system and push that system everyday, and you will see results.

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