Mutiny in 1626 is a Battle for Wesnoth campaign set on the planet known as E29.

As of this writing, it is a campaign the continuation of which awaits the determination of what actually happened “next” on that planet. An examination of the disposition of Freeciv scale units in and around the areas important to the storyline makes it clear that what happens next depends upon what the Egyptians do next. In short, the campaign's chronicle has caught up to the point in time that the planet known as E29 has reached, and we thus await further news from E29; until that news arrives, what happened next must remain unknown.

At the time chronicled by the campaign, the English and the Egyptians are far from being the only civilisations on the planet. Thus it has been agreed for the time being that further developments await the involvement of more players, ideally at least one player per civilisation on the planet.

This arrangement has been particularly attractive to the Italians, because even at the time of the start of the campaign the Italians had been reduced to just one city by the Egyptians. They have thus eagerly shifted their focus from the Freeciv level (scale) of play to levels (or scales) of play at which the fact that their last city might have been taken from them by the Egyptians back in the early sevententh century might not, after all, seem so devastating as it might to players thinking only in terms of the Freeciv scale game.

Year by year notes

Israelis steal Stealth from Egyptians at Tokyo, give it to English for all techs English had they did not have. Then sell Chemistry, Steam Engine, Bridge Building and Railroad to Argentines for 400 gold. Argentines trade same 3 techs to Ethipians for 400 gold and Magnetism. (Ethiopians complete research of Theology.) Argentines then buy Communism, Economics and Industrialisation from Israelis for 400 gold. Germans steal from the Egyptians Combined Arms at Barinas, Computers at Lara, Gravitics at Cumanam; and incite a revolt (cost: 120 gold) at Argentine city of Tachira, gaining Railroad. Ryukuans contact Japanese, exchange embassies, make armistice. Japanese loan Kyoto to English in retirn for Amphibious Warfare; English use Kyoto diplomat to steal Machine Tools from Egyptians at Osaka then give Kyoto back to Japanese along with Tactics in return for Nara, use Nara diplomat to try to steal from Tokyo but Tokyo is still hyper-alert following Israeli's theft of Stealth. Japanese put English in contact with Germans, also give English 270 gold, and gain lots of technologies in return. English and Germans exchange all technologies that they both have. Argentines get Stealth from Israelis in return for future considerations.


English liberate Southampton (Ship,Fighter,Marine), aquiring Advanced Flight and 74 gold. English Diplomat from Burnley steals Recycling from Egyptians at Peterborough. English Diplomat from Stevenage captured but one from Rochdale stole Electronics from Egyptians at Hereford. Argentines liberated Tintina from Germans, aquiring Gravitics. They also take Barquisimeto from them, aquiring Combined Arms. They then give Gravitics, Combined Arms, Theology and 250 gold to the Israeli. Argentines sell Combined Arms to Ethiopians for 500 gold, which Argentines pass on to Israeli. Argentines now owe Israeli only 1000 gold. Israelis give the 500 to the English in return for Machine Tools and Electronics. English diplomat from Lutterworth incites Market Bosworth from the Egyptians for 189 gold, aquiring Subspace Theory and two units of veteran paratroopers.

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