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The Minecraft Modded Guides series is going to be a lineup of different pre-made Minecraft adventure/questing mod packs acting as a guide on how to overcome different quests and suggested course of actions throughout. There are also going to be different machines to help automate simple processes and improve your experience.

Material Energy Cubed is available on the Feed The Beast launcher, under the '3rd Party Packs' tab. The version of the modpack this guide will follow is 1.4.5.

The Guide Itself

While beginning any modpack, I always like to go into controls and change a lot of my binds since they're bound to conflict, this might be needed depending on what items you're planning to use, I'll mention that in the guide as we get to them. When you'll try startup a game in singleplayer, you'll notice that there's no options when creating a world, this is because the modpack specifically uses a custom map. Just simply generate a new world and you're set.

Mods List

Material Energy cubed is a very simple pack compared to others with over a hundred mods. A decent machine is enough to run this mod pack smoothly. The Following mods in the modpack are as follows:

  • Applied Energistics - The Massively Robust and Compact (but expensive!) storage mod, allowing you to store millions of items inside a couple of blocks!
  • BiblioCraft - Decoration mod that expands how books are used
  • Carpenter's Blocks - Decoration mod allowing anyone to easily decorate their world.
  • Chisel - Change the way how normal blocks work!
  • Creeper Collateral
  • Extra Utilities - Random but Useful things!
  • Forestry - Bee Keeping galore
  • Gendustry - Advanced Industrial Craft 2 Items
  • Hardcore Questing Mode - Allows adventure pack creators to obtain rewards by doing quests
  • Holo Inventory
  • JABBA - Just Another Better Barrel Attempt - A mod that allows users to cheaply store thousands of items in a single block.
  • Lockdown
  • MSC1
  • Metallurgy - Expands the ore dictionary by tenfold!
  • Minechem - Breaks down most resources into their bare chemicals and can be used to create new things
  • Mob Properties
  • Open Blocks - Random but Useful things!
  • Special Mobs
  • Thermal Expansion - Provides easy machines to completely automate your world!
  • Universal Electricity
  • Utility Mobs
  • Waila Harvestability
  • Wailia - What's that block? Just look at the top of the screen
  • Zan's Minimap

The Guide Itself

There aren't many controls in this modpack in particular considering how the mods don't really add too much, and that's a good thing for low performance users. Enter the Singleplayer menu, and create a world. When you get in, you'll start off at the main base with a chest in front of you and a Questing Book inside your inventory. The chest inside in front of you consists of a book called 'Read Me'. It gives basic information on the modpack and the questing book. On the bottom right of the chest, there is a hidden Carpenter's Safe containing a Reward Bag and a Silverfish Trophy. Open up the Quest Book and open up the category 'Left Alone'. There are two quests to complete, 'Base Tour' and 'Back-up Power'. Visit the elevator on the same floor you spawned on. The elevator by OpenBlock is a block that can teleport the player up and down if there is another elevator block above or below it. This is don't by crouching down to go down and jumping to go up. There are four parts to this quest that requires you to go to different locations, but it'll teach you to know where everything are. The reward for this quest is a cookie, and it is repeatable. However, it isn't worth for the one cookie.

In the second floor near the Spatio IO Port is a brass chest containing different items. Take out the Solar Generator and hand in the chest 'Back-up Power'. The quest gives a Lever, 4 Redstone Dust, a Daylight Sensor, 3 Redstone Repeaters, 3 Redstone Torches and a Spatial Energy Guide. Goto the area on the first floor with the Factory Block and the one wooden chest onto the left. The reason you have the redstone equipment for all of this is how the Solar Generator works. The Solar Generator will generate power as there is sunlight, but will not actually output it unless there is a Redstone Signal. In the event of outputting power, it will not generate the energy. A simple way to go around this is to flick a lever, applying a current to the Generator, but the quest rewards gives us an automated way. The DayLight Sensor will output a signal if there is sunlight, so we'd need to invert this by placing a redstone torch on one side of the block and then dust on top of it connecting from a source (the Daylight Sensor). This is the easiest way to invert a signal with what we have. Hook up the Redstone torch side to connect with the Solar Generator and you're done. Place downa Leadstone Energy Cell next to the Solar Generator to expand your power storage. This area for now will be a MineChem station, which allows us to break down components and create entirely new things!

In the 'Getting Food' quest, you have to collect sugarcane to receive a Reward Bag, 'Decomposer Guide' book and a bed. This is where we learn how to use Spatial Drives. Applied Energistics 2 is a mod that allows you to convert Matter into Energy and vice versa into the form of Drives. This also includes blocks in the world! Collect the 'Sugar Cane Farm' 16×16 drive from the chest to the right of the Spatial IO Port and place it inside the left slot of the machine. Toggle the big button above it and watch the small room turn into a farm. Anything built here will be saved as soon as you place it back into the drive, which is done by taking the same drive into the left slot and toggling the button again. If you've been running back and forth the entire time like me, you'll probably be hungry now. The quest 'General Chemistry' tells you to place Sugarcane inside a Chemical Decomposer. The Decomposer allows you to break down items into it's elements. Grab the decomposer from the chest where you made the solar generator and place it down near the Leadstone Energy Cell. Place however many Sugarcane into the decomposer and you'll get Hydrogen, Oxygen and more importantly, Sucrose. Hand in one Sucrose for an 'Inclusion Chamber' Spatial Drive. You're also presented with an option to receive a Reward bag or 3 Bronze Chest, I chose the Bronze Chest.

Place the inclusion chamber drive into the Spatio IO Port on the first floor and press the button to load up the Inclusion Chamber, which is our first stop. When you go down the ladder into the Certus Quartz Chiseled Block room, there is a sky stone chest behind containing some very useful items. Complete the 'Inclusion Chamber' quest by going to the Dirt Container and pick out the Black Steel Shovel which is the best tier. After that, Dig into the middle of the pile of dirt until you find a chest with 12 Bonemeal and 5 Spruce Saplings. Grow the tree and turn in one Oak Wood in the 'Digging For Saplings' quest to receive 25 bones, a Furnace Generator. Collect the 10 Jungle Saplings. Next to this chamber are three stations to teach you how to make different NPCs that could help you throughout the game. First up is the stone turret, grab the dispenser from the chest and place it on top of the Fence, which is on top of the stone. This combination will create the Stone Turret which shoots arrows at Hostile Mobs. Kill the Stone Turret to complete the 'Turrets' quest in exchange for 4 Dispensers, 40 Fences, a Turret Manual and an Upgrade Manual. Next up is the Crafting Golem. Place one Skeleton out of the 2 inside the chest to turn it into a Crafting Golem. This is essentially a portable workbench that you can move. Kill it to complete the 'Blocks Golems' quest in exchange for a Block Golem Manual and 4 Skeleton Heads. Finally, place the pumpkin on top of the 2 stacked soul sand in order to create the 'Bound Soul'. This is a friendly NPC that will kill mobs, and can equip weapons you give. Kill it to complete the 'Golems' quest in exchange for a Golem Manual and 10 Soul sand.

It's time to go mining. Enter the entrance with the Caution Factory Blocks and grab the 32 Torches, 48 Steel Ladders and 4 different pickaxes. They're damaged, and it's best not to have them destroyed as you will be able to repair them later. In the quest, 'Time To Mine', you need to mine 10 Iron ore and 1 Gold Ore. The Electrum Pickaxe can only mine on stone level, so use the other pickaxes to mine gold. After handing in the quest, you'll receive a nice Reward Bag (Good), Biosphere Spatial Drive and 5 Coin. However, you should probably find metals that are made of the pickaxe you want to repair. Focus now on the 'Even More Mining' quest which requires 5 Iron Ores, 5 Gold Ores, a Diamond and 2 Stacks of Cobblestone. In return, you'll receive a Miner's Delight Spatial Storage, 2 Super Miner Potions, a Reward Bag and 4 Diamonds. Before you Load in the Miner's Delight into the Spatial IO Port, there is a secret hidden chest surrounded by extremely useful metals at coordinates X = -430, Y = 13, Z = 1003. You won't have any pickaxes to mine Orichalcum, but you can mine Rubium with the Survivalist's Pickaxe. Miner's delight will include a deep cave and quite a bit of mobs, so gear up before you go in. Before you hit the ground, there is a very small vein of Mithril ore which you can grind up and create an Haderoth alloy with Rubracium. Haderoth is the key to mining Orichalcum which you found a lot of in the Inclusion Chamber. Alternatively, you can get a free Haderoth pickaxe in the Inclusion Chamber at Coordinates X = -432, Y = 4, z = 1004.

While you're still in there, complete the 'QUARTZZZZ CHALENGEEEE' quest which requires collecting 200 quartz. Turns out the walls of the the entire platform are made from Quartz, in which you can turn into 4 quartz for each block. Completing the quest will give you 4 Gold Coins, a Reward Bag and a Carpenter's Bed. I chose the Ceruclase boots in order to minimize fall damage. If you have been opening reward bags, there are a few 16^3 Spatial Storage you can receive. For example, the Primary Metals one include Iron, Gold and Tin Ore. Oh, and if you fell down you'll find a Carpenter's Safe. This includes a Reward Bag (Basic) and an Obsidian Spatial Storage. It's literally full of obsidian, all 4096 blocks!

If you go back to base, you'll notice that level 2 is now accessible. Be careful as there are a lot of mobs down there. Inside one of the starting Strong Boxes include 3 Liquefied Coal Buckets, you can hand in the 'Liquid Coal' quest which will give you 20 Coal, 10 Coal Dust and a Reward bag. You can outfit this room to whatever you want, but right under machine blocks platform, you should utilize this space to create energy storage and generators. Now, load in the Biosphere Spatial Storage and focus on the 'Biosphere' quest. This requires us to collect 3 Moss Stone, 3 Lavastone, 3 Limestone, 3 Sandstone. The reward is a Transfer Node (Liquid), OpenBlocks Tank and a Quest Delivery System. Do pick the Sanguinite Axe as it is the highest tier. When searching for sandstone, you may come into a hidden area. There are 2 Gold Blocks and a chest with 10 Gold Coins, Quicksilver Chestplate and a Egyptian Staff. Hand the staff over to the 'Egyptian Temple' quest for a Escritoire, Reward Bag and 20 Gold Coins.

In the 'Chisel' quest, you must have 4 different types of Factory blocks. Handing this in and then using a Chisel to turn them into the primary factory block skin. Our next quest is the 'Climate Control Center' quest which involves piping 4 buckets of Lava and Gelid Cryotheum into the Quest Delivery System. The reward is a Reward Bag, then pick the Amordrine Shovel as it is the highest tier out of the three. Work on the 'Salvage' quest down there which requires collecting 5 Pistons, 20 Furnaces, 3 Redstone Comparators, 3 Redstone Repeaters and 4 Hoppers. In return, you'll receive 5 Machine Frame, 2 Reward Bags of different types and a Stack (9 gold coins). In the 'Entertainment Fireplace' quest, you'll have to drop down into a Jungle area. This is very hard, but hopefully you have full armor. You need to collect 30 cocoa beans for this quest. In return, you'll receive 3 Flint and Steel, 30 Fire Charges, a Dispenser and 3 Splash Potion of Fire Resistance. You can pick a Reward bag or 4 Stacks (9 gold each).

Notice that you now have equipment to start a very large fire… That's exactly what you're going to do! Start lighting the forest on fire and then when it all clears up, there should be a drop down into another room. Pick Up the crafting CPUs as they will come very useful later on. In the 'Polytool' quest, it suggests that we look through every Storage Cell for the Polytool. As you hover your crosshair over the ME Drives, there will be a bunch of the same Storage Cells (Empty) but then a cell with things inside it. Pickup all of the Storage Cells with bytes in it. Before you return back to base, pick up the Access Terminal and the ME Controller. Hook up the ME Controller right next to the ME Covered Cable that's also connected to the Spatial IO Port controlling the 128^3 Spatial Area. Place a few ME Drives and the 1k Storage Cells in them. Collect a Polytool then hand in the quest. You'll receive a Chemical Synthesis Machine, Synthesis Guide. I picked the Resonant Ender Bucket as they are hard to get.

Let's go into the Chemistry category and make full use of that Chemical Synthesis Machine we gained. The first quest is 'Chem 101', which requires making a Chemist's Journal. This is easy, craft it using a glass and a book. You'll receive 5 Gold Coins, then you can pick a Reward bag and Fluorine. Next up is the 'Making Compounds' quest. This requires you to place Two parts Hydrogen and One part Oxygen inside the Chemical Synthesizer Machine. Place two hydrogen and one oxygen on the right side of the hydrogen and you'll come up with Water. Make 10 and you'll receive a Reward bag along with 3 Gold coins. I chose the Methamphetamine compound because it's a more complex recipe, so decomposing it will result in more elements.

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