The Mission Area Protectorate is a highly classified top secret (and thus, according to some, mythical) institution responsible largely for the promulgation and maintenance of myths, legends, propaganda, information and disinformation aimed at dismissing Ancient Secrets as fictional and predisposing less-advanced civilisations toward admiration of and provision of help to its agents and agencies.

For example many of the works of fiction widely circulated throughout the Milieu as the work of authors native to the planet known as Earth are either distributed by the Protectorate or written by the Protectorate (mostly depending on whether you actually believe the planet known as Earth actually exists or believe its very existence to be one of the fictions promulgated by the Protectorate).

To take this example to its possibly-logical conclusion, one can even find and cite actual works of fiction actually promulgated as being authored by authors native to the planet known as Earth. In this case, we cite the Dune series of novels attributed to the earthling Frank Herbert and his heirs and assigns. According to some of the myths promulgated by the Protectorate, this earthling was aware of the presence of agents of the Protectorate on Earth and was thus inspired to make disguised mention of the Protectorate in this series of novels in the guise of his “Missionaria Protectiva”.

In the Galactic Ruleset, the Mission Area Protectorate is a Wonder whose prerequisite is Ancient Secrets and whose effect is that of causing all diplomat and spy units to be created as veteran units.

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