Minecraft is a building/creation/survival game created by Mojang, originally created by Markus Persson. Minecraft is a Java powered game including elements of survival, challenge, intrigue, discovery and a great sense of community. The game costs £16.95 for the new version, but the basic Classic version is free. You can start in a single player mode, which places you either in a survival scenario or a creative mode, or you can join a “multiplayer server” where users can build, chat and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Minecraft lets players build with 3D cubes in a randomly generated, also 3D world. Minecraft contains two current game modes: Survival, which places the player in a survival scenario, with health and hunger meters, without the power to fly; and Creative: a player has unlimited blocks and resources, can fly, and does not need to worry about health and hunger meters. A third gameplay mode, named Hardcore, is very similar to Survivalm but the difficulty level is extreme - if you die or fall out of the world in Hardcore mode your world is deleted - no respawning. There's also afor free, although it is no longer being developed. Creative mode is similar to Classic, but since then more features have been added. Classic is still available for free, however.

Testing and Mobile

Minecraft was released as a test version in May 2009, with a beta in December 2010. iOS and special Android versions have also been released and the main game was fully released in November 2011. It recieves regular updates from Minecraft 1.0, the current so far is Minecraft 1.2.5. On Feb. 18, 2012, Minecraft has sold over 5 million game units.

Merchandise and Other

The Minecraft Shop contains a range of posters, toys, plushes and more, available to order online. In December 2011, Mojang submitted the concept of Minecraft to Lego and recieved 10,000 votes by Lego users, telling the company to review the submission. In February (this year), the submission was approved - preorders are being taken for Lego Minecraft.

Winning the Game

In Creative mode, the game is infinitely creative and has no boundaries. There is, however, a developed end to the game. It can be found by travelling to a dimension known as the End and defeating the powerful Boss Enderdragon that flies around the End. It also contains the Endermen mob, rare characters that you rarely see in the main world. Upon beating the Dragon, the user can leave the dimension, which will show the end credits,and a small poem/novel/speech. You are then teleported back to the original point, and will recieve the “The End” achievemnt on your profile.


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