Mindset of Luck Wishers

I really don't understand how some one can gamble their life away, I understand you wish you could hit for millions but the simple fact is you shouldn't expect it to happen. The odds be so against the gambler and they just keep on gambling, thinking it will save their lives. People gamble their life's savings, their houses, cars, jewelry and almost anything else they can just to get lucky. Gambling is not meant to be played with the intention of you taking all of your money and practically giving it to the casino's. You suppose to gamble for fun really, and if you hit a jack pot that is the extra benefit of gambling for fun. People actually go in to mean debt just to gamble, they lose their businesses, families and way of life when they begin gambling.

Just like we see all these commercials that say drink responsibly, they should also begin making posters and commercials that say gamble responsibly. Even on the scratch offs, people get crazy over them especially if the jackpot gets over 400 million. I hear people say it all the time, man when I hit this jack pot I'm gonna go to my job and crap on the floor and walk out. That is funny when I hear people talking like that, until I see the same people saying the same thing everyday. It's like they are dependent on hitting the jack pot and taking them out of struggling situations, then trying to better themselves as a person which is the real key to taking them to success. That is the reason why everyone is so jack pot sprung, they are hoping they get lucky each and every time they play.

I don't believe in luck, but I do believe that what ever you sow you reap. And if you are a negative person at heart and do evil unto others, how can you possibly thing that you will have a chance to get the universe to give unto you. This just will not happen, I have been seeing people play the lottery all my life and not one person has hit it for millions. I have seen people hit for a few hundred or a dollar of so but never hit it in the millions. I mean people really rely on the lottery to fulfill their dreams, they would come to me and tell me everything they will do when they hit the lottery. I just sit there and listen and say yea that would be nice, I see it in their eyes that they truly believe they can hit the lottery, but they are not making any improvements in their lives on a day to day basis.

I really do feel sorry for those people, because I see that they do have dreams and goals in life but they gave up on them thinking they can't accomplish them on their own. They rely on hitting the lottery to help them live there dreams, and I don't think that is the way they should live their lives. A lot of the times I be wanting to say something to them, but the way they are so passionate about them hitting the lottery I just leave it alone and listen. I will stop at a gas station and be waiting in line on some days, the line would be long but I won't see anything in their hands. I then would begin to wander and say to myself I wander what's the hold up, then I would see the cashier putting in the customers bets in the system and I would think to myself this is really ridiculous.

Every time I would go to the gas station and it be a lot of people in line, with nothing in their hands I would know that the jack pot must have went up to a large number. I mean people would be patiently waiting in line, and they would not be complaining either. As long as they put in their power ball numbers they don't care how long they have to wait. A lot of people say that the reason they gamble is because the economy is doing bad, I just see that as an excuse for them having a problem. I have played a few scratch offs before and have went to the casino, but I never play my car note or rent note on a gamble of winning. I see it as a fun thing to do every once in a while, If I have some extra money to play around with. I like to be in the atmosphere some times, but just like going to a club or something it gets played out and boring.

I think that it's just sad when I do visit these places, and I see people looking really stressed out over the hand that they are gambling. The look in their face be the look of excitement and disappointment at the same time. Their hands start shaking and they can't stop moving for anything, they are hoping they get lucky and leave with thousands If not millions of dollars. If you do want to go to a casino, I think you need to be honest with yourself. Go there to have fun, and in doing so hopefully you do leave with a fat bank account. I have seen a couple people hit the jack pot, and the expression on their faces were price less. I love seeing people happy, it's like they just got a youthful feeling and was awakened after years of being miserable. And when they do hit, that positive rush of energy they have reaches every one around them and it encourages them to hit the jack pot as well.

Hitting the jack pot is what everyone wants to do, but we should not gamble our lives away hoping that we get lucky and hit it big. I know that we all have good intentions at heart, but we should work on ourselves as a person and work towards getting successful and being able to do good onto others financially. In the meanwhile, we need to be good to ourselves and others in a positive way until we can do for ourselves and others financially. Don't rely on the lottery and luck to fulfill your dreams, we should rely on improving our selves from the inside and out so we can really see success.


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