MEDITATION: What is it and why do it?


What exactly is meditation?

Meditation is somewhat a cleansing of the mind. Your mind tries to resolve issues and is constantly full of thoughts. Being somewhat of a computer geek, I like to compare the mind to a computer. Sometimes a computer tends not to work correctly. It may not respond to certain commands or certain information may not show up on the screen as expected or it could be that certain programs just do not work correctly. The first thing an IT person will tell you is to reboot your computer. Why? Because when a computer reboots, it gets a fresh read of all drivers, instructions on what to do and how to operate, from the beginning. All of the non-essential data stored in the memory is now gone or has been let go of in a manner of speaking. Now, more often than not, the computer will work correctly.

Meditation is a little like a reboot. It doesn’t erase your memory or anything like that, however, it allows you to let go of your negative thoughts, your stress causing energy, and get a fresh outlook on your life. Let’s say you come home from work and your mind is full of he said and she said chatter. You think of things you should have said or plan to say. Some of these things really bother you or you wouldn’t keep thinking of them over and over. You get home and your spouse or friend tells of their day and injustices which adds to the internal chatter. You have other things you need to focus on, but your mind is foggy with so much going on in your head that you can’t think straight. Meditation is a way of letting go of the less important chatter in the mind. This relieves the daily stress and allows one to think more clearly and have a fresh perspective on life in general. Now, all of the things that were bothering you before just don’t seem as important and you feel much happier. You can focus much easier on the things that are more important to you. Meditation may or may not completely clear the mind; it really depends on how long you have been doing it, however, it does help clear the less important clutter in the mind.

What can meditation do for me?


One of the main reasons a lot of people can’t sleep is because of all of the mind chatter. I do my meditation at night as I am preparing for bed. I don’t sit upright in the lotus position like some meditators suggest you do. I just lie in a relaxing position, close my eyes and start my meditation exercise. I often use guided meditations. This makes it much easier; you just focus on the guide and chances are that you will be asleep before the meditation session is even over. You will be surprised how well you will feel in the morning after a good, restful night’s sleep. One meditation technique to help with sleep is to get into the meditative state

Stress Relief

As you meditate you tend to see things from a different perspective. You can actually visualize the activities that have you stressed. If it is a person that has said something to upset you then visualize that person and as you meditate and tell them that you forgive them and feel that burden rise from your body and dissolve. Depending on the circumstance, you may have to do this on more than one occasion or for several people/instances, however, you should feel a large portion of your stress leave your body.

Problem Solving

Tapping into the subconscious mind is a very powerful tool for solving problems. Thomas Edison was known to take frequent, short naps throughout the day. This would allow him to clear his mind of the clutter and allow the subconscious to provide the solutions he was looking for. Have you ever had a problem and hours or days later a solution pops in your head? It may be while in the shower or in the middle of the night while sleeping. Your subconscious is continually working on solving your issues, but with all of the mind chatter, the answers don’t always come through so easily. Meditation allows your subconscious to work through the solutions you need and communicate them to your conscious mind much easier.

Spiritual Connection

There are many spiritual benefits to meditation. Intuition is probably one of the greatest benefits. How many times have you had a good or bad feeling about something, you acted on it and was glad you did? Intuition is the part of your subconscious mind that tries to give you fair warning or a heads-up on things in the near future. Meditation helps make that connection to your subconscious mind. Many use meditation as a way or method to focus during prayer.

Energize or Rejuvenation

Another thing that meditation does is rejuvenate the body. As I have mentioned above, meditation releases stress. Following the release of stress your body will feel as if a load has just been lifted and you should have a new found energy supply.

There are many other benefits to meditation as well as the ones I have just described. It has been known to reduce depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and heart disease as well as improve focus, concentration, and productivity. What it really amounts to is that you get a mind reset. Depending on the stress levels, you may require several mind resets to get you to where you need to be.

There are many ways in which to meditate. There is the lotus position where you sit upright with your back straight. You can lie down if you like; whichever is most comfortable to you. You would really have to search out the method that benefits you most. In fact meditation techniques differ depending on the person or situation. For example, you may be sitting on the beach and staring out at the ocean. Or, you may be sitting in front of a crackling fire staring into the flames. During these moments you are not thinking about anything; you are just staring off into space, so to speak. That is a form or technique of meditation.

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I definitely recommend using guided meditation, at least at first. This will get you comfortable in using breathing techniques and getting into a meditative state of mind. I also suggest reading some books or watching videos on the subject. You may be surprised at how much of a difference it will make in your life.

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