A “Mary Sue” is a meme from the planet known as Earth which seems to be an often at least slightly derogatory reference to an author (or screenwriter, director, producer etcetera)'s insertion of a (usually somewhat idealised) version of themself into a storyline.

It seems to be quite common among people familiar with this meme for it to come to mind when Crissy or Fox tell a tale in which she herself appears. For example even those who suspect or believe that the character “La Tess” in Mutiny in 1626 is in fact Crissy herself have been known to make reference to this meme in connection with that character if they are themselves steeped in the culture of the planet known as Earth.

A closely related meme among those exposed to “Crissy Tales” is “Its Crissy!” or “Its Fox!”, usually referring to redheaded female characters appearing in such tales.

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