The Martians are one of the civilisations included in the standard distribution of the free open source game Freeciv.

On the planet known as Earth, standard releases of Freeciv categorise the Martians as fictional. That is, they are categorised into the fictional category of civilisations.

In the Galactic Milieu, however, the Martians are far from fictional. They are generally known to exist, and are widely respected as one of the most technologically advanced and militarily powerful of the civilisations not generally regarded as fictional, mythical or legendary.

Of course it is generally expected that the Antarcticans, also known as the Ancients, and of course the mythical Hackers, would, if they actually existed, be even more advanced than the Martians, but, hey, both of these civilisations are generally regarded as fictional, legendary or mythical, so the Martians generally get top billing as the most advanced civilisation when only civilisations well known to actually exist are considered.

The national currency of the Martians is the Martian BotCoin, which is generally regarded as the prototypical blockchain-based currency by normal folk, if by normal folk we mean folk who do not believe in the mythical Hackers, whose national currency is the mythical BiTCoin, which, to those who believe in such myths, is the real prototypical blockchain-based currency from which the Martians derived their blockchain technology.

The timelines within the Galactic Milieu that feature the Martians are currently far behind the most-developed timelines that feature Britclan and the Canucks; in particular the unfinished Battle for Wesnoth campaigns in which they feature allow one to zoom in, as it were, to see exactly where the “story so far” stands and get an inkling of the possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of “what comes next”.

Currently the progress of timelines within the Galactic Milieu on the planetary scale is taking a back seat to the development of financial infrastructure, due to the huge amount of investment the developers and the long term players have already sunk into the project, so there is really no clear estimate yet as to how long, in time as measured on the planet known as Earth, it is likely to take to start getting this very important thread of history extended farther toward “the present”. Clearly though their timeline is one of the most important ones to continue moving forward so the Martians are very interested in getting the whole financial infrastructure of the Galactic Milieu on a good footing as they do recognise the importance of the financial infrastructure to the entire Galactic Milieu project as a whole. Indeed if one looks at the relative values at which various currencies extent within the Milieu trade one can see their attention to such matters reflected in the value of their currency, the Martian BotCoin, as compared to other currencies. In short, they have played the financial sector game quite well so far, resulting in their currency exceeding its competitors in value.

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