Martian Botcoin

Within the context of the Galactic Milieu, Bitcoin is thought to be the national currency of the Hacker nation. Naturally this tends to cast Satoshi Nakamoto as a Hacker; some even claim he is an agent of an Institute of Chronodynamics.

The Hacker nation is however widely thought by inhabitants of the Galactic Milieu to be mythical, much as “the planet known as Earth” is also thought to be mythical. Therefore despite the Martians consistently claiming that they obtained blockchain technology from the Hackers, for practical purposes the Martians are often regarded as the de facto suppliers of blockchain technology to the Milieu, and their blockchain-based currency, Martian BotCoin (MBC) is more ubiquitous and widely known than the almost mythical “Bitcoins” attributed to the Hackers.

The concept of limiting a currency to a specific number of units, even without using a blockchain to implement the currency, has been very influential in the Milieu. Even nations that cannot hope to secure an interstellar or intergalactic blockchain pick up the idea of only having 21 million units of currency in total, and run with it. Some hope eventually to implement their currency as a blockchain, possibly by convincing the Martian networks to merged-mine for them or, more fancifully, dreaming of various mystical secret alliances with the mythical Hackers and/or Ancients, whose technology, if the various myths and legends about them are to be believed, is far far beyond anything the Martians have developed.

If the planet known as Earth actually exists, as at least some cultists and crazies believe that it does, then, according to such folk, certain myths, legends, and sources of information (whether in the form of comic books, graphic novels, novels, newspapers purported to be from that very planet, websites on the galactic web purported to be mirrored from or hosted on that that planet or whatever) are, we are assured, to be taken as factual.

Following the conventions of that tradition then, we can say that Martian BoTCoin has been introduced on that planet under the guise of a Galactic Milieu game. The people of that planet are thus informed of various facts about the Galactic Milieu but as a fiction, as if the Milieu were not real and their planet had not actually been discovered yet by the Milieu. Thus just as alternate reality games featuring the planet known as Earth are played by some people in the Milieu, alternate reality games featuring the Galactic Milieu are played on Earth.

At the current time, then, Martian BoTCoins are, on Earth, not a blockchain-based currency at all, but, rather, are represented using Open Transactions servers such as the Digitalis Open Transactions server. This is at least partly to do with the Prime Directive upheld by Starship Academy tradition (and promulgated on Earth by Mission Area Protectorate propaganda media such as television series'). In essence, agents of the Milieu operating on Earth are constrained by the primitive technology native to that planet thus cannot deploy the normal subspace-distributed blockchain solutions publicly on that planet.

Although MBC is traded on the Digitalis Open Transactions server, trade on that server's markets has not so far been a major part of the MBC economy. Large scale trades between nations, clans and suchlike groups have typically been conducted by direct account to account transfer, so the markets do not see most MBC activity. Like other clans and similar groups, the Martians are believed to operate Tor, I2P and/or Freenet services whereby much of their clan business is conducted; in particular any interfaces with fiat currencies would presumably be carried out by such means. or more likely by way of bitcoin since clanmembers and nonmembers both have access to a wide array of existing third party services through which bitcoin can be exchanged into fiat.

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