Mapping Out Managerial Efficiency

Del Monte's 130-strong corporate management team, composed of managers and senior executives at the cannery, plantation and Makati, participated in the Managerial Assessment on Proficiency (MAP) workshops. Alejandro T. Castillo led the list of participants in the two-day training sessions conducted by a Manila-based training team. Participants were grouped into eight batches, with three sessions done in Makati and the rest at the Alwana Hotel in Cagayan de Oro.

MAP is a tool for identifying managerial strengths and developmental needs. It is used to measure a manager's proficiency level in 12 identified managerial competencies. These include people-handling competencies in organizing, training, coaching, delegating, appraising people and performance, getting unbiased information, discipline and counseling; and task-handling competencies in time-management and prioritizing, problem-solving, goal-setting, decision making, work planning and scheduling work, and analytical thinking.

Corporate Management Development and Training group under Manager Maya Malferrari organized the training program for the executives.

Tapping The Power Within

A total of 600 Cannery Packing Table and Receiving workers have completed the two-day Work Attitude Transformation Seminar (WATS) at the Chali Beach Resort in Cagayan de Oro. The rest of Pineapple Preparation’s 500 workers are scheduled to attend the workshop before the year ends.

WATS gives pointers on self-management, value formation and teamwork. It is basically a forum for rethinking values. WATS graduates say that they feel an inner change which has given them renewed self-confidence, improving their relationships at home and at work.

Working together to make this project a success are the Pineapple Operations team led by Sr. Mgr. Cloy Abejuela and Corp. Management Development and Training team under mgr. Maya Malferrari.

Problem-solving Workshops

Some 60 supervisors at the plantation and cannery recently underwent a separate three-day training in Kepner-Tregoe problem solving and decision-making techniques conducted by the Plantation Safety, Environment and Training Department under Manager Dominador Estrada and Bugo's Corp. Management Development and Training group under Manager Maya Malferrari. The workshop helps prepare participants for leadership tasks.

Benchmarking Our Process

A team of Consequence Driven Maintenance Coordinators from Nestle Philippines, Inc.'s various manufacturing plants around the country visited Bugo, for a special orientation and benchmarking trip on the Can Plant's self-directed workteams. Can Plant senior manager Raul Leonen led execs in explaining the rationale and mechanics behind this worker-empowerment program. Coordinating the visit were Teams Coordinator Bong Quiblat, HR supervisor Jun Mabalot and Community Relations supervisor Pol Alavanza. Earlier, a team led by Nestle Senior Vice-President Rudy P. Trillanes toured the Cannery.

Plantation Skill Olympics Champions

Congratulations to the champions in the Plantation Skills Olympics held at Camp Phillips.

Gold Medalist: ANDY CABANG (Prototype Shop)

Silver Medalist: BOY LAGUMBAY (Machine Shop)

Bronze Medalist: RENE REYES (Machine Shop)

Organized by the Plantation Engineering and Maintenance group led by Sr. Mgr. Luis C. Caballero, Jr., this skills marathon is aimed at encouraging all Plantation shop workers to be the “Best in Class”.

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