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Mandatory Vaccinations? God Help Us! Please Get A Grip!

Written by Devtome contributor: Bomac


Myths, Myths And More Myths

Popular vaccination lore is replete with myth after myth after myth.

They are disseminated primarily via the following:

  • The MULTI-TRILLION Dollar Medical Industry,1) (3 trillion annually in the US alone)
  • Government Agencies, (embedded in the multi-trillion dollar medical industry)
  • Mainstream Media, (also embedded in the multi-trillion dollar medical industry)
  • Millions Upon Millions Of Extremely Well Intentioned & Good-Hearted, But Massively Misinformed People, (fooled by all of the above)
  • Untold Numbers Of Purported “Science Based” And Alleged “Evidence Based” Bloggers, (the majority of whose authors' intentions seem focused solely on propping up the establishment, status quo paradigm, rather than the search for and dissemination of the truth)

The piece you are now reading will deal with some of these myths and present the realities to set the record straight. However, to really become educated on this topic, the reader is invited to commit to her own due diligence and read many books and reports, starting with the more than 100 links to other sources found in this post. (She will also need an open mind and the intellectual honesty that allows her to admit when she comes across enough evidence to indicate she was wrong and had been fooled.)

Myth Highlights

Here are a few of the myths. (We will get to the realities a bit later, so please read this post in its entirety, even if it requires multiple sittings.)

  • Vaccinations are scientifically proven to be safe and effective.
  • Vaccinations are the best, or even, only true way to safeguard against and prevent disease.
  • Vaccinations are the reasons untold numbers of diseases have not decimated the human population.
  • There is no evidence linking vaccinations with autism and even more horrific and debilitating conditions, including insanity, paralysis and death.
  • The benefits of vaccinations far exceed any risks.
  • Vaccines have not changed in any way than the vaccines from generations ago, including the active ingredients, the added adjuvants, the number of vaccines, or the number of times the same vaccines are given to children.
  • Since all vaccines are good for you, there is no cumulative danger in any individual getting too many vaccinations throughout her life, or even getting too many in a short period of years. For that matter, there is no danger in infants getting too many vaccines before their natural immune system has had the chance to develop. In fact, the more vaccinations anyone can be lucky enough to get, no matter the time frame, the better off they will be. That is why booster shots are so wonderful. In an ideal world, every child would get several boosters on a daily basis until they reach adulthood, at which point weekly boosters until death would be mandatory.
  • The reason for the seeming rise in various disease outbreaks is due to the rise in the number of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. Anyone who postulates otherwise, obviously doesn't understand science.
  • Only paranoid, tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorists2) would not put their complete trust in vaccine manufacturers, because everybody knows that pharmaceutical companies are solely concerned with the health of humanity, and there is absolutely no conflict of interest whatsoever in the medical industry's support of more and more vaccines, given more and more times to more and more people.
  • If vaccines were unsafe, the government would not allow them to ever come to market.

david_dees_flu_vacc_playset.jpg drsmith.jpg

Every Day Is Opposite Day

Just as in George Orwell's classic novel, 1984, the media and the government are engaged in 24/7/365 doublespeak. The legislation that took away more rights than any other single action in the history of the United States was called, the Patriot Act. (Instigated by Repugnantans.) The Affordable Care Act is skyrocketing the cost of health care for the vast majority of US citizens. (Instigated by Demoncrats.)

If politicians and TV talking heads are saying one thing, chances are overwhelming that the truth lies in the opposite (or at least, a completely different) direction. That's why Republicans and Democrats can agree that war is peace. Killing brown skinned children with predator drones is a good thing that brings about love for the United States and stops terrorism.3) Vaccinations, which are responsible for massive numbers of mild to nightmarish, short term to life-long adverse reactions,4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) are so good, our leaders are now not only trying to take away the right of parents to choose to opt their children out of vaccinations, but there is legislation in the works to require all adults to be vaccinated.

Remember When The Media Presented Opposing Points Of View?


Multiple decades ago, the media not merely allowed opposing points of view, but they actively sought it out. The globalists running so much of the proverbial show these days, have almost completely vanquished that concept to the past, at least in terms of the mainstream media which they own and control. You won't find any network TV show giving equal time to activists who are against vaccinations. Thankfully, the Internet still allows free debate – well, at least until the FCC takeover of the Web goes into effect.23)

Television, especially, has become hardly anything other than information gatekeeping plying us with consensus reality, or bread and circus diversions to keep the peasants dumbed down. As we purportedly24) learned from the Nazis, if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes, “the truth,” (and the bigger the lie, the more successful it is.)

Make no mistake about what I am telling you: The vaccination information you are being bombarded with on a daily level is one lie after another. Perhaps the saddest, most disturbing aspect is that most of the people telling the lies, aren't even aware that they are spreading disinformation.

Even journalists are so brainwashed into believing official sources, and so far removed from actual investigative journalism, they simply parrot the propaganda and spin of the vested interest vaccine industry (and the national and global agencies designed to perpetuate and protect big pharma.) Of course, they have no motivation to engage in real journalism and reporting, because they would find themselves out of a job if they started getting “controversial”.

One of the most prolific messages coming from the researchers who are against mandatory vaccinations, literally since the 1800s deals with the emphasis on pro active actions everyone can do to avoid the contracting and spread of diseases. Good hygiene and sanitation is key along with proven diet & lifestyle choices and changes that build up the individual's immune system naturally.

The latter requires phasing out the overwhelming majority of food choices currently available in restaurants and grocery stores, which would happen naturally via the free market as the population started changing what they spend their money on. The financial forces that push vaccines, most certainly, don't want that to happen. There would be much less sickness, which would result in large scale decimation of the modern medical system as it currently is manifested.

Your doctor doesn't teach you how to prevent sickness, because she wasn't taught that in all her years of schooling. Her idea of prevention, other than toxic vaccines, is early detection. Early detection of cancer, for example, is going to get you into the system where a lot of money (usually between 300,000 to a million dollars) will be spent on treating it. When you get to the five year point, the medical system will put you in their statistical category of, “success,” (regardless of the level of hell you experience due to the chemo and/or other treatments) – even if you die, praying for the grim reaper to hurry, but a sliver of your former self, in abject pain and despair, in five years and one day after the official prognosis. (Never mind the fact that if you did nothing at all, chances are very good you'd survive a lot more than five years beyond the date of early detection)25)

Here's A Novel Idea

How about not getting cancer in the first place? Do you think the medical machine is going to teach you how to go about doing that? How about the many proven ways people are getting over cancer, naturally, safely and cheaply? Will they let you know about them? In other words, will they kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Seriously, what do you think? If your answer is, “yes,” or even, “maybe,” then perhaps you should write to Bernie Madoff in prison to see if it's too late to get in on any of his investment opportunities.

Propping up diseases and the fear of diseases is required to keep the status quo of modern medicine. The medical mafia that is entrenched in media and government, thrives on fear, ignorance and blind compliance. That is why there is an assault, almost an all out ban, on allowing factual information regarding vaccines to make its way to the mass media.

Anyone who is really seeking truth, and open mindedly studies the medical system, at some point will arrive at the understanding that a very large proportion of what modern medicine has to offer does way more harm than good. In fact, it is often the exact opposite of what is needed for good health. Vaccines not only do nothing to build up your immune system, and the crucially developing immune systems of babies and children, but they have ingredients that are known and proven to break it down. (And, by the way, vaccines often lead to the vaccinated getting diseases as a direct result of the vaccinations. There is even evidence indicating that millions of people got cancer as a result of the tainted polio vaccine. Of course, independent versus government scientists have arrived at different conclusions about that.)

Riddle Me This - Why Do Nations Ban Various Vaccines?

Vaccine propaganda tells us that vaccines are proven safe and effective. The spin is that you have to be a total airhead whackadoo to believe anything other than that, or to question any aspect of any vaccine for any reason.

This ignores thousands of conventional science and medical reports that deal with dubious, worrisome & alarming vaccine issues, including injuries and adverse reactions.26) It ignores the experiences of millions of people, as, “anecdotal” accusations. It ignores the fact that the US government has paid out billions of dollars to people (mostly parents of young children) for vaccine injuries, including severe autism.27) Basically, it is a fantasy world that ignores reality.

Vaccine propagandists don't want you to know about any of this. They certainly don't want you knowing that national governments ban various vaccines. It would be kind of difficult to maintain the illusion that all vaccines are harmless, if that were ever to become common knowledge.

Not only has the US banned the oral polio vaccine, but so have most Western nations. Even the World Health Organization is phasing it out by the end of 2016. Japan has banned the MMR vaccine. France effectively banned the hepatitis B vaccine. (They no longer require it for school children.)28) 29) 30)

Other countries that have banned, suspended or lifted mandatory requirements for various vaccines at some time or another include, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Russia, Denmark and Britain (and probably many others, for that matter.)31) 32) 33) 34) 35) This is a highly different snapshot than what the governments and manufacturers give us, with their constant mantra of safe and effective, safe and effective, safe and effective.

Yes, no nation has outright banned vaccines, but then, I've yet to come across an anti vaxxer who is calling for an outright ban. Sometimes, but not always, these bans are temporary, giving the manufacturers time to change ingredients, etc., but that doesn't change the fact that it is not uncommon for governments to admit that there are such serious concerns that certain vaccines need to be stopped being administered. What do you suppose those concerns are?

They are the exact same concerns that parents who testify before Congress have. Their healthy kids suddenly take a tragic turn for the worse, often hours and days after a vaccination. Sometimes it's within minutes. Sometimes they die. It's not all that rare and it's happens so often, it's truly undeniable that something is dreadfully wrong with the vaccine program.

Same Shit Different Centuries


The arguments discussed in this post are hardly new. The same discussions went on in the early 1900s and even in the 1800s as well. The real (non money motivated) evidence was as clear then as it is today. The medical community and the big newspaper publishers back then were just as obstinate and living in as much denial as the medical industry and media is today.36)

Doctors who didn't go along with the program were pressured, subjected to disciplinary action and would even brought up on criminal charges (if they were vociferous enough in their protestations.) Yes, the exact same tactics are used today, making examples of the “trouble makers” in order to gain compliance from other doctors who may be considering exemplifying independent thinking and rectitude.

The greatest example of such an individual in the latter portion of the 19th century and the early portion of the 20th century is the great British pharmacist and physician, Walter Hadwen, pictured above. For an incredible education in the realities of vaccines, read transcripts of some of his public speeches, here (1896) and here (1925). Plus, read some articles he published in 1923, here.

He presents the evidence that shows how diseases were being abated and controlled with sanitation and hygiene, having nothing to do vaccinations. He said that ending poverty is the way to health, where you need not be rich to live in places with running water & sewage treatment, and to have access to nutritious food, and have time for healthy exercise.

He rejected the notion that germs are responsible for the state of ones health, and that constant exposure to harsh chemicals is needed to save humanity from the perils of germs. Hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and exercise, he said, not only were the ways to get over over sickness, but they were what would prevent the various plaques and outbreaks in the first place.

Rain Water Kicks Vaccine's Ass

The following paragraph is from one of his speeches. He explains how the vaccine lost to the rain.

“Well now, let us see what vaccination did for Sheffield. This Sheffield epidemic occurred in 1887 in the very worst quarter of the town, on 135 acres of the most horribly insanitary part of the town, which was condemned years ago by the Government Inspector, and it has never been put right yet. That is where small-pox has always broken out, that is where small-pox has flourished: and when this tremendous epidemic took place on they went, vaccinating and re-vaccinating; and still the small-pox epidemic spread. There were no less than 7,000 cases of small-pox, and, alas! 600 deaths, and still the small-pox went on; until at last God in his mercy opened the floodgate of heaven and down came the rain, which washed the sewers and the drains, cleared away the refuse from the gutters, washed the dirt from the streets and the filth from the slums and away went the small-pox. Pure water accomplished for Sheffield what 56,000 vaccinations had been unable to effect.” (Loud cheers.)

Dr. Hadwen was constantly citing (and making fun of) never ending examples of how the medical establishment was being duplicitous with facts and statistics, (just as it does today), in an effort to bolster its false case for the efficacy of vaccines. Here's just one example of the spin and double standards of the medical establishment that Hadwen documented in relation to vaccines:

The Medical Spin Zone Circa 1800s

He said that when unvaccinated people didn't get a disease during an outbreak, doctors would say that doesn't mean a thing. They'd say such individuals got lucky or they weren't really ever exposed to the disease. However, when vaccinated individuals would not get the disease, well then, that was proof of how powerful and effective vaccines are. When unvaccinated people would come down with the illness, there is all the proof in the world that they needed to be vaccinated. Yet, when vaccinated people would get the illness they were supposed to be immune to (as they often did then & often do now), that, somehow, is supposed to prove that it's a good thing they were vaccinated because they would have been so much sicker without it. When vaccinated individuals would get extremely sick from the disease they were supposed to be protected from, that means there is no doubt, they would be dead if not for the miracle of vaccinations. And when vaccinated people would die, then the doctors would change their prognosis and say the patient died from unknown health issues, because after all, they couldn't have died from a disease they had been vaccinated from. Impossible!

Hadwen and his cohorts took on the monied interests of medicine, and as years turned into decades, they were winning. When he started his education campaign in the 1800s, he was up against mandatory vaccinations in various places. By the end of his life, the trend was looking as if sanity and honesty would prevail. I'm sure he believed that by now, vaccinations would be but a blip in the realm of historical medical mistakes, but such is not yet the case, and instead of resting in peace, he is, undoubtedly turning nonstop in his grave.37)

Prosecuted, Persecuted, Took A Licking & Kept On Ticking

He rose to fame in England in the late 1890s when he made medical history by stopping the smallpox epidemic in his city of Gloucester faster than any British city had been delivered from such an outbreak. How did he do it? First and foremost, he made sure no vaccinations were given. He isolated the sick. He educated the citizens regarding hygiene and sanitation. While this made him popular among the citizens, it started the hatred he would endure to his dying day from the big money interests of the medical system.

He was prosecuted several times for refusing to allow his children to be vaccinated. He was even brought up on manslaughter charges when a patient he saw, a 10 year old girl, died. The idea the government tried to sell the jury was that if she had been vaccinated she would have lived. The jury didn't buy it, so instead of going to prison and losing his license, he became more celebrated than ever, and the trial was seen as a blow against the forces of mandatory vaccinations.

Hadwen fought for the right of doctors to think for themselves. He often noted that doctors obviously don't really think about what they are taught, because if they did, they wouldn't possibly be able to support a lot of it. However, when it came to how doctors treated their patients, he didn't seek to control the choices of other doctors, but he, most certainly, did not want other doctors telling him how to practice medicine. (Of course, today, doctors lose their license, with regularity, for refusing to go along with the programming taught in medical schools.)

Here is a tiny excerpt from a speech he gave after he was acquitted of manslaughter. He challenged us to think about the very concept of making animals diseased and then taking their blood and injecting it into people.

In the following excerpt, Hadwen addresses the idea that mandatory vaccinations is not merely a medical issue, but a political one. Furthermore, their safety & effectiveness has never been proven (then and now) and it simply makes no sense to force healthy people to put disease ridden substances in their body when it's impossible to promise that no harm will come to the individual. (Note: If the text below is too small & you don't have pinhole glasses, you can make the text larger by pressing your CTRL key and the + key simultaneously. Then use the scroll bar or left and right arrow keys, as needed. To restore it to where it was, switch from the + key to the - key.)


It is my ardent wish for you to take the time to read his speeches. You will not only learn a lot, but you will be impressed with how far ahead of his time he was, and how impassioned he was for life and liberty.

He quit eating meat because he didn't see how a true Christian could maintain such a lifestyle when he had plenty of vegetables to sustain him. He worked against animal experimentation for the same reason.

Here are the links again to some of his writings and speeches. One, and two and three.


But If Vaccines Were Really Dangerous We'd Hear About It On The TEE-V!


Most individuals have no idea how brainwashed we are by television as well as by the authorities who decide what information is relayed to us through the medium. Radio, film and print media are also part of the brainwashing process, but television is so powerful, if independent-minded data were readily broadcast to the masses through TV, the brainwashing of those other media would most likely not amount to much.

It's a bit of a moot point because the forces that own or control almost all of the TV medium, also own or control almost all of the other media. Look at the number of print ads, as well as radio and TV commercials that are for pharmaceutical drugs. Do you really think you are going to get fair and balanced medical coverage from pop media?

The Simple Truth For Those With Eyes To See And Ears To Hear

Logically understanding the human condition, and thinking with adult maturity and a big picture perspective, it's way past the time to admit to ourselves that we have been naive – embarrassingly so – to have ever believed that big pharma and the medical industry is about keeping us healthy. Why would they want us healthy? The big money is in maintaining chronic sickness. It's surely not in cures and and even less so in prevention. (Duh!)

At the top of the hierarchy, the medical industry, big pharma, is a giant con job, but not so giant that every doctor, nurse and health care worker is in on it. Most of them have allowed themselves to be conned, along with the rest of us. (That said, more and more are starting to see the light, often leaving their fields, or being kicked out for “making trouble.”)


Conspiracies are real. They aren't just theories. Throughout human history, powerful people have conspired to create even more wealth and power for themselves at the expense of everybody who is not in on it. Why would the world of medicine be any different?

Researchers report that through genealogy, they have learned that royal lineage from not merely hundreds, but thousands of years, has been maintained. Nations that have royal families today were ruled by the ancestors of the current royal families. In the United States, on the surface, we have supposedly chosen not to be ruled by royal bloodlines, yet Presidents are related to royalty, not only contemporary royalty, but royalty dating back thousands of years.38) 39) 40)

Many other top politicians, government bureaucrats and even celebrities are, as well.41) Moreover, they are inter-related to each other in surprising, even shocking ways.42) Throw in the fact that for thousands of years there have been, and still are, secret/secretive societies, whose members are often of royal lineage, who meet and decide on events and projects, not for the good of the teeming masses, but for the ruling class, it should be painfully obvious for anyone willing to put on their adult pants, that the people making the decisions that affect the masses, including decisions regarding medical protocol are not the least bit interested in our health and well being.

Scientific Fraud

sf11.jpg sf22.jpg

Scientific bias and outright fraud are much more common than society is aware of. The above graphs are from an article in Scientific American. They show the results of self reporting scientific researchers regarding on the job fraud in Belgium. We can only imagine that the actual levels of fraudulent science are higher than the culprits are admitting to, and that the levels in the US are much higher than in Belgium, since so much more money is on the line. No such survey has been done among US scientists, but many of the links in the footnotes in the post you are now reading will take you to factual stories pertaining to fraudulent science in the US medical/pharmaceutical/vaccine industry.

The medical industry is built upon the profit motive supported by scientific fraud, data suppression & omission, misinformation & disinformation. The foundation of the medical industry is big pharma, that is, the pharmaceutical giants who profit hundreds of billions of dollars annually from every drug and vaccine that is administered. These companies routinely are caught engaging in shocking fraudulent activity.43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) They pay fines in the billions of dollars, all too gladly, because those fines comprise a tiny fraction of their profits. It's the price of doing business, and quite a bargain, at that.

The biggest cash cow for these behemoths is either already, or is soon to be, vaccines. Just as they keep making new drugs, they keep coming up with new vaccines. Each new product stands to make billions of dollars each year in profit. These corporations are trying to get every single person to take multiple drugs, but it is a formidable challenge to lobby for laws to force people to take their drugs. Vaccines, though, are a different story. Imagine being in a business where you have a shot at getting the government to force every person to buy your product. First it was Obamacare and now, the move is for at least some vaccines to be forced on every person, every year – not just for children, but adults as well.

The money interests and marketing departments are often outright in charge of the research and development of big pharma's chemicals, including the vaccines. This is a mind boggling conflict of interest, that often brings about the marketers engaging in drug trials, then hiring outside freelance writers to create reports which the drug companies then pay hefty sums of cash to doctors and scientists for permission to credit them as the authors of the studies. It's breathtakingly outrageous, but it's only one type of many kinds of massive fraud and conflicts of interest that the medical industry is based upon.53) 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60) 61) 62) 63) 64) 65) 66) The government agency that is supposed to be protecting the citizens from medical industry abuse is the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), but it is becoming increasingly obvious that it's real role is to protect the medical industry (big pharma) status quo.67) 68) 69) 70) 71) 72) 73) 74) The agency is largely staffed – at the decision maker level – by people who formerly worked for the drug companies (and who will, invariably, work for them again, as they shuffle back and forth from the FDA to the big pharma cabal.)

Therefore, we can't assume that vaccines are safe because the government tells us they are safe. The government is taking their information from the drug companies. The foxes are guarding the hen house.

Merck And The Whistleblowers

For the past few years, the giant pharmaceutical company, Merck, has been trying to get a lawsuit dropped that is being brought against them from two former researchers. The case is quite strong. The courts have been unwilling to throw it out. (In a better world, the government would bring Merck up on criminal charges, though.)

That almost never happens, no matter how egregious the criminality; no matter how many tens of thousands of deaths a drug may cause. If you're selling vegetables and telling how they have been proven to help various health issues, though, or raw milk or natural supplements, you might end up behind bars. Ironically, though, when the researchers complained to Merck about the fraud they were being forced to participate in, Merck threatened the researchers with prison time if they were to make trouble, and then juxtaposed that with the offer of special bonuses for keeping everything on the down-low.75)

For a decade, Merck has lied about the efficacy rate of their mumps vaccine. They have been saying it's at least 95% efficient, when in reality, it isn't even close. To help fool everybody, Merck manipulated test subject's blood samples.76) 77)

They actually had researchers add rabbit blood that had antibodies for mumps, so that they could say that the antibodies were found in the blood of the individuals who had been administered the vaccine, (fraudulently) indicating the protective power of the product.

Then, to add insult to injury, they lied about the quantities of (fraudulent) antibodies. As if they weren't enough, the version of the mumps found in the vaccine is different than the mumps one could get in the real world. (That, as shocking and disconcerting as it is, actually is not uncommon. It's just one of the long list of dirty secrets never talked about by the medical industry.) What Merck did, however, was to test the efficiency against the version in the vaccine, as opposed to the normal mumps, thus cooking the books even more, making it seem really effective when it truly was not effective.78)

The Wakefield Tie In

Actually, the vaccine in question is part of controversial 3 in 1 MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine. That's the one for which Dr. Andrew Wakefield was persecuted and falsely discredited, for saying that the MMR vaccine might be one of the precursors to autism and that further study is merited.

Ironically, at the time of the uproar, he had not said that he actually believed the connection was definitive. The parents of 12 children in a larger (non vaccine) study that Wakefield was part of, presented him with strong anecdotal evidence that their children's autism manifestations started shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine. He felt it was the responsible and scientific thing to do to investigate the possibility of a tie in and included the parent's finding in his report, suggesting it merited further study, almost as an aside.

When you read or hear about Wakefield, you probably have been told that he is the father of the anti vaccination movement (a title that more appropriately belongs to Dr. Hadwen starting in the 1800s), and that when he was “discredited” he was already adamant in his opposition to vaccines. That's simply not true, but for daring to report and be open minded about the data that was presented to him from the parents of a dozen children, he has been branded a medical heretic and basically, an insane person. That is how tight and bat shit crazy a ship the vaccination industry runs. Speak out in the least against any possible evidence that vaccines may not always be safe and effective, and you risk ruining your career and reputation.79)

Murdoch Vaccine Pushers

If you would like to see something frightening, check out this and this. They list the media assets of Robert Murdoch, who in the US is best known for owning Fox news (although he also owns the Fox TV network, and the film studio 20th (now, 21st) Century Fox, and so much more.) When you hear stats like 6 corporate entities control 95% of the media, you might wonder how it's possible, but when you look at these lists of assets from one of those six, you will get a better realization of it.80)

The Sunday Times, owned by Murdoch, ran a hit piece on Wakefield, filled with misinformation and innuendo that was damaging in and of itself. Things got worse for Wakefield when the British Medical Journal put the information in it's allegedly peer reviewed publication, and suggested that Wakefield conjured the 12 children he mentioned in his report. (Of course, BMJ did not bother to tell how 7 of those 12 were mentioned in a previously completed study that Wakefield was not a part of.)

Those allegations were widely printed and broadcast, as if they were true. The BMJ publisher, later, in another entity's newsletter retracted those claims of fraud against Wakefield. As usual, the retraction got almost no attention, but people sure do remember the original accusations.81)

The Vindication The Media Ignored

Furthermore, ten years later, in 2014, Dr. William Thompson, a researcher with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) turned into a CDC whistleblower. Thompson had co-authored a study that was specifically designed to take away any damage to the public's perception of vaccines that may have been done by Wakefield's opinion that it's a good idea to study more regarding the claims of parents of autistic children, that there's a tie in between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Thompson admitted that data in that study had been falsified, because they actually found a connection to between the MMR vaccine and autism in black children, but they flat out lied about it and suppressed the data. They lied because the purpose of the study was to discredit Wakefield, and if they had told the truth, it would have confirmed his opinion that further research was needed, and the parents anecdotal evidence might be confirmed.

The medical establishment was not about to allow the truth to get out so the authors of the study, which included Thompson and two of the top ranking officers at the CDC, met with other CDC officials, where the decision was made to lie and suppress the data. After living with the deceit for a decade, Dr. Thompson's conscience got to him. He voluntary released a public confession, after lawyering up. 82) 83) This was nothing less than bombshell news, but the media reacted as one, with nothing but chirping cricket sounds.

This would be like if you were accused of ritually torturing and murdering children, and the accusations got first page type media attention for years; and then your accusers said they were wrong about you, and a few newspapers included a paragraph of the retraction, on page 32, section E. As you might imagine, Wakefield's experience has awakened him to a lot more of the realities of the vaccine and medical industry. If you would like to hear his interview, one of several in the World Vaccine Summit, go here.

Their Game Runs Deep

Now, on the surface, the reason Merck falsified, lied and drastically overstated the efficacy rate of the mumps vaccine is because if the truth came out regarding it's lack of efficiency, they would not be able to maintain the exclusive rights to produce (and profit billions of dollars from) the vaccine. However, there is another, more sinister, deeper reason.

By telling people they will almost certainly be immune from the mumps once they are vaccinated, when Merck knew that was absolutely untrue, it works to generate much more revenue for them, year after year after year. How? Simple: If you, the vaccinated individual, believe you have the silver bullet against mumps, you will not make it a priority to keep away from people who you know who have the mumps, or from people you simply know are sick, and you might think they have the mumps.

By knowingly putting out a product that isn't going to offer much in the way of mumps protection, yet convincing the public they are indeed protected, Merck ensures that the mumps will continue to produce outbreaks. Each time there is an outbreak, it becomes a financial boon for the vaccine maker, because the fear factor brings in more people willing to expose themselves, and/or their children to the vaccine. It's just good business.84)

(In general, people who try to protect themselves from illness with vaccines, rather than building up their immune system by getting great nutrition, drinking purified alkaline, ionized water, exercising, getting daily sunshine, reducing stress and having a positive attitude, and avoiding toxic drugs, etc., are ultimately failing to protect themselves, and hence, helping to continue to enrich and reward the medical system.)

You should know that there is evidence to indicate that antivirus companies are behind the daily creation of computer malware. And it is documented that McAffee (no longer owned by John McAffee who is now a detractor of the product) uses deceptive marketing practices, falsely telling computer owners they have viruses even when none are present. This is the way of the world of big money. It's time we grow up and quit denying it.

On The Other Hand

Actually, the government doesn't speak in one voice. Sure, the stuff that makes the mass media is the, “safe and effective,” talking points; and the lies about, “there are no studies linking vaccines to autism or autoimmune diseases,” etc., but the reality is there are many government studies that conclude quite the opposite of those pronouncements. In fact, if you check out the link in many of the footnotes in this post, you will find links to, which is the website for the United States National Institute Of Health. You will find published data on the government's own website that is contrary to the propaganda talking points they put out. You will also find links to various universities with similar studies and results, as well as links to reports with scores of footnotes citing government and nongovernmental studies which present a different story from the constant stream of lies the mainstream media and government is constantly spewing.

Moreover, this link right here, goes to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's Vaccine Research Library, which only includes links to official, establishment, medical and science reports – several thousand of them – all filled with data regarding issues and problems with vaccines. (Although the free section just gets you access to hundreds of official reports detailing problems with the MMR vaccine.)

When you are armed with the awareness that this much data is out there from even official, status quo sources, you can't help but laugh every time you hear a government or industry shill spew their lies about vaccines being completely harmless and totally helpful. Please share your knowledge and your sources of information with those you love. When it becomes common knowledge, these people are going to be forced to walk back the safe & effective mantra and replace it with, “Yes, there are certainly risks. Nobody is saying there aren't, but the rewards are certainly worth it.”

That, at least, is a starting point for a conversation. Safe and effective is not. Safe and effective is like someone telling you that the moon is made of Jello Pudding Pops. How can you expect to communicate with such a person?

As far as the risk vs the reward conversation goes, the point is, everybody needs to look at the real information, and be able to decide for themselves and for their children. The problem is, those people don't want anyone to have the right of informed consent. It's their way or the highway… (or the road to prison, I guess.) They want to have your children taken away from you so they can be molested in state custody, rather than allow you to decide the best way to keep your kids healthy.

Even FDA Scientists Often Speak The Truth

It's true that the FDA is staffed with directors, top dogs and decision, regulation and policy makers who are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies (vaccine manufacturers.) It's true that many of them have previously worked for those companies. It's true that many of them will soon resign from the FDA and end up working for big pharma. It's true that many have a history of going back and forth between those corporations and the FDA.

Yes, that's evidence of the sleaziness of that rogue and criminal, powerful agency, and it's so in your face that one has to be willfully ignorant to continue to believe the FDA really operates on a mandate of keeping the citizenry safe. However, that, in no way indicates that the entire staff is in on the con and the sleaze.

There are honest scientists working for the FDA who write reports calling for certain actions that go against the monied interests of the pharmaceutical giants. Their bosses simply ignore them. Even worse, they often punish truth telling scientists, especially the whistleblowers, i.e., the ones who expose misconduct and illegal activity.85) 86) 87) 88)

Imagine If There Were Laws Requiring Everyone To Take Antidepressants

NOTE: If you want to remain on topic with the vaccination conversation, scroll down to… “Have You Ever Read A Vaccine Insert?” Immediately below is a discussion about the similarities between mandatory vaccines and enforced drugging.

You've seen those ubiquitous ads for so-called antidepressants, 89) where they'll spend 20 seconds on the benefits, and then 40 seconds listings the side effects, including everything from homicidal and suicidal urges to anal leakage.

They list the side effects in those commercials because the medical industry has yet to be able to have their lobbyists wine and dine Congress members (House & Senate) to the point of getting them to get rid of the law requiring it, although you can bet your bottom dollar they continue to work at that goal.

That law which requires the side effects to be enumerated is the reason a large percentage of the population vehemently refuses to take those drugs. They aren't interested in dealing with the risks of suicidal and homicidal impulses, let alone anal leakage and hundreds of other issues.

But, what if there were a law being debated that required everybody to take these drugs? You think that's too outlandish? Nothing is too outlandish with a socially engineered matrix media hypefest.

We'd be bombarded with the idea that nobody is immune from depression, and depression, after all, is a killer. We'd be told that depressed people are more likely to commit acts of desperation, including suicide as well as murder and violent assault. They could pay for a study to show that depressed people are more likely to be involved in everything from head on collisions to anti government driven terrorism. Therefore, for these and other reasons, it is in the interest of the greater good that everyone is put on antidepressants.

After all, if I'm on antidepressants, I'm doing the right thing. I'm not only protecting myself, I'm protecting you. If you refuse to take the drugs, it's not fair to me. You get the protection I give you by taking my pills, but you are not willing to return the favor, so therefore, there must be a law to require you to comply. It's not only morality, it's science. (Of course, it's not science. In fact, the truth is the opposite, but such is the way of social engineering.)

It's not that far fetched that it could come to this. Mandatory vaccines are an easier sell, but once we would go down that slippery slope in the this day and age, who knows where it would stop? Of course, it would be especially “for the children.” At least that is the way it would start.

There has been lobbying for years to make mandatory mental health screening for all school children a reality, as if there aren't enough kids hooked on pharmaceuticals thanks to the school system already.90) 91)92) 93) 94) 95) If that were to happen, it would likely lead to all adults having to have mental health screening as well.

It might start for certain professions, and later expand to everyone who has a driver's license, and later expand for everybody in general. That's how these mental idea viruses often spread. They get their foot in the door and then steadily increase. In case you don't understand yet, the whole idea of mental health screenings would be to find “disorders” for which drugs would be the standard course of “treatment.”

It would be kind of like those “personality tests” that Scientologists offer the public. The test, of course, always show that you really need help and hey, we have just the thing. A government that would force everyone to take vaccines is a government that can't and should not be trusted.

Mandatory Vaccination Is First Cousins With Forced Sterilization

A government that would force medication or vaccinations on it's entire populace would likely soon be found forcing certain populations of women to become sterile. Of course, they would be almost entirely lower income and/or dark skinned.

Don't think this in mere conjecture. There have been mandatory vaccination laws in the United States, successfully promoted by eugenicists like Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr., a Supreme Court Justice of the early 20th century, who also sought to create mandatory forced sterilization programs. Forced sterilization is a very close cousin to mandatory vaccinations, both of which have been practiced in the past in the United States, promoted by the very same people.96) 97) 98)

Anti Psychotic / Anti Depressant Drugs Actually Cause Homicide And Suicide

Just as vaccines cause a lot more health issues than they prevent (if they actually ever prevent any, i.e.), these types of drugs, in reality, make people more prone to hurting themselves or others. Never mind the fact that virtually every school, postal, army base, etc., shooter has been found to be on these drugs.99) 100) 101) 102) 103) 104) 105) 106) The hype would not address those facts, unless there was unexpected pressure from the awakened faction of society.

In such an instance, the spin masters would come in and say that it's not the antidepressants that causes the violent outbursts,107) but it's simply indicative of the fact that these were people in need of help, and the drugs were not given to them soon enough, or possibly in enough quantity, to prevent the violence. They would say that is proof that we need more drugs and that all people have to get on them at younger and younger ages.

Have You Ever Read A Vaccine Insert?

Veering back on topic, another stark contrast to everyone who says that vaccines are not risky, are the inserts that are put out by the vaccine manufacturers, because there are laws requiring them to do so. If you look some of those over, you will quickly wonder how anybody can keep a straight face when they tell you that you have nothing to be concerned about for your babies and other children or even for yourself when you subject them (or you) to vaccines.

Click here for a list of links to vaccine package inserts. Spending some time reading those will inoculate you for life from believing the lies that vaccines do not come with serious risks. (If you aren't familiar with the term, vaccine insert, first read below.)

Vaccines come in packs of 10. Each pack has a printed form called an insert that lists many of the known side effects of the vaccine, including some extremely serious health issues. What happened to the “safe,” “no risk,” claims? Ooops.

How convenient that there is not an insert for each dose. The doctors might be expected to give the insert to the patients they are injecting the concoctions into if there was one for everybody, but since there isn't, the doctors basically don't give out the insert to any of their patients. In fact, doctors today actually get trained not to hand it out voluntarily. It would be bad for business, if they did, and, of course, the only reason the companies include the insert in a packet is that there are still laws on the books that require it, (although big pharma is working on putting the kabosh on that requirement.)

Pharmaceutical companies don't seem to advertise vaccines as much as they do drugs, but when they do, the listing of the side effects is nowhere near as long as the litany of side effects in the inserts or as long as the list of drug side effects in those TV ads. One can only wonder what the legal loophole is for that.

That's a real shame, because if it were mandatory to read the entire warning insert during TV commercials for vaccines, one could imagine at least half the population would be able to break out of the spell of vaccine disinformation. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Break The Spell Now SHAZAM!

Imagine you are watching a TV commercial for the Connaught Labs DPT vaccine – one of those hellish triple headed monster shots; this one dealing with diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus. You see the image of a giggling baby in the arms of her loving mother who is laughing every time her baby laughs. The voice over announcer says, “There has been a frightening increase in cases of autism that has not been explained. There are a number of anecdotal reports from parents that symptoms of autism have appeared close to the time of the (MMR) vaccine.”

You wouldn't have to see that commercial too many times before you'd start scratching your head, thinking about all the times you hear so-called experts scoffing at people like Jenny McCarthy, calling them crackpots for believing that vaccines have anything to do with the fact that a baby born in the US today has a 1 in 80 chance of being autistic. It might even lead to you reading one of the well researched books she has written on the topic, as opposed to simply accepting that she is some kind of buffoon without actually hearing what she has to say. Nonetheless, the fact is, if there are any TV commercials for that vaccine, you almost certainly won't ever hear that warning that is one of many printed on the insert. If you go to the doctor to have your little child get that vaccination, you almost certainly will not be handed the insert with that warning for you to read.

Overall, it is questionable if big pharma will ever spend as much on TV ads for vaccines as they do for drugs, because most vaccines are for children, and most people willfully and blindly submit their kids for vaccinations. In fact, they are not even aware they can get them exempted. Plus, big pharma is spending big money on lobbying for forced vaccinations and the end of exemptions so they probably won't ever feel the need to advertise their toxic, dangerous vaccine wares on the tube to the same degree they promote their toxic, dangerous drugs, despite the fact that they aren't forced to read the entire insert (or even just the worst parts of them) during the commercials.

What The Inserts Say

We'll be looking at the varicella (smallpox) insert, but it is quite typical. Just as with those drug commercials, there isn't a single one without a lot of side effects, it's the same with vaccines.

They generally start off with the fact that just because you take it, that doesn't mean it's going to work. Then they tell you that if you get the disease in spite of taking it, the fact that you took the vaccine isn't going to help you deal with the effects of the disease in any way, shape, form or manner.

It is not unusual for a vaccine insert to say, “No placebo-controlled study was carried out using the current vaccine,” (as it does for the smallpox vaccine.) That's kind of interesting, since the medical industry is always touting that so-called evidence-based medicine revolves around double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

In some cases, the insert will warn you about your risk to others. Yes, the process is known as shedding, but the insert doesn't call it that. In the case of the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine, the insert says, “Avoid contact with high-risk individuals susceptible to varicella because of possible transmission of varicella vaccine virus.”

Whoa! Did you catch that little diddy? Varicella vaccine virus means the varicella virus from the vaccine. Now, if nobody explained this to you, you might not grasp it. People who take vaccines are often able to give people who have not taken the vaccine, the actual disease, even though they, (the ones who got vaccinated), don't have the disease.108)

Yes, the varicella vaccine disease, is none other than varicella from the vaccine. Again, if not for this explanation, you might read that and think that the warning is for you, but it's a warning about you, as a risk to others. This is extremely interesting, because the hype we are hearing is that people who are not vaccinated are the potentially dangerous ones, but the insert is saying, vaccinated individuals are potentially dangerous because of the fact that they got vaccinated. It goes on to say that there is a six week window of this possibility to spread varicella to highly susceptible non-vaccinated individuals.

So Who Is Highly Susceptible?

  • Pregnant women (Too bad you can't be sure of every woman who is pregnant.)
  • Newborn infants (It provides no definitions of newborn. Perhaps you can ask the moms.)
  • Any individual whose immune system is compromised, (as if you can always know that.)

So, if you don't want to be a danger to others, for the next 6 weeks, don't get near anybody who was recently born, or any woman who has one in the oven, or anybody who is immunocompromised, which, of course, you would be able to tell, seeing that you are an omniscient medical intuitive.

Speaking Of The Preggars

Inserts usually have a warning for pregnant women to not take it. Unfortunately, there has been a shift in what the drug companies are telling doctors in this regard. Even though they aren't changing the insert warnings to pregnant women, and even though the varicella insert even says that, “Transmission of a vaccine virus from a [vaccinated] mother who did not develop a varicella-like rash, to her newborn infant has been reported, they are telling doctors to give it to pregnant women. This is highly disturbiing, to say the least.

Now Think About This

It's the parents of children who were vaccinated that are complaining about their kids getting measles from kids who were not vaccinated. What's wrong with that picture? Simple… If vaccinations are effective, how could unvaccinated kids give their kids measles? Riddle me that one, Batman.

The truth is, it is documented time and time again that most of the people getting diseases during outbreaks are people who have been vaccinated. What do you think all the “booster” shots are about? It's the medical establishment admitting that the vaccine isn't effective for any length of time, so their answer is to simply get more of the same, to hell with the risks and adverse reactions.

Despite constant pleas from the awakened, anti vaccination, pro nutrition and prevention crowd, the medical establishment refuses to conduct studies comparing their kids with the kids of parents who unquestioningly allow them to get every vaccine that comes down the pike. Gee Wally, I wonder why that is.

In case you haven't noticed, the more years that go by, the more boosters there are that get added to the vaccine schedule. One wonders when the time will come when vaccines are administered at school at the start of every week. Perhaps Obamacare neighborhood navigators will simply go door to door to give everyone their weekly boosters.

When the vaccine industry isn't straight up lying about the safety and effectiveness of their toxins, they can be found falsely spinning and cherry picking statistics. This is nothing new. Circa 1900, Dr. Hadwen talked about how if a school had almost entirely unvaccinated students and there was an outbreak, the spin would be that almost everyone who come down with the illness was unvaccinated. Never mind the fact that next to nobody was vaccinated, so that stat means nothing. And they would fail to mention if most of the unvaccinated were not inflicted.

Here is some of the documentation regarding how the vaccinated come down with the very diseases they are supposed to be protected from.


The 2% Argument

I've heard the argument that there might be 2% ineffectiveness among vaccines, and therefore, for that 2%, everyone has to get vaccinated. Think about that for a minute, please. Disease spreading is never guaranteed. You don't get a sexually transmitted disease every time the person you have sex with has one. You don't always get any contagious disease every time you are exposed to it. Many people have been exposed to even ebola and not gotten it. So, if you are among the alleged 2% for whom the vaccine does not work, that does not mean you are going to come down with the disease, even if there is an outbreak.

It would be a small fraction of the 2% who would get it, and for those small numbers, everybody else who wants to exercise their right to choose how they go about protecting their health, has to give up their freedom of choice, even if it's extremely rare for someone to die from the disease. By the same logic, due to the unfortunate reality that some children get struck by cars and die walking to or from school, (or die in cars driven by parents taking them to or from school), everyone should no longer have the freedom to drive cars. Come on man, it's for the safety of the children.

You may say that's a false analogy because we need cars to live our lives as we are accustomed, and nobody needs to be unvaccinated. Who are you to say that? Plenty of people feel just as much need to keep their freedom to live vaccine free in their family as you feel you need the freedom to have a car for your family.

Even if cars were killing, say, one third of all the children, we can presume that everybody who is for mandatory vaccinations would likely still bristle at the idea of taking away everyone's freedom to get around in their own cars. They would be looking for alternatives to deal with the outrageous child mortality associated with cars, that were less fascist and extreme.

Here's another analogy to try to convey the level of extremism involved in mandatory vaccinations. Think of a kid who has a peanut allergy, whose parents successfully petition the school administration to invoke a policy disallowing peanuts on school grounds. After all, if their little girl were to somehow eat a peanut, she could have a strong allergic reaction, making her ill, and possibly even killing her. Therefore, nobody can bring their own food because there might be peanuts in it. Furthermore everyone has to be searched for peanuts everyday.

You know what? If you're the parent of that kid, and you are so scared of her eating peanuts, you should home school her. And if you don't want your vaccinated kid to be around unvaccinated kids, you should home school them. You don't force everyone to go without peanuts, and not be able to bring a lunch from home because you are scared and you think you are more important than others. And you don't take away people's rights to make their health choices out a similar sense of self importance and fear… especially when there is a growing body of evidence that adverse reactions to vaccines are becoming more and more common, as more and more vaccinations are added to the schedule.109) 110) 111) 112)

Some of these adverse reactions are simply worrisome, though the kids seem to recover; but others are absolutely tragic, totally changing the lives of the victims, as well as their families. Too many children die. Due to media self censorship, most people are still not aware the United States government pays out millions of dollars to some of the vaccine victim's families.113) That's millions of dollars they would rather not have if they could get their children back to the way they used to be before they took the vaccine.

US Guvmint Pays Out Billions Of Dollars To Vaccine Injury Victims

It's funny how people will talk about the importance and even infallibility of the free market, but then they totally disregard it when the free market sheds light on their sacred cows. For example, no insurance company in the world has ever been willing to insure a nuclear power plant. It's the free market in action. They know they could easily go bankrupt by paying out damages in the event of an accident.

So what do governments do about that? They waive laws requiring insurance to pay damages to victims. The same applies to vaccine manufacturers. Nobody will insure them because they know how unsafe vaccines can be, and they are aware of their potential for bankrupting any insurance company run by anyone stupid enough to insure a vaccine maker.

So, in the United States, they waived the insurance law, but at least they created, what was once a rather secretive court, where a small fraction of people with the wherewithal to deal with the legal bureaucracy, could get a court hearing to try to convince the judges that they (or their children, as is usually the case) have been injured from vaccines.

As you might imagine, the system is stacked against them. The government is trying to keep us all believing that vaccines are safe and effective, so they are not inclined to award for injuries in a light hearted manner.

That being the case, they still have awarded billions of dollars. Here in this article is documentation that 3 billion dollars have been paid out since 1989. So much for vaccines being totally safe and effective without dangers and risks. It's a drop in the buck of the actual damages, but still, it's kind of hard to sneeze at (make light of) payouts in the multiple billions of dollars range. Yes?

A Challenge For You

If you are one of the teeming masses with a boner for mandatory vaccinations, do a bit of research to find people who have been given compensation for a child who has been damaged by vaccines. Ask if you can interview them, as part of personal research you are doing, because you believe in vaccines, but you want to hear all sides of the issue.

Meet with them in person. Look into their eyes. Listen to their story. Meet the vaccine damaged child. Then see how you feel about this topic. Heaven forbid, if your little child suddenly becomes a special need individual for the rest of her life, shortly after being “immunized,” I can guarantee you that your perspective will change and your mind will open. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Back To The Chickenpox Insert

Anyway – So far, here's what we know from this insert: A) It's not guaranteed to do Jack Shit, and B) There's no study to prove its efficacy, and C) Your kid, the vaccinated one, could end up giving measles to a kid who isn't vaccinated.

Adverse Reaction Warnings

As if all this isn't enough, here come the adverse reactions in the chickenpox vaccine: (And keep in mind, it would be after hearing this list in the TV commercial, you and your spouse would start to engage in corner of the eye contact.)

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Bell's Palsy
  • Non-Febrile Seizures
  • Paresthesia
  • Upper Respiratory Illness
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Myalgia
  • Malaise
  • Diarrhea
  • Stiff Neck
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Lymphadenopathy
  • Chills
  • Eye Complaints
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Arthralgia
  • Otitis
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Constipation
  • Lower Respiratory Illness
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Hives
  • Cold/Canker Sore

But Wait - There's So Much More!

The commercial is far from over. Those are for the reactions for the chickenpox vaccine that were found in clinical trials. Then there is the matter of side effects that were reported by the end client users, after the trials, is the “post marketing” (that is, real life, experience.)

They include:

Body As A Whole…

  • Anaphylaxis (including anaphylactic shock) and related phenomena including
  • Angioneurotic Edema,
  • Facial Edema and
  • Peripheal Edema

Hemic And Lymphatic System…

  • Aplastic Anemia
  • Thrombocytopenia, including
  • Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

Infections And Infestations

  • Varicella - vaccine strain (There it is, folks. The admission that the vaccine might give you chickenpox – Not merely allow you to give it to somebody else!)


  • Encephalitis
  • Cerebrovascular Accident
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Ataxia
  • Aseptic Menegitis
  • Dizziness
  • Paresthesia
  • Pharyngitis
  • Pneumonia/Pneumonitis


  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Erythema
  • Multiforme
  • Henoch-Schonlein Purpura
  • Secondary Bacterial Infections Of Skin & Soft Tissue, including,
  • Impertigo,
  • Cellulitis,
  • Herpes Zoster

This was just a partial part of a single vaccine's insert. If you are wondering if any of the above conditions can be deadly, the answer is, most certainly, yes. That is the amazing thing about modern medicine. Almost everything it has to offer comes with trade off side effects, often, that can be worse than the thing that was initially being treated. And in the case of vaccines, you didn't even have a condition that was in need of being treated in the first place.

Keep in mind, the side effects you just read are only the ones the manufacturers admit to. And yet, the medical propaganda machine has been ratcheted up so tight that anyone who dares to bring up vaccine adverse reactions and risks, gets labeled as the anti-science, lunatic fringe. Yet, the manufacturer's own inserts tell a different story.

Doctors Against Vaccines

On this incredible web page114) about doctors against vaccines, one of the doctors speaks about his transition from believing what he was taught in medical school regarding the overall safety and effectiveness of vaccines, to changing his opinion entirely, based upon hundreds of parents bringing him their children whose medical problems started after vaccinations.

Listed directly below this paragraph is a list of the most common health issues the children suffered from, which the doctor says stem from vaccine compromised immune systems. Even if he were by himself, his data would be extremely compelling. Of course though, he is far from alone. He's just one of many doctors on that particular page, and there are a lot more who have also publicly come out against forced vaccinations, or even against vaccinations in general. (In many nations, especially the United States, this public stance can lead to the loss of one's medical license. Therefore, it is obvious that for every doctor who is on the record against the idea of singing the praises of vaccines, there are many more who agree with them.)

  • Constantly Returning Colds
  • Fluids From The Ears/Otitis Media
  • Defective Hearing
  • Asthma And Bronchitis
  • Recurring Pneumonia
  • Eczema Of Various Kinds
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Appetite Problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Physical Or Psychic Handicaps
  • Speech Disturbances
  • Backward Readers
  • Behavior Disorder
  • DAMP - Children (Dysfunction As To Attention, Motor Nerves And Perception)
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Diabetes Mellitus

Doctor Loses Her License & Her Child And Is Declared Delusional For Speaking Up About The Dangers Of Vaccines


As you have seen from the quotes of various doctors throughout this post, not all doctors agree on the need, safety or efficacy of vaccines. Every doctor who speaks up is risking her license, but so far, the system isn't going after all of them, or probably even most of them. However, the “medical mafia” loves to make examples of certain doctors, in order to keep as many doctors as possible silent on such matters, if they happen to disagree with the so-called, “standard of care.”

Dr. Rebecca Carley is one such example. She was likely chosen because of not only the degree to which she went public – she had a local TV show that dealt with vaccine dangers – but also because she had the audacity to actually treat vaccine damaged children, to help alleviate and even reverse the damages that had been done to them. The history of the American Medical Association is “rife” with such examples. (That was a bit of a pun. Do a search on the American inventor, Royal Rife if you didn't get it. You'll probably have to wade through a number of the medical industry's useful idiots skeptic's propaganda sites, in order to get to the actual facts, though. When I say, “idiots,” I don't even mean, of lower IQ. The sad thing is, many of these folks are intellectually gifted. As the song says, “There are none so blind as they who will not see.”)

Check out the excerpt below from the site, and let the depth and breadth of this conspiracy sink in. Be disgusted at the willingness with which they bent over backwards to give her son to the man who sodomized him. This is what we are up against, and vaccines are a drop in the proverbial bucket. Of course, if you do a search for her, you'll find all the gatekeeper sites telling about another crazy antivaxxer. They'll tell you this one was so crazy, the medical system was forced to take away her ability to practice medicine, as she was so massively delusional and dangerous to her patients… (Never mind the fact that the medical system is the number one killer in the United States.)115) 116) 117)


As you might imagine, this has not kept her down. She is dedicated, now more than ever, in bringing the truth to those who are willing to hear it. Below is an excerpt from her website.

The Doctor Who Beat The British General Medical Council By Proving That Vaccines Aren’t Necessary


Sometimes there are doctors who are slated for disciplinary action and loss of license for their medical opinions that are said to go against the so-called, “standard of care,” but they are able to defend themselves successfully. Jayne Donegan from Britain is one such example.

Like almost all anti vaccination doctors, Donegan started out enthusiastically supporting vaccines. Her first hand experience with children who were damaged from vaccines, changed her mind.

Even so, she didn't set out to rock the medical establishment boat. She was all on board with the program, that she even allowed her month old baby to be vaccinated from a batch of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine that was past its expiration date. When she read that on the vial she asked the doctor at the clinic and he said not to worry (what they all say as a matter of rote), since they checked with someone who said it was perfectly fine to ignore the expiration date.

When her little girl reacted terribly to it, she still assumed that what she was taught about the rewards being worth the risks was logical. She went on to get the baby more vaccinations every month for the next 3 months, right on schedule. In her own words, “I used to think parent’s who don’t vaccinate were either ignorant or sociopathic.”

As time progressed, however, she kept noticing discrepancies regarding vaccines and it was getting harder and harder to not question the need for them. She started reading books that gave the other side of the story, and they were making sense, even though she really didn't want to go against what she was taught in medical school.

The books showed charts indicating that the diseases were already abated or well on there way before the vaccines would be made available. They spoke of how improvements in sanitation and hygiene and availability of more and better food were the reasons for the progress.

She tried to understand why the charts in her textbooks seemed to indicate that the vaccines were effective, while the charts in these alternative books showed a completely different story. She went to a number of government agencies in England in order to find charts stemming back many decades to help her find patterns.

Those charts were curiously nonexistent. They were in data form, in bits and pieces. She had to actually create charts from the disparate data, and was surprised to see, when she was finished, that they looked like the charts in the anti vaccination books.

She realized that the charts in her medical schools books were incomplete, starting in the 1940s. They simply showed the level of various diseases at the time, without indicating how they were already on a massive downward trend.

She discovered what could only be called statistical tricks, like leaving out the fact that death rates had, in a number of diseases, already gone to practically zero. There was also the matter of counting and defining diseases in different ways, in order to make it appear that the vaccines were effective when they were not.

There came a point when, in good faith, she could no longer tow the medical establishment's line. She began speaking out about what she was learning. Thus, when two mothers went to court against the ex husbands who were trying to force them to give their children vaccinations, they asked Dr. Donegan to be their expert witness

She won the case for the moms, but in appeals, the judges accused her evidence of being, “junk science.” This, in turn, set off a legal witch hunt by the BMC, the British Medical Council, the equivalent of the American Medical Association, in the United States. They basically set out to take her license.

Here is a small excerpt of what they said about her:

They raked her through the coals, so to speak, via administrative and legal processes and hearings for 3 years. They outgunned her in every way, including many powerful lawyers and an unfair process that didn't afford her the time needed to sufficiently answer charges and file briefs, although the government side would be afforded extra time.

She made the decision to refrain from using numerous books that had been written by anti vaccination researchers, because she felt that the judges would ignore their information, regardless of its accuracy. Instead, all of her evidence was painstakingly extracted from published reports in peer reviewed medical journals.

That's the surprising thing I've discovered quite some time ago. There are actually quite a lot of reports in medical journals that provide accurate data regarding how wrong and/or dangerous modern medicine often is.

Those reports are isolated within studies, so they usually don't focus on the big picture, and hence, individually they tend not to be as damning as data that gets reported outside of such journals, they nonetheless can be surprisingly blunt. These negative reports are largely overlooked and forgotten in the alleged “peer review” process, but when you look at them in the aggregate, they tell an unmistakeable story that is nothing like, “safe and effective.”

Dr. Donegon had to search for them in many different British medical journals. She found them and pieced them together to tell an extremely strong story of mainstream medical admissions of the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines. After 3 long, grueling years, that detracted from much of her private practice and a great deal of her family life, she was totally exonerated from the despicable and shameful persecution. Here is part of the decision:


What Does Dauntless Dr. Duffy Do?

The Great Gardasil Swindle

Human Papillomavirus (HPV), over time, if left untreated can sometimes lead to cervical cancer. 70 to 90 percent of HPV infections are easily cleared by the body's immune system, without the person even seeking medical attention or even knowing she had it.

Gardasil is a vaccine marketed as cervical cancer prevention by immunizing girls against the HPV virus. There have never been any clinical studies showing Gardasil to be an effective way to stop or reduce cevical cancer and death from cervical cancer. There have, however, been an alarming number of adverse reactions, including deaths, that many researchers have documented to be a direct result of the vaccine.

Diane Harper was the independent, lead researcer, in the Garisel clinical trials. She is one of many notable critics of Gardsil. In 2008, Merck spent $93 million to market Gardasil as a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, which Harper tells us is a conclusion that was never reached in the clinical trials… (Yes, the trials she headed.)

Harper says that in cervic tissue, there are 3 levels of abnormality before it even is cancerous. There are called CIN1, CIN2 & CIN3. CIN3 tissue is easily treatable and curable, 100%. When Merck realized that Gardasil was not showing efficacy in preventing cancer, they negotiated with the FDA to be able to claim that it does prevent cancer since it showed some effectiveness in preventing CIN3.

Sherry Tenpenni118) is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a great source of vaccine data. Here website is here. Here is a quick word from her on the topic of Gardasil.

Gardasil contains a large amount of aluminum. Aluminum is proven to cause a lot of neurological damage, including severe and lifelong side effects. On the less severe side, there are also a lot of local side effects at the arm, where the injection is administered. In the trials, the so-called placebo group was given aluminum, instead of an inert ingredient like water, so that way, the placebo group would also have adverse reactions from the aluminum, and Merck could claim that Gardasil's adverse reactions were similar to the placebo's.

Stephanie Seneff, PH.D. is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT (Michigan Institute Of Technology). Here's her fast take on the subect:

“Gardasil was the worst thing we had even seen in terms of the symptoms that were showing up…” (Side effects include spontaneous abortion, coma, death.)

“I don't understand how the government can be promoting, so enthusiastically, a serious toxin.” ~ Stephanie Seneff

Seneff went on to say, “The marketing said, 'Get your daughter vaccinated and she will be one less cervical cancer victim.' The reality is, she was probably never going to get cervical cancer to begin with, since the immune system handles up to 90% of HPV infections,” and almost all of the other remaining ten percent is handled by getting routine pap smears which would show CIN, which could then be treated before cancer could manifest. (Keep in mind, CIN tissue does not automatically mean cancer would definitely occur anyway.)

The incident rate of women who have routine pap smears developing cervical cancer is 1 in 700,000. Even if Gardasil had clinical studies showing that it is effective (which it doesn't have), the numbers of women getting cervical cancer does not justify the exposing all females, 9 to 26, to the shockingly dangerous side effects of Gardasil.

She says the motivation is nothing more than money. Gardasil is the most expensive childhood vaccine. Not only more expensive that any other, it's more expensive that all the others, combined.

For more information check out, Flawed Science and Danger of the HPV Vaccines.

Also get this pdf report and timeline.

The Flu Shot Hoax

James Chestnut has an impressive array of degrees: B.ED., M.SC., D.C., C.C.W.P. Here is what he has to say on the flu vaccine.

Flu shot (vaccine) markers claim that the vaccine reduces the incidence of the flu from 0 to 70%. They have no data to back up that claim of up to 70%, but the fact that they admit it may have zero percent efficacy is rather telling. Even though they admit it may have zero percent effectiveness when it comes to flu, they actually then go on to say that in the winter months, it reduces “all cause mortality” (all kinds of deaths imaginable) by 50%. Again, there is no data to back it up, but how could there be? Reducing all cause mortality by half means reducing auto crash deaths, lightning strike deaths, murder, cancer, slip and fall, hear attacks, you name it.

This opinion paragraph is not from Chestnut, but from your humble Devtome writer, in reaction to Chestnuts above data. It's beggars belief that the vaccine industry would actually go on record to say that the flu shot reduces all cause mortality during the winter by 50%. If after seeing that kind of arrogance, you still don't get that the emperor of vaccine pushers wears no clothes, I don't know what else to tell you. This is what passes for so-called “science” and “evidence based medicine,” these days. Wow!

Chestnut says that in 2000, the flu shot marketers said everyone over the age of 65 should get the flu shot each year. Within 10 years, they changed it to everyone over the age of 6 months (while also making it mandatory for health care workers), again, providing no data to justify their advice.

The Cochrane Collaboration was formed to organize medical research information in order to facilitate the choices that health professionals, patients and policy makers face. Three times they have looked at the flu shot and admitted that it is no more effective in preventing the flu than is a placebo, like a sterile water injection.

The flu shot contains mercury, viruses and other dubious or negative ingredients. Sherry Tenpenni asks why would you subject yourself, let alone, your baby to those things, in the hopes that maybe it might prevent the flu, when chances are overwhelming you are not going to get the flu and even if you do, it would almost certainly come and go in a week.

The flu vaccine insert says that there is no data regarding pregnancy toxicity. That means that there have been no clinical trials of the effects of the vaccine on pregnant women or their babies, yet the manufacturers spin on that is that there is no evidence showing that it is especially harmful to mothers to be or there babies.

Manipulation of data is more and more the norm from big pharma. Yet, we should never forget that Dr. Hadwen talked about such a propensity of the medical establishment in the 1800s.

Chestnut speaks to statistical suppression and manipulation by the medical authorities done to hide the number of infant deaths from flu shots during the winter of 2009-2010, when two different flu shots were given. There was a study on fetal deaths that purposely ended in the winter or 2008-2009, even though they had the stats for 2009-2010. This is simply typical.

You've heard of suicide by cop. Now learn about abortion by flu shot!


You've heard of abortion by flu shot. Now discover post birth abortion by flu shot!


The Focus Of Modern Medicine

Generally speaking, people who practice alternative health protocols are in direct opposition to the principles upon which “modern” medicine revolves around. Alternative health is about natural solutions. Modern medicine is about better living through chemistry.

Natural solutions people are concerned about the unintended consequences that invariably come from synthetic and chemical concoctions produced in test tubes in laboratories. That is exactly what vaccines are.

A lot of people who embrace alternative health protocols (natural solutions) are not necessarily adverse to the idea of taking a tiny amount of a virus and putting it into their bodies to help their body build up a natural resistance, if there were evidence that hygiene, sanitation and naturally building up the human immune system is not preventing a certain disease.

Medical scientists took the simple concept of immunization from exposure to a tiny sample of a disease, and started putting all kinds of components in vaccines, including various types of animal blood and pus, as well as mercury, aluminum, thimerosal and other chemicals that are horrible for one's health.119)

Traditional medical is rather fear based. Not only do the marketing geniuses of medicine use fear to solicit customers, the actual focus of the practice is on all the bad stuff that can negatively affect the human body, including germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites and pathogens.

Combine this focus with the emphasis on creating synthetic formulations to suppress the symptoms brought on by these bad guys, you can't help but get a shitload of unintended consequences. Not only is the body dealing with the various pathogens, but it has to deal with the unnatural Frankenstein substances that comprise the symptom manipulating medicine, at the same time.

Moreover, this very manipulation of symptoms is unnatural and tends to interfere with the body's intrinsic process of working through illnesses. For instance, a runny nose or diarrhea is getting toxins out. A fever is the body's way of burning up viruses.

Modern medicine, though sometimes needed, gives us a double whammy. It stops natural healing processes and then it leaves side effects, additional health issues, for which doctors prescribe more medicine, and the cycle keeps going. More drugs equals more messing with the natural state of the body, and even more side effects, which we often take even more drugs for.


It's common for the human body to become so messed up from the vicious cycle that organs begin to fail. Guess what doctors prescribe at that point? “Life saving” surgery. Most of the time all of this could have been avoided by going with the natural solution.

The alternative health community, instead of focusing on germs and bugs and chemicals to suppress the symptoms they create, focuses on the amazing miracle that is the body, and how it works with in nature. There is often a spiritual understanding in alternative medicine as well, that is almost completely absent in traditional medicine.

Indeed, often, natural solution practitioners have the belief, faith and understanding that whatever brought about the creation of life, has instilled in our bodies a force that keeps us healthy. If we become unhealthy, it is understood that there are natural things we can use and actions we can take (protocols) to get our magnificent bodies in this miraculous world of ours, to get back into natural balance (homeostasis)120) in order to become healthy again.

Of course, not every person who subscribes to alternative health protocols has an underlying spiritual belief, and not every doctor or mainstream medical researcher is an atheist. There is no denying, however, that natural solution people tend to be more spiritually oriented, and doctors and scientists tend to be less focused in the world of spirit and energy.

The Vital Difference

One of the differences between the traditional medical supporters who don't believe in natural solutions, and those of us who believe the evidence which shows that traditional medicine is overused, and thus, does much more harm than good, is that traditional medical supporters are quick to take the health choices away from the alternative health community members. However, it doesn't work the other way around.

Yes, we want to educate people to the folly of their ways, but we don't try to pass laws to prevent people from constantly popping their pharmaceutical pills or getting vaccinations. We wish people the best of luck in whatever personal health choices they ultimately make. We would appreciate it if the other side would show us the same respect.

We understand that due to misinformation and disinformation, they erroneously believe that our kids not being vaccinated put their kids at risk, but it's not true. They are actually putting their children at risk by assaulting their developing immune systems with not only diseases and animal serum, but with adjuvants like aluminum, mercury, msg and formaldehyde. We invite them to protect their children (as well as themselves) by ceasing the immune system assault, and by providing non genetically modified, organic nutrition, and daily sunlight, and purified, alkalized, ionized drinking water, and radically healthy exercise like rebounding to build up the miraculous immune system endowed in all of us by the Creator.

Nobody Says It's Always A Matter Of Either/Or

Although doctors are trained that alternative approaches are woo woo quackery, most people who are alternative health oriented are open to the possibility of taking the traditional medicine route, when they see fit. They just want to be the one who makes that decision.

If there were only a few vaccines today, and if they didn't have all kinds of harmful things in them, there would be more willingness among many individuals in the alternative/natural solution population to take part in them.

Furthermore, if something were to come up where it became apparent that this kind of prophylactic were needed, and the evidence really did bear out – as opposed to conflict of interest science propaganda – that it was safe and effective – many of the most staunch anti-vaxers would make an exception.

However, with the reality that adverse reactions are becoming more and more common, and with the advent of Internet and social media, many people are learning that they haven't been told the truth on the topic. They are also discovering that there are other, more effective and less risky ways to safeguard against disease outbreaks.

Contrary to the comments the pro-vaxers love to make online, the people who are against vaccinations are among the most intelligent and awakened individuals out there. An increasing amount of people are coming to understand that disease outbreaks are not caused by the lack of vaccines, the same way they have learned that headaches are not caused by a deficiency of aspirin in the bodies.

If you lived in a community where factories were dumping chemicals that made it into your water supply, and consequently, headaches became epidemic, what action would be better – taking lots of aspirin (and maybe passing laws to make others, say, all drivers take aspirin so they don't become a traffic hazard) – or stopping the actual poisoning of the water?

Illegal, Illogical, Dangerous Immigration Trojan Horse

At the level of government, something that can be done about stopping the spread of diseases is to not have porous or open borders, allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter who are never checked for communicable diseases. Immigration laws are not about lacking compassion. They are about actual national security and preservation. They must be enforced. The answer is not in requiring everyone to assume the intrinsic risks of vaccinations.

People are up in arms about measles outbreak in the United States, which frankly, isn't at epidemic levels, but what did they expect? The President had the Southern border patrol, not only stand down and allow anyone and everyone to illegally come into the country, but they were ordered to actually accommodate untold thousands upon thousands of people who wanted to flee their poor and disease ridden countries.


Despite what the French wrote on the Statue Of Liberty gift they gave to the USA, about giving us your sick, huddled masses, all countries, the USA included, turn away people who are sick… And they do so for good reason. However, President Obama, has treasonously and unconstitutionally opened the southern border, in the alleged name of compassion. With no medical screening whatsoever – which is one of the many important aspects of legal immigration – these illegal immigrants are squeezed together like sardines in large rooms. What do you think that accomplishes?


You don't have to be a nuclear engineer who is also a quantum physicist to realize that is a breeding ground for every illness that was in those rooms. Then the people are put on buses and allowed to go wherever they want in the country to spread their illnesses. Of course there are going to be disease outbreaks. If we don't bring sanity back to our border policies, we haven't seen anything yet. Of course, government, media and “evidence based” bloggers will cry more than ever for forced vaccinations, instead of stopping the various causes of the problems (of which open porous borders is one.)

Besides public health, there are massive national security issues. ISIS/Al Qaeda assholes can literally go into or through Mexico and walk across our border unmolested. Here's an reporter illustrating the point. The one side of the water is Mexico. He walks across, completely unmolested to the US side, dressed in ISIS black, carrying a sword, a black flag and a fake severed head.


The truth is even if everybody in the country were to get vaccinated six days a week and twice on Sunday, it would not stop the spread of disease for two reasons.

1) Vaccines don't work

2) We keep allowing sick people from other countries to keep coming in, while simultaneously continuing to suppress the alternative health data that would help everyone to be in a state of homeostasis, where their immune system is so balanced, they would become naturally immune to diseases.

But Vaccines Do Work You Say

Actually, they really don't. When you look at the real science, rather than the propaganda, conflict of interest “science” presented by the big pharma medical industry that profits massively from vaccines (with plans to blow up vaccine profits exponentially as they scare, or even force, more and more people around the world to take more and more, new vaccines), it suddenly becomes readily apparent.

Your first assignment when you get done with this article is to read the extremely important book, Dissolving Illusions. It's inconceivable that an open minded person could read it and walk away believing that all vaccines are needed, safe and effective.

It's Time To Move On

If there ever were a time and place for vaccines, it has come and gone.121) The fact is, they are not needed with everything we know about prevention and dealing with disease in the 21st century. The folks who make the profits on vaccines are suppressing this data, but it's out there for anyone who is willing to use the Interwebs for something other than porn.

However, instead of letting go with the old, unneeded technology, we have weaponized it, and we've quadrupled down, simultaneously. The combination of massively increased childhood vaccine regimen as well as toxicity is taking a huge toll – along with genetically modified food organisms – on the health of people around the world.


Hey Vaccine Lovers - What's Your Limit?

Do you really believe when it comes to either vaccines or medicine that if 1 is good, 100 are one hundred times better? Do you not understand the cumulative nature of toxic build up in the human body? Do you not realize that different people react different ways to different toxins, but as more toxin accumulate in your cells, you will have an adverse affect maybe later than many people but sooner than some others?

Don't you know that all vaccines and all pharmaceutical drugs (prescription as well as over the counter) are toxic? If you are not concerned with toxins going into your body, you need to start paying attention.

From the chart above, you see that the number of vaccines are skyrocketing. Just as the medical industry is constantly trying to get everyone to permanently be on an ever growing number of medications, they are pushing vaccines on us, but with vaccines they are more effective with their fear based marketing and mind control, and they have to opportunity to potentially force them upon everybody.

What is your limit? If it gets to the point of 1000 doses of 250 vaccines by the age of 4, are you good with that? When is enough, enough? Are you truly so naive that you think the more, the better?

There are 12 times as many vaccinations that children have to deal with than in 1940. The rates of neurological, autoimmune and many other health issues have skyrocketed accordingly. Countless parents have seen their children's lives take a serious turn for the worse, in the days, hours and even minutes after receiving vaccinations.

The vaccine damage deniers love to say that correlation does not mean causation, as a way to sweep this dark side of the vaccine industry under the rug.122) While it's true that just because a person correlates certain things, or that one thing comes before another, that doesn't mean causation is proven. However it sure as hell doesn't mean causation is ruled out, especially as the cases of adverse reactions continue to skyrocket.

A lot of times, one thing coming before another really is the cause of the other thing that came after it. The vaccine damage deniers say that the scientific studies reported in peer reviewed journals showing causation are just not there (as if nothing can exist that isn't in a peer reviewed, so-called scientific journal.)

Again, it's a case of the foxes guarding the hen house. The science for hire, peer review process is primarily a status quo society, along with the medical industry and the government agencies, like the FDA, that are supposed to regulate the industry, but instead, largely let it do as thou wilt, by design.

In the anti vaccination community, it is common knowledge that their children are among the healthiest in their schools and neighborhoods. Generally speaking, the type of parents who don't subject their kids to vaccinations, also don't subject them to as poor of diets as most vaccinated kids have. They are more health minded, and it shows in the health of their kids. They are more prone to educate their kids on ways to prevent getting diseases, and to give them natural solutions like colloidal silver to boost their immunity. Their kids are healthy not entirely due to avoiding vaccines, but that is part of the puzzle.

Much of the discussion on anti vaccine forums is how the vaccinated children are the ones coming down with the diseases they were supposed to be protected from, and the illogical accusation from their parents, blaming them for not getting their kids vaccinated. The anti vaccination community is begging, and has been begging for years and decades for an honest, unbiased study that delves into the comparison between the rates of sickness in unvaccinated children and those children in the same schools and neighborhoods who are vaccinated, but the medical science community steadfastly refuses to take on such studies.

But Everyone Will Die Or Be Deathly Sick Without Vaccines

Part of the propaganda is that we may have never been born, but for the “miracle” of vaccines, or that most people would be chronically sick without them. Many people actually believe that vaccines are needed to retain the human population at current numbers. Little do they know that eugenicists with a mission to massively depopulate the planet are behind the push for more and more vaccines.123) 124) 125) Yes, every day is opposite day, here on earth.

Furthermore, in the modern age, in industrial societies with access to indoor plumbing, refrigeration and good nutrition as well as hygiene and cleanliness protocols, the need for vaccines is just not existent. In fact, the above examples are among the reasons why diseases declined in the 20th century, even though vaccines were given the credit.

Beyond that, throughout history, diseases have just come and gone on their own accord, with no rhyme or reason. Many times humans try to attribute the demise of a disease to one thing or another, but really, we often have no idea, although that has never stopped individuals with an agenda to assign credit creatively.126)

If you study the graphs, available at the website that promotes the truth telling book about vaccines, Dissolving Illusions, you will see that in virtually every instance, disease rates had already drastically plummeted before the vaccines were introduced to the public. Though some may have been helpful, vaccines all have varying degrees of risks, injuries and adverse reactions, and they have never been the Godsend we are continually & erroneously told they were/are.

Marco Polio

Vaccine advocates love to cite the effect of the polio vaccine, but the reality is that the polio vaccine is no exception. Polio seems to have made things worse on more than one front, but then, that's pretty typical. The truth is, countries that did not take part in the polio vaccine program, fared much better in regard to polio (usually having no cases) than countries that participated.

Moreover, even the inventor of the original polio vaccine, Dr. Salk, admitted that hundreds of people became paralyzed with the worse form of polio, directly because they took the vaccine. Many of them, in fact, died, according to Salk. In 1977, he, and several other scientists testified that the mass inoculations against polio was the actual cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961. 127)

Even Dr. Sabin, the researcher who came up with the new & improved version graded vaccines as having a poor track record.


Generally speaking, polio itself, is not generally the fearsome scourge we were led to believe it is. Only a tiny percentage of any population ever comes down with it. Of those who do, 95% have zero symptoms. Once someone has it, they are immune to it.

Most of the remaining 5% of those who have symptoms, have relatively minor symptoms that could include some of the following; a fever, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. One percent experience some level of paralysis, but for the vast majority of those, it is temporary, from 2 to 10 days.

Furthermore, in every country that took part in the inoculations, there was a large increase in cases of the paralytic paralysis, many of which were permanent. It got worse when the diphtheria vaccine was introduced. These bad adverse reactions skyrocketed when the person getting the polio vaccine had been vaccinated for diphtheria. There were also a number of directly attributable deaths.128)

With Friends Like Bill Gates, Children Don't Need Enemies

The oral polio vaccine is so, let's call it… problematic, it's been banned in the United States. Even the globalist group, World Health Organization (WHO) is phasing it out and will quit poisoning children with it, sometime in 2016, but that doesn't stop Bill Gates from spending his money to get as many kids as possible to have to deal with the effects of the dangerous concoction.

The vaccine industry likes to say that polio has been stopped in India due to the oral vaccine and Bill Gates. The only problem is, it's not true. Moreover, more than 50,000 cases of a type of paralysis have been reported in India, after the vaccines were administered. Ironically, the type of paralysis is labeled, non-polio, (non-polio acute flaccid paralysis), because it can stem from other diseases, but the track record is indisputable. Cases skyrocket by many fold after the administering of the oral polio vaccine.

So it goes like this. Take the vaccine because you don't want to get polio and be paralyzed. Then get paralyzed as a result of taking the vaccine, but thank God you didn't not take the vaccine and get paralyzed.

Here's Health Impact New's take on the situation:

You are hereby encouraged to download this 13 page report, excerpted below, on the polio vaccine to give yourself a fighting chance of getting past the mental block that this can't possibly be true since so many doctors talk about how miraculous the polio vaccine was/is.

polio_1.jpg polio2.jpg polio3.jpg polio4.jpg polio5.jpg polio6.jpg

The standards for defining polio were changed when the polio

polio8.jpg polio9.jpg

Please be sure to download this document, since this was merely a brief excerpt. It has 177 footnotes, only a handful of which cite the same source material. It concludes with information about the author.

summation1.jpg summation.jpg

But Wait There's More If You Act Now

As if the above data is not bad enough, the polio vaccine, throughout the 20th century, was made with cells from monkeys that had cancer causing viruses. Millions of people were exposed to this, and there has since been evidence, that these monkey virus cancer cells are in the tumors of large numbers of people, many still alive, but many whom have died. Independent scientists have concluded that the cancers were caused by the SV40 simian virus from the polio vaccine, but conveniently, US government scientist say that there is no proof that the cause of their cancers was from the virus, but they are forced to admit that the monkey virus cells are in the cancer patients' tumors.129) At this point, we have no idea what percentage of those millions of people got and are getting cancer from their polio vaccine, but it's likely to be a huge number. Cancer is currently being contracted by 1 out of 3 people, and the projection is that it will become 1 out of 2 in the not too distant future.130)

Keep in mind, the polio vaccine is like the poster child for the success of vaccines. This information should be the death blow to the vaccine bandwagon, but such are things on planet earth that it hardly seems to matter. People don't want to be bothered with the truth when they can get lies from the TV set.

Why Do Anti Vaxers Think They're Smarter Than My Doctor?

The disgusting truth is there are a lot of doctors who recommend that you vaccinate your children, even though they do not allow their own kids to get vaccines.131) However, at this point, the majority of doctors may very well get their own kids vaccinated, but that doesn't mean it's the best choice – especially when they aren't selective, and allow all the vaccines to be administered.

It's crucial to remember that doctors got to be doctors by regurgitating what they were told in medical school. Then keep in mind that medical schools teach doctors protocols that profit the medical industry hundreds & hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year. They shun treatments that threaten the bottom line of the pharmaceutical conglomerates. It is hardly a trustworthy source of information, yet untold millions of otherwise seemingly intelligent people can't seem to fathom such a simple concept.

Measles Chart 1861 To 1960


As you can see, above, by the time the measles vaccine was introduced, it was already under control. While that is par for the course when it comes to vaccines and diseases, it never stops the medical industry from making heroic claims about saving lives. Of course, if they weren't making money with every vaccination, it would be a different story, but as long as patients, insurance companies or governments (via taxpayers) are filling their coffers, then vaccines are better than manna from heaven.

Boston Smallpox 1841 To 1880


From the chart above, you can see that smallpox in Boston was up and down. Every few years it would vacillate from a high point and then suddenly drop down and stay flat for up to a year or two or three, and then suddenly jump up, where it would stay a while and then repeat the cycle.

When the vaccine was introduced in the area in mid 1855 when Massachusetts enacted a strict law mandating vaccinations, it took a downward turn and by mid 1857 it was under control. Of course, the pro vaxers hailed this as a great victory and proof of the efficacy of not just the small pox vaccine, but vaccines in general.

There was a not so slight problem. It was a case of premature celebration. As they say, correlation is not proof of causation. Smallpox disease had taken that downward turn multiple times before the vaccine had been formulated, so the fact that the rate of infection plummeted steadily in the two year period after virtually everybody was vaccinated is not, in and of itself proof of anything.

If the disease had stayed flat, then it would be understandable if some people without a grasp of the big picture, interpreted such evidence as proof of the vaccine's efficiency. However, that was not the case.

True to its pre-vaccine pattern, by the midway point of 1857, the mortality (death) rate from smallpox had risen above where it was when the mandatory vaccination law was enacted. Now, to someone who is based in logic, that would be seen as a fail, but to a pro vaxxer, it's an indication that we were lucky the vaccine came along when it did, because without it, the rate would be even higher.

The up and down pattern (which was the norm, before the vaccine even existed) continued, and by 1872, the mortality rate was three times worse than it was when the mandatory measures were introduced. Again, logically, this is an epic fail, but in the “scientific” minded pro vaxxer world, it's proof that the population would have been decimated by this point if not for the Godsend vaccination campaign. By mid 1874, it was flat again, and of course, each time that happened, the medical community cluelessly patted itself on the back.

Mandatory Vaccinations? Not If The AMA Is To Be Believed


The American Medical Association (AMA) has a problem that it shares, frankly, with everyone of us. Its words do not always match up with its actions.

Right now, (at the time this is written, but possibly not much longer) in the United States, no matter which state you reside in, there are waivers available for parents who wish to keep their children unvaccinated. Some forces within the AMA are lobbying for state and/or federal laws to change that. Even more shocking, some California legislators are pushing for a law to require adults to be vaccinated. The problem with this is that it goes against the letter, as well as the spirit, of the AMA's code of ethics.

The following is excerpted from that code: “The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment… Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor, unless the patient is unconscious or otherwise incapable of consenting, and harm from failure to treat is imminent.”

Many AMA members not only go against their code by pushing for mandatory vaccination laws, they are increasingly taking part in medical kidnapping of children whose parents attempt to exercise their rights to not vaccinate their children, or subject them to the horrors of chemotherapy (poisoning), or, in some cases, simply seek a second medical opinion.132) These parents often get their parental rights taken away permanently.

What Good Is An Ethics Code That Is Routinely Ignored?

Notice that it says, “The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment… unless the patient is unconscious or otherwise incapable of consenting AND harm from failure to treat is imminent,” (rather than, “OR harm from failure to treat is imminent.)

That means that, to follow the code, the only way consent could be overwritten is if the person is unconscious and there is harm that is imminent if a treatment is not made immediately. That's a tall glass of water in terms of specific conditions that must be met in order to preclude the consent portion of the medical code of ethics.

Furthermore, in cases of vaccinations, even if the word used was, 'or', rather than, 'and', it wouldn't make a difference. There is no imminent threat for people who do not get vaccinated. At most, one could argue that maybe, sometime down the proverbial line, an individual might be sick if they are not vaccinated, but that hardly comes close to qualifying as an imminent threat. Vaccinations are given to people who are healthy. They are not treatments for people who are sick, so, by definition, the imminent threat provision is not met.

Yeah But It's For The Children


It's not an invalid point to make the distinction that in some instances parental consent can and even should be overridden. If a child has a broken leg and the parents choose to simply pray that the leg heals itself, almost everyone in the world is going to agree that would be a fair exception to the right of parental consent.

However, when it comes to choices like whether to vaccinate, use chemotherapy or any number of medical options that even doctors often disagree over, that's another story, altogether. No doubt, many people will say that when a strong majority of doctors – let's say, two thirds – would recommend a course of action, then that action should be taken despite parental objections, but that really is not a good policy.

Not even speaking to the fact that such surveys of doctors would be manipulated, taking away parental rights should be a last, emergency resort. (Another last resort example would be if a child didn't get a tracheotomy, without which, she would surely die.) Plus, doctors are notoriously biased in favor of drugs and scalpels. They don't always know what is best for patients, but they definitely do tend to opt for what is best for their medical practices.

Additionally, just because something is popular now, does not mean it is the best medical choice. As time goes on, medicine changes. When we look back on various practices from 100 years ago, we reel in horror and wonder how doctors ever thought they were viable options. That day will come for a lot of contemporary standard of care practices (…and frankly, would have already come for vaccines and traditional cancer treatment if not for the monopoly power structure of the medical industry.)

Another point to consider is that doctors often recommend treatments for their patients that they would not submit to themselves. Gee, thanks a lot, Doc! It's true, though. A survey of doctors showed that most, especially oncologists – which is extremely telling – would not subject themselves or their family members to chemotherapy as an end of life option, for instance; yet that doesn't stop them from browbeating you to try to make your dying mother endure it.133) The only thing doctors would want for themselves is pain medicine (see chart below), but due to training, insurance regulations and hospital policies, they will go to great lengths to persuade you to submit to treatments they would steadfastly refuse. So much for trusting your doctor.


One Last Thing


Please click here134) to view the video by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who is the co-author of the earlier mentioned book Dissolving Illusions. This video alone, should dispel for you, many of the various myths the vaccination/medical industry has succeeded in implanting into the modern paradigm. It's actually the second part of the 4 part series. If you can make the time for all four, it will be well invested, but I really hope you will at least watch part 2.

Here are the other three links. Part 1135) and Part 3136) and Part 4137).

Let's close this puppy out with the opening passage to chapter 1 of Dissolving Illusions (along with a rather undeserving image I found to try to go along with the oh so flowery description of city life in the 1800s) Sadly though, the image is contemporary, from a 3rd world country. Clearly the answer is modern sanitation, hygiene, clean water and nutrition; not more needless, toxic and dangerous vaccines:


…And a last quote from the venerable Dr. Hadwen, describing London, circa 1700s. (And yes, he was being facetious when he referred to vaccinations as, wonderful.)

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AKA conspiracy fucktards
Living in denial really isn't an appropriate description for a lot of impetus in the pro vaxxer movement, because at the top of the hierarchy, they know very well what they are doing. They are consciously taking part in this giant hoax, designed to make the pharmaceutical companies untold billions of dollars, while making people sick and lowering their life expectancy. They are eugenicists and their goal is a drastically reduced global population who will be nothing more than slaves to the “elite” few who will own and control everything and everyone. That's their plan, at least, and they are moving toward it with each passing year.
OK, that's said for effect. The evidence is clear, we don't rest in peace or spin in our caskets when we die. Our consciousness survives, not dependent on our bodies. We spend time in the spiritual realm and then some time later, we reincarnate. I wonder if one of the great anti vaxxers heroes in this day and age, like Dr. Sherri Tenpenny maybe, used to be Hadwen. Heh.
Yes, I know Murdoch doesn't privately own all the assets, as there are many publicly traded companies on his assets lists, but he's CEO, and/or chairman, and effectively controls them and owns much or most of the various shares of the various entities.
Obviously, it's not a good thing that businesses do that shit. It's good for their immediate bottom line, though.
…Which should be illegal to begin with. These are prescription drugs. What are these companies advertising to consumers for? Aren't doctors supposed to prescribe drugs for their patients?
This, despite clinical studies proving that one of the main side effects is violent impulses.
That is so fascinating, because all we hear about is the line about kids who aren't vaccinated are putting everyone else at risk, when it turns out, the kids who are vaccinated are putting kids who aren't vaccinated at risk. If the vaccines were effective, like they claim, the unvaccinated couldn't put the vaccinated at risk. Now get this. Some people faced with this data where the manufacturers are forced to admit that vaccinated individuals can put other at risk, would respond that is all the more reason to require all people to be vaccinated. This is how authoritarian and extreme they are. Mind you, the anti-vaccers are not trying to allow vaccinations. They believe in the freedom of choice. A growing number of the pro-vaccine group are trying to take that choice away, they will use every bit of data they can twist to try to make that happen. Never mind the fact that vaccines have risks and large numbers of people have adverse, often tragic and debilitating reactions. They don't care. If it were up to them, you would not have a choice, because they believe what they believe and they'll be damned if they are going to let facts get in their way.
I say that more in the spirit of being a statement. The evidence is rather clear, there was never a time for them. Keep reading.)
Now that I say that, I'm not sure that's appropriate in that I can't think of a light side to the vaccine industry. To many misinformed supporters, I see an well intentioned earnestness, but not the folks in charge of the vaccine industry. They know exactly what dark bidding they are doing.
One of my favorite insights from the Jane Roberts (Seth) books, is when Seth said that some diseases went away due to the advent of the automobile. People, at their soul level, had been using various diseases as their vehicle to transition from this life to the next, but when cars appeared on the scene, they chose to use their vehicle as their transition vehicle, if you will. In case you are not familiar, Jane Roberts was a medium who channeled the 'personality, energy, essence,' Seth, who would speak on all manner of metaphysical and mundane topics.
Science 4/4/77 “Abstracts”
The good news about cancer is there are hundreds of ways that people are healing themselves from cancer, even though it's being suppressed. Even better, many, if not most of the cancer healing protocols, are also cancer prevention protocols. We can heal cancer without deadly and ineffective chemo and radiation, and we can prevent cancer without any Frankenstein cancer vaccine they might ever concoct. If you want to be stupid and go that route, I won't try to take away your right, but don't step on my right to opt out of such bullshit. Learn more at Cancer Tutor.
That reminds me of how most doctors will recommend chemotherapy for a cancer patient even when they believe that regardless of treatment, the case is an end of life situation, yet in a famous survey, the overwhelming majority said they would not submit themselves to chemo if the roles were reversed.

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