Making a QT Wallet Work in Ubuntu 12.04

This guide is oriented towards people trying to get a Peercoin wallet to work on Ubuntu 12.04. But should work on newer versions as well, I just haven't personally seen it through. If you have any problems, let me know on peercointalk (merockstar) and maybe we can try to sort it out. This process is pretty much the same for any cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin.

There are two ways to make it work on Ubuntu, the easier way, for Peercoin and cryptocurrencies in general, is to use precompiled binaries. Luckily, in Peercoin's case, those exist. They don't for every alt-coin, but you should have no trouble finding them for the major coins.

Once you get this process down, you can install an alt-coin wallet for any alt-coin that offers precompiled linux binaries.

The other way is to compile from source. I got to the point where I got this down after a little effort. But if you just want a QT client, let's go the precompiled route. Compiling is an altogether different, and harder guide.

Step 1) Download the binaries:

The current binaries for Peercoin as of 1/20/2014 are here.

You should always be able to find a link for the newest version at

Step 2) Unzip the file:

The tar.gz file is basically like a zip file in windows. You can open it with Archive Manager, which comes with ubuntu. Firefox should recognize what kind of file it is.

It will contain the folder ppcoin-0.3.0-linux Extract that to your home directory.

NOTE: If some time has passed after the writing of this text, and peercoin is a newer model, you will have to substitute the appropriate information to follow this tutorial.

You end up creating this:


Step 3) What kind of system architecture do you have?

from a command prompt (search for “terminal” in the Ubuntu dash)


If it says x86_64, that means 64 bit, otherwise use 32.

Figure out where you will be running the client from. it will be either:




Whether you choose 32 or 64 in my examples depends on the answer to the question above about system architecture.

Step 4) Does it work, then?

At this point, you can test to make sure the client works by copying the appropriate command into the terminal and hitting enter.


All that's left is to create a launcher in unity.

Step 5) Creating a launcher in Unity

Make the Desktop File

From a terminal:

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/ppcoin.desktop

This gives you a notepad-like window that you can copy text into. Copy this:

[Desktop Entry]
[Desktop Entry]

Hit save.

Go find a pretty looking icon to use for launcher.

Google image search for "Peercoin logo."

Save it directly to $HOME/ppcoin-0.3.0-linux/ppcoin.png

Or save it somewhere else, rename it ppcoin.png and move it to $HOME/ppcoin-0.3.0-linux/

Last step.

Click on “Home Folder” in launcher. On the left hand side of that window, click on “File System.” Then navigate to /usr/share/applications/

Scroll down to the 'P's, where you'll find the file you just created in gedit, called ppcoin.desktop, but nautilus (your file explorer) will recognize it as “Peercoin.” All you have to do is drag it to your launcher to create an icon.

I hope this helps. Input on my writing is always welcome. I am merockstar on both bitcointalk and peercointalk forums.

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