Mach Rider

Released on october 18, 1985 as one of the 18 launch games of the NES.


It is the year 2112, and Earth is invaded by aliens known as Quadrunners. You are Mach Rider, you ride around on your motorcycle to kill quadrunners and find survivors. The whole point of the game is to race through the track, while avoiding or shooting obstacles like oil and barrels, and shooting enemies. This will earn you points, and you want to have as many points as possible at the end of the track. You can also BLOCK an enemy by pushing him into the hazard, this will earn you extra points but will also recover bullets.

The game has a lot of controls compared to other games. You can move left and right with the D-pad. Pressing up on the key pad will increase the gear, while pressing down will decrease it. There is a total of 4 gears on Mach Riders motorcycle. Pressing A will accelerate you, and pressing B will fire bullets.

Game Modes

There are 4 modes in the menu, the first being Fighting Course. This is the main 'story' mode. You ride on a total of 10 tracks, and when you finish all those tracks you move to the next 'sequence'. There is no ending to the game, and thus this will continue untill you quit. When you destroy your bike, you will lose energy. Once all your energy is gone, it is game over.

The second mode is is the Endurance Course, in this mode you have to reach a certain distance within a given time. Destroying your motorcycle will cause you to lose time, but not will show the Game Over screen. There are a lot of obstacles in this course, definitely not the easiest game mode!

Third is the Solo Course, which is basically the endurance course without enemies.

Lastly there is the design course. Here you can create your own track and race on it, similar to the Excitebike design mode!


Dinkleberg's experience

This game is fun, but doesn't only for a couple of tracks. It is very simple and monotonous (which doesn't have to be a downside, look at Excitebike), and gets boring rather fast. The Endurance course is my favorite game mode because it is the most challenging.

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