List of Investment Instruments Available Through Ripple

The Ripple protocol allows pretty much anything to be traded on a peer to peer market, within the digital wallets of Ripple users. At the moment this is primarily used for currency exchange – so that you can convert between different currencies, both fiat and digital, or make payments denominated in currencies which you don't have in your wallet with the help of automatic conversions. But it can also be used for trading company stocks and shares, digitalized commodities and assets, as well as a range of other investment instruments.

The aim of this article is to list all of the investment instruments currently listed for sale within Ripple, with a short description for each one.


NoFiatCoin (XNF): This is a digital currency backed by a mixed precious metals basket including gold and silver. It can be redeemed for physical gold and silver at any time, and can be traded from within Ripple or purchased from a dedicated gateway at XNFTrading. XNF was the first precious metals backed IOU sold within Ripple; it launched in January 2014. Singapore Commodities: Ripple Singapore is an Asian gateway which offers three different investment instruments backed by precious metals. A gold backed asset is available, known by the ticker XAU, as well as a silver backed asset (XAG) and a platinum backed asset (XPT). All three of these are 100% backed by bullion held in independently audited vaults. They can be purchased and redeemed for physical bullion from the gateway website, although substantial minimum requirements apply for this, or can be traded from within your Ripple wallet.


XMM – Ripple Market Making: This fund is run by an individual market maker. The price is adjusted every few days to reflect the fund's performance via standing buy and sell offers placed by the fund operator. This is a limited lifespan fund designed to profit from high spreads available in markets with insufficient liquidity during Ripple's Beta phase.

RippleFox - FMM: FMM is another market making fund, launched more recently than XMM but now well established with good reputation. This fund is run by a Chinese gateway operator called Ripple Fox. The fund is priced in Chinese Yuan (CNY) so that one unit of FMM is always valued at 1 CNY. Ripple's convert feature can be used to purchase the fund's shares using any currency, however you should be careful as markets with low liquidity may give you very bad value on your currency exchange. Dividends are paid daily in XRP to all owners of FMM.

Stocks and Shares

Peercover: The Peercover website initially started as a way to offer crowdfunded insurance for digital wallets and exchange accounts, but has grown to offer a range of financial and investment instruments. Peercover launched their own IPO via Ripple, and its technology can be used by other companies seeking funding as well as investors looking for new opportunities to invest via Ripple.

Interest Bearing IOUs

Coinex: Coinex is a New Zealand based gateway. If you hold New Zealand dollars with this gatway you earn interest, currently set at 1.5% p.a. with a planned increase to 1.75%. Interest is calculated daily, and paid once per month.

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