Fully Unemployed Society

This has been a dream of man since the dawn of civilization. Even the Egyptians had slaves to do their work, so that they could live more comfortable lives. They even considered their Egyptian language (or Ma'at) to be magical, because not only could it put their mindscape into reality, it could get things done through orders and chain of command.


Slavery was the first attempt to “let the machines do the work”, but slaves are PEOPLE, so that doesn't work. I even believe that animals should be liberated and humans should be taught to communicate through body language with animals. Slavery seemed to work for a long time, because social systems allowed it to. Just as society allows industrial slavery today


Industry changed everything, a machine could do the work of 1,000 men. But it started even before that. Feudalism, and cottage industry. There are still examples of this today, but it has mostly died out except among middle class Americans. Cottage industry is where a town agrees to make something for a company, say mittens. So they knit mittens, and at the end of the month the company comes by, buys all the mittens, then sells them for more somewhere else. That is cottage industry. Feudalism is where 1 man owns a piece of land and allows others to live on his land for a price. In the past people would do this in an attempt to make money for themselves (usually floundering under the taxes of a king or government), but now people seem satisfied to do it for no profit, and example being: Home Owners Associations

When machines started being built though, even cottage industry and feudalism were wiped out. Whoever owned the land could demolish the cottages or farms, build one giant factory or plantation, and pay one 'industrial slave' (and usually his family) to run the machines, and earn the money. So textile mills, companies like Dole, steel mills, railroads and everything popped up.

But this was still not a means to “let the machines do the work”, even though it was an attempt. There are still people in the middle struggling for income. It even got so bad they had “industry towns”, which were just over crowded ghettos where the employers forced their employees to live. They got paid money that could only be spent at shops on company property, and most of their checks went straight back to their employers for rent. We haven't gotten very far away from that, and that was less than 200 years ago.

Slave to the Dollar

Now we aren't forced to live in industry towns, and work in steel mills. But the average Wal Mart emplpoyee still qualifies for welfare, and we don't blame Wal Mart for the excess of welfare recipients. And, most people don't like their jobs and would rather not work them, but they don't leave because of the almighty dollar

In the 1960s groups like YIP or the Youth International Party supported the idea of a fully unemployed society.

The Solution


Mine COINS. Let the machines do the work. True, you have to get funding, but there are websites where you can ask for funding, and you can try to do something to earn coins to fund your mining.

But this is FINALLY the solution, our society has discovered how to “let the machines do the work”. Mine coin, support the coin economy when you have excess money. And everyone can live happily, with a means of income brought to them basically for free.

EVERY other time one of these revolutions has taken place in any society, someone gets left behind or put in a lower class, or considered the machines…

This time NO ONE should be left behind. Don't be greedy, help save the world.

Machines already produce most of our stuff. Cars, other machines, toys, money. Machines could do all that work still, we just need a few inventions in between the humans at the factories and the machines that already exist. If we work towards a fully unemployed society, eventually the only jobs left are: Mechanic, Inventor and Specialized jobs.


1. Everyone would have a machine that they repaired, or checked on. (even through a webcam as long as it's working)

2. Some people invent new machines, and new things for people to do.

3. Some jobs will still be necessary, until a machine is invented for them. Ex: Brain surgeon.


Everyone could make a pretty good extra income right now, and we could solve a lot of poverty, hunger, education and child care issues simply by WORKING TOWARDS and unemployed society, I understand that it will not actually be fully unemployed for a long time.

We could basically become a society of businessmen (traders) and inventors, that have knowledge of mechanics and engineering. Like America started out as.

The goal isn't to mine and sit on your ass for the rest of your life while the machines do more mining to make you money to live on.

The idea is to mine, then make money, then use that money to put real life applications into place. Invention is the only one that I have mentioned, but there are plenty of other ways to start your own company, or publish your own book/magazine, start your own website, make your own movie, run a political campaign, start a charity.

Make the world a better place by mining.

Ex: Police are meant to be a TRANSPARENT part of society, meaning: As long as you are not an outlaw, you should not see police officers on a regular basis, yet they prey upon the regular citizens like tigers hiding in the brush. (giving tickets)


These “guardian citizens” are awarded with free:

  • Cruisers
  • Computers
  • Guns
  • Headquarters
  • Printing Equipement
  • and much more, at our expense and to prey upon us with

Then when they arrest us, they can put us in the inmate worker program.

Why are NONE of these things provide for us. Why is there no library for cars?

If we provided for each other, instead of going through the middle man (government/taxes). WE WOULDN'T BE PEASANTS ANYMORE.

“Full unemployment” is a work in progress, of course it can not work in todays society. We have to work towards it.


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Q: “What about the people who provide food and shelter? You are saying they shouldn't be paid? That they have to work for nothing?”

A: “Maybe they should just mine, and make those free houses into mining pools.”

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Q: “I don't think you understand what 'free' means.”

A: “It means you pay for the electricity, you mine the coins, but you give some shit away for free.”

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