Lennie From Of Mice And Men

The character that I am analyzing is Lennie. Throughout the story you notice that Lennie doesn’t have much change in characteristics, personality, or strengths. Lennie is thickheaded and very childish. He is always forgetting what he is being told and is makes it a struggle for Lennie and George to get jobs sometimes because his mindless and simple responses make him seem idiotic and not hirable. Lennie doesn’t know much so he could survive by himself and is very dependent.

Although Lennie has the weakness of being not as wise as others he has other great strengths, literally. You shouldn’t be deceived by his last name being “Small” because Lennie is a very large man who is very strong. In the story it says that Lennie has the ability to carry things that are up to 400 pounds! He is a very strong person and is very useful for George. Having Lennie by George’s side is really important because he needs him to get the jobs because everyone is going to want to hire someone if they are that strong.

Lennie is a very important character in this story and really gets the viewer to favor. Lennie is defenseless and doesn’t mean any harm to anyone. He is really sweet and is always chasing his dream to be able to work the bunnies on a farm. He has been chasing this dream and would love to be able to complete this. Lennie sometimes has a very unusual hobby of liking to always pet things.

In the story you can see that he is always keeping a dead mice or a puppy or something to comfort with but he always ends up killing them. That’s what happened with the one lady that Lennie accidentally snapped her neck. He would never mean to do something like this but his strengths are too much for him to handle and he ends up breaking or killing things. The personality that Lennie has is being very sensitive, childish, moody, defenseless, and kindhearted. He is very willing and kind to everyone in the story and never does anything to upset anyone.

He plays a big part in the story because his sweet personality makes the character like Lennie more and to feel the emotions he feels throughout the story. Allowing the reader/viewer to connect with Lennie more makes the ending where he is killed much more emotional and powerful to understand what happens.

Book Review | Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. New York: Penguin, 1993. Print.

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