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22 lbs. Off And 40 Plus Successes

I took a mind technique seminar and have been seriously practicing all the techniques learned. The results have just been overwhelming and unbelievable. There is great power in those simple techniques! For a start, I lost 22 pounds without even dieting! For a long while my family members and friends have urged me to trim down. But the word “diet” is just not known to me. In fact I enjoy “eating” and it has also been my “therapy”. Although to satisfy these loved ones, I did enroll in expensive slimming salons but to no avail. But after the mind method experience I've come to feel so good about myself and that without really trying physically, I've slimmed down tremendously. And to think I still eat the same foods!

My mother who used to insult by describing me as “her sister” and a “mother to my husband” now tells me that I to truly look younger and prettier. Many others have teased me about the new look, too!

The other success involved programming for a seat in a flight as a chance passenger. If I didn't get it, who knows it could have serious consequences in my marital relations!

On a scheduled trip to Manila, my husband and I were on separate flights, an hour apart. After checking in, we had breakfast and bumped into his childhood sweetheart who is still single. She was to take the same flight as him. When I saw his face lighting up upon seeing her, I instinctively stood up and approached the waitlisted passengers counter if I could be accommodated in the earlier flight. My number was 42. But then a chance passenger holding #35 changed his mind and surrendered his number. I was given that instead.

When I informed my husband what I did, he laughed off my move and added, “Don't tell me you are going to close your eyes and do your programming here. Please don't!“ He was afraid to be embarrassed by what I would do. I still did my programming but with eyes open and head bowed as if looking at the plate. I recalled the speaker saying that if I had at least 40 successes I would have a powerful point of reference (and I certainly have!) and could program with eyes opened. I stated the reasons for achieving the result of this particular project. Fifteen minutes before the flight departure, the airline announced that it was accommodating the waitlisted passengers till #35! My husband took my 2D scat and gave me his 8E window seat. When I boarded, guess what? The childhood sweetheart was right beside me!

I have conscientiously leveled at least 2 times a day. And everything has worked positively and in fact I have learned to trust the Universe to deliver my outcomes at its own time which I must admit is indeed for my betterment.

My friends who have noticed the remarkable changes in me have indicated the interest to attend the training, too. But they think the tuition is high. In my mind I feel sorry for them because they do not know what they are missing. There is a corresponding price to every quality thing! Considering the incredible returns one gets through mind technique methods, the investment is peanuts. It's worth it and much, much more!

How Is Mind Techniques Better And Better?

People are asking how mind technique methods differ from other life seminars. Let us accentuate on the distinct advantages and unparalleled benefits of mind technique program as follows: mind technique methods are probably the only hands-on training course on dynamic meditation. Mind technique methods has provided continuing services of almost 30 years, available in some 100 countries and translated in 29 languages and has benefited millions of people.

It offers an unparalleled lifetime repeat/review privilege world-wide as well as a satisfaction or money-back guarantee. It has consistent “after-seminar” support system such as monthly guides, monthly graduate updates in major cities in Metro Manila and free consultations with experts to fine tune practice.

It is committed to helping you help yourself - to become a better and better person with the use of your mind only - using no objects, no rituals, no gurus invoking no religion (though not against any), making no misrepresentations, imposing no rigid adherence to dictated norms. It's practical, down-to-earth, and definitely results-oriented. Successes of the mind technique graduate-practitioners have been “documented”. It is not just a course on healing, prosperity, ESP, self-confidence, right-brained thinking…it is a total development of man's potentials to help him evolve from being a mere physical sensory being to a multi-sensory being relevant to the 21st century functioning! The objective is to humanize humanity for world peace!

Positive Feedback

You give me an insight into Mind Control for two very interesting and stimulating weekends.

I've been intimately connected with the teaching profession for most of my life even when I was in the commercial world, my girlfriend was a teacher! - so it is with wide experience and some thought that I have to state that you are the best teacher whom I have met. I just don't know anyone else who could hold the attention of a class all day as you did - or even one who would try. Of course some of us slipped below the alpha-level a couple of times, but that was just going a bit too deep.

What particularly impressed me was that, with an exception that I will come to later, you never sounded bored with the repetition although you must have taught the basic course dozens of times by now. I used to have to repeat my skills classes five times each, and I know that, by fifth, I was feeling, and sounding bored with it. I sometimes couldn't remember whether I'd said something this week or last week!

But you always managed to sound bright and fresh and enthusiastic - except when you were reading the formulas towards the end of each exercise. Then you read too fast to follow word for word and gave no opportunity to “repeat after me”. I couldn't keep up while saying it with you, let alone after. That's my only criticism. Your OHP (overhead projection) technique was first class; too. If you should even decide to change and teach teachers how to teach, please use me as a reference with your job application. Robert John Sims

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