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This is a guide for beginners on the popular game for iOS, and Android, Kingdoms of Camelot.


Picture above is the Halloween special art that was introduced in the 15.2.0 update released on october 17, 2013.


Kingdoms of camelot is a popular game on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. it was released in 2009 as a strategy game by the company Kabam. Kingdoms Of Camelot is a strategy game much like others on the App Store, with the primary purpose to build up ones kingdom, steal resources, unlock different troops, create the most might, and to create and join into powerful alliances. Kingdoms Of Camelot is a “free to play” type game with the exception of the premium currency, gems, being able to be purchased using real money through “In-App purchases.” Kingdoms Of Camelot is available to play through Google Play, Facebook and iOS and Android devices.



During gameplay, you can build your kingdom, attack other players, train troops, or upgrade buildings. Your kingdom consists of a castle, storehouse, a wall, mines, farms, quarries, and army related buildings such as barracks, alchemy lab, and blacksmith. The most powerful player has the most might, or strength in the game. Might is earned by creating troops and creating wall defenses to defend your kingdom. Attacking a player causes you to loose some might and them to loose might. The amount of might lost depends on the troops that fought and who won the battle. During an attack you send out different troops to an enemy kingdom and they battle. By winning the battle you steal different amounts of commodities from their kingdom.



Each building has its own unique purpose in helping you in the game.The Alchemy Lab is where you perform research to upgrade troops. Upgradings to your Alchemy Lab allows your alchemists to research new and better technology. Alchemy research applies to all of your cities wether or not you have a lab in that city. The barracks are where you train troops and upgrading them gives you higher leveled troops. The more barracks you have in a city the quicker it will take for troops to train.The Blacksmith creates all the metal weapons and armor for your different troops. A higher level Blacksmith is needed for more advanced weaponry and armer to train advanced troops. The Castle is the key building in your city. You can view your Production rates of mines and quarries, view and change Tax Rates of your people to earn more gold. Cottages are a place for the population of your city to live and the more you have the more population you will have in that select city. The embassy allows you to create and join into alliances. It also allows you to have reinforcing armies from alliance members. The Knights' Hall is where you hire new Knights, assign or un-assign specific roles of your Knights, and raise your Knights' skills. The knights hall needs to be upgraded to allow a knights level to increase. The rally point allows troops to go attack other players, make supply runs, or go and reinforce another player or yourself. The Relief Station helps your troops' Speed when you're moving between your own and allies' kingdoms. Stables are necessary for Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry, as well as all siege weapons (supply wagons, ballista, battering rams, and catapults). The storehouse protects a certain amount of resources from being stolen in attacks. The wall allows you to train defenses for your city. A watch tower will give you warning of impending attack. The higher the level of your watch tower, the more specific information you will receive on scout missions. The workshop is necessary to build siege weapons, such as Ballistae, Trebuchets, and Catapults. It also increases the training speed of them. Typically the more of a specific building you have the better the service the buildings provide will be; Example: Cottages, The more you have the more population your city will have.


Joining into alliances allows you to receive supplies and reinforcements. Alliances can set other alliances friendly or hostile. Alliance rating is based on how much might all of the alliance members have combined. Joining alliances is helpful because people such as farmers will be less likely to attck you if you are in a powerful alliance.



Attacking other players is a big part in the game. There are two main reasons many players attack, farming, and attacking as part of a war. When you are attacked if you loose, as seen in the picture below, you will lose resources and troops.



Farming is when a player will attack people to get resources. Farmers will usually look for low level players or inactive players. The farmer will usually send wagons to take whatever resources these players have and will attack a few times a day, hitting the same people.


Wars are always starting in global chat, one member of a alliance may get into a fight with another member of a different alliance. The two alliances will set each other hostile and send troops to the enemy kingdoms. The difference between War and farming is that the farmers do not want to loose might while the war fighters do not mind loosing might and just want to cause their enemy to loose might.


In your castle you can choose to have your troops defend or to hide your troops. When your troops are hidden they do not fight attackers, causing the attacker to easily steal your resources. When they are defending they will fight the attackers army and if the defender wins, the attacker does not take any resources. By hiding your troops, they will not fight or die in an enemy attack.


There is a scoreboard in the game showing the person with the most might, most might gained, and most troops killed. The scoreboard is updated every twenty four hours. The scoreboard shows the top players and has every player ranked. In the scoreboard you can view the players might, alliance, and username. You can also send mail to the players by hitting on their name and clicking the “mail” button.


The person with the most might will show up here. This means their army is the strongest. Typically people with a lot of might do not want to loose it and will not attack. People on this list are usually considered “Might Huggers”

Might Gained

The people showing up here trained the most might. They usually do not currently ave the most might and they usually are big on attacking, and are not afraid to loose might.

Troops Killed

This list shows the most numbers of troops killed, These people are always big on attacking and usually take a lot of pride on being on this list. These people are usually on featured on the might gained list as well.

Chat and Mail

In the game there is the option to talk to other players. Although you can not disable these options you can block users simply by clicking on their name and clicking the “ignore” button.


includes global, with every user in the game, and alliance chat, only showing messages from the members of the alliance you are in. You can whisper to a player by clicking on their username and hitting the “whisper” button.


In the game there is a mail system similar to email. You can write messages to other players and send it to them. Kabam, the company that created the game, also sends messages through mail. These messages are different sales in the market and different changes in the game. If you are attacked, promoted, accepted, or removed from an alliance it will show up in mail. Also if you win an attack it will appear as a message in mail.


In the game there is a market to spend the premium currency, gems. The market has many things that enhance gameplay, such as resource boosters, extra troops, and chests containing items to help your kingdom.


Troops are your army, they attack and defend for you. Troops give you might, strength in the game. By training more troops, your upkeep will raise causing your food to go down. One thing many players do is once they get a second, third, or forth kingdom they will move all their troops into one specific kingdom, that way they do not have upkeep in the other kingdoms. There is three tiers of troops. tier one consists of militia men, light calvary and supply troops. Tier two consists of calvary, supply carts, and swordsmen. Tier three consists of heavy calvary, catapults, and balastae.


A swordsman, tier two troop, above.

Defensive Troops

These troops are only for defending, they can be trained in the wall and provide a lot of might. Most players do not train much of these troops because they are relatively expensive and are easy to wipe out. They are usually only trained for kingdoms holding millions of resources at a time. Many players will eagerly hit other players kingdoms if they know a wall is present, so that they can get ore troops for their troops killed score. Like troops used in attacking, wall troops also have three tiers.


Above, a tier two wall defense, Defensive Trebuchet

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