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Chapter One

Kilso's eyes deep and wide,
Their modesty stripped aside.
We followed them over the hills,
The little caddies full of chills..

Our necks cut and eyes wide,
Kilso brought out the hide.
The little capes stood so still,
The cupboards ran up the hill.

There was now ten of us on the hill..
The eleventh guy died at will.
His life was cut short,
But atlas -

I think the tenth guy is gone again.
Lugert fell off the roof,
And I think he hit a hoof.
Lugert's brother Robert is dead.

Now there's nine of us left on the hill.
The chills of the caddies have grown still.
I think it's because of Lyle,
Who stuck his face on one little side..
And now he looks blue under the sun.

We hold them by Kilso's bed,
The led of Kilso's sword..
Pierces them through the head.
We set them on our horses till they bleed out..
Now they're food for the caddy's daddies.
We won't see Lyle on the hill.

Eight of us stand tall and firm..
Hopefully we're not dumb.
But Danikiel has gone missing -
He fell on a nail,
And rolled by a snail,
Drinking water from our pales.

So now we drink Danikiel's blood from the pales -
Well everybody except Undigad,
Since his stomach bled.
And he had nothing left but a head.

Four deaths from the hill - 
Seven of us have the chills.
We sleep tightly in our beds,
Awaiting damnation for the rest.

Relz woke up dead as night,
He couldn't even hold up a fight.
The light poured onto his soul,
But his tongue held a scream sort of like a yowl.

Three of us left on the hill -
Kilso includes one of the last to live.
But then again Filitz is left,
There's no time left to stay..
We get on our horses..

And speed away.
The hill is gone now,
Silently slaying others,
Oh we pray.
But we stay hushed -
Because Kilso has given us orders.


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