I want to do a review for the movie Juice, just because it was a bad ass movie. But I don't want to give away what happened in the movie, because I'm writing this review like 20 years too late, so it's really just for people who haven't seen it, or maybe haven't even heard of it.

Everyone watches so they can see Tupac, but you should watch it just so you can see a good movie. It starts off like Friday, just a group of kids skipping school and chillin. But about 20-30 minutes into the movie it goes from Friday, to Friday the 13th. It's like a horror movie for the hood. It's about a “monster”, in the form of a “thug”, that kills everyone close to him. His goal is to gain back the respect that his father had lost, being a prison bitch. Hence the title “Juice”, which is mentioned throughout the entire movie. He feels if he has more “Juice” than everyone else, he can earn that respect back. And in the end, a little boy says to the only main character who survived “You got the juice now.” or something along those lines, and the guy gives the kid a look like, “You STUPID Motherfucker. All my friends are dead.”

The movie was made like 20 years ago, so some stuff is stupid. Like at the end someone falls off a building, into random darkness. There's no real “Death Scene” at the last climax of the movie. But it's still an awesome movie, with awesome characters, played by awesome people. And you can tell they were going for like a “horror in the hood” type tone, which doesn't come along often, and when it does it usually ends up being not so serious. Now adays some REGULAR horror movies can't even get a serious horror tone across. I laughed through the whole movie “The Haunting in Connecticut” and me and the girl I was with were both on mushrooms, neither of us felt any “intensity” from that. But Juice is good, it's just like “OH SHIT!!!” Then like “OH SHIT!!!” Again, then like “That fucker.” Then like “Aww he killed the sad one” Then like “Yay!” Then like “Don't do it!!!” Then like “OH SHIT!!!” Then like “Damn… that was a good movie”

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