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Joomla is an open source Content Management System used for organising, structuring and presenting websites on the internet.


Currently at version 3.2, Joomla core installation is free to download along with additional components, some templates and plugins.

In addition to the core development team, Joomla development is now being widely supported by larger corporate entities including Ebay, Barnes and Noble and Ikea, a number of governments and worldwide community groups. This should ensure the ongoing professional development and support for what is essentially a free community resource.

Many plugins, components and additional tools are also produced commercially or with an additional commercial license to access support, making Joomla a popular option for many website builders, ecommerce sites and community organisations. Using PHP as a framework for organising information, Joomla provides a complete, out of the packet website that can be personalised and deployed quickly.


The Joomla core files are easy to download and install on most servers and the basic core includes enough functions to create a comprehensive website. With the addition of components specific to the website’s purpose, Joomla can be modified and adapted to suit many businesses managing their website in house with basic training and support.

The core is well documented and while many of the additional free plugins and components available come with little or no support, most do offer additional commercial licenses.


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