The Italians are a civilisation of the Galactic Milieu, known to have existed on the planet known as E29 up until at least 1626, inasmuch as they still existed during at least some of the events chronicled in Mutiny in 1626. At that time however, the Egyptians had confined them to their last unconquered city on that planet.

What exactly happened between then and their later presence on the planet known as B5 has not yet been made clear.

Speculation is rife, however, as many people see what they believe might be clues in the campaigns Martian Invasion 1594, Mystery in 1596 and Mutiny in 1626, others seem to think they have encountered clues in the planetary capital of a galactic diplomacy planet by using the CrossCiv server to access such a planet, and yet others, putting all of these clues together, claim to have achieved deeper insight than one lacking all these clues might achieve.

With the recent discovery of the relative ease of wine-making in CoffeeMUD settings such as in initial playtests conducted using MUDgaard, speculation has begun as to whether the Italians, who seem to be assumed or presumed to have long standing traditions of winemaking, can be expected to show an interest in such settings. At a deeper level, some pondering is going on as to how any particular skill the Italians might have as vintners might be reflected in such settings; can they somehow “transplant” some such expertise into that setting? Or will they have to develop artisan characters of high level just as any other players can do, effectively finding the wine industry playing field flattened at least wherever exports from CoffeeMUD based settings can reach?


Italian characters include Francesca, Luigi and Medici.

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