Database Security

Project: Database security, Data Warehousing and Data Mining. Objective: Fact sheet on Database Security, Data Warehousing and Data Mining.

Flat file databases – Flat file databases have seen to have a problem. When investigating, it was found out that security could be compromised due to all the data being accessible to users who are able to access the file. Due toajhdkghf jlkjkl.

Relational Databases – These were found to be an alternative and better way of keeping the security that of flat files. User account levels can be given with these databases. We can store data separately and give users passwords to certain hierarchies to the database for the required job. This means that users will be restricted. If we use this, it would stop Artificial intelligence from accessing Earths valuable documents.

Data Warehousing


A huge database specifically structured for information access and reporting.

What’s needed

Large numbers of servers and storage devices are needed for a data warehouse for a large organisation.

Its uses

A data warehouse is used to store all an organisation’s historical data and is used by management information systems to extract information to aid decision making.


Database of store loyalty card customer purchases

How Data Warehouse is used

To Find out the day of the week on which a particular store sold the greatest number of a certain product in 2006. How employee absence due to sickness varied over the last year between Newcastle branch and the Manchester branch.  

Data Mining

What happens

Once data has been stored in a data warehouse it then needs to be ‘mined’.

What can be gathered from ‘mining’ the data

Patterns in the data Associations in the data (e.g. people who read the Times are more likely to drink red wine) Trend over time (e.g. a person is buying more healthy food and is drinking less alcohol).

Uses of Data Mining

Helping in the fight against terrorism – since 9/11 the US government has been analysing people’s travel, spending and communications habits using data mining, to spot patterns of abnormal behaviour Fighting shoplifting in clothes retailer Jaeger – using data mining with information about transactions and position of the clothes in the store, they found that most of the clothes stolen were situated near doors despite them being tagged Identification of customer needs – Virgin media, who supply broadband, TV & phone packages, use data mining to segment and target customers most likely to buy new services or upgrade those services they already have

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