Isaac Newton

We know of Isaac Newton today as a revolutionary physicist and mathematician. But the private life of Isaac Newton is also another discovery revealed. Born in Christmas, 1642, his father died shortly after and his mother left him afterward. He was not the one who would have many friends or a relationship. This also left him often lonely but with a lot to do. Being influenced in mathematics, physics and light, he studied the mechanics of earth and everything around him.

What began one of the world’s most famous math, Calculus was nonexistent before Newton’s middle life. He didn’t find mathematics at that time fit for him, so he created his own. Calculus he called it. This was just one invention of many that he did. The telescope during that time could be made monstrous, unportable and most likely expensive. Isaac Newton discovered that a piece of mirror could allow the lens to become magnified than it usually is. The invention of the reflection telescope allowed you to build it smaller and at the same time more powerful.

His discoveries and studies are part of the reason why we have modern day technology. Newton was fascinated with light, and we all know that rainbows are made using a prism from white light. Isaac proved that white light is made up of many colors and that white light in which was believed to be the purest light by god, is actually just a ‘mutt’. When Isaac was rising up in his studies, a physicist named Robert Hooke started questioning him. This wasn’t because Newton had faults, but Hooke himself still wanted the popularity and fame that was given to him from his studies. Being denied by this higher up, Newton was encouraged to show everything he’s got. After 2 years of collecting all of his theories, experiment and studies, he made the three most basic rules of physics.

Of course, Isaac Newton was given a high position as a physicist, but Hooke still protested. While explaining gravity, Newton invented the basic laws of gravitation in which Hooke later claimed that he stole his studies and published it for himself. After careful examination, Newton was proved to be the original researcher and Hooke’s fame and popularity plummeted. Isaac Newton at some point during his 50’s had a nervous breakdown, and the fact that he lost his only friend may the cause. In his 80s was described as a ‘lonely old man’, and died at age 84 as one of the world’s most influential scientists.


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