Is The iPad Really Worth It's Price Tag

You have all heard of them, the super fast, super thin tablet that provides so much. From video chats to playing games, the iPad is really an amazing machine. Able to take videos, pictures and surf the web all while staying in a light-weight body, iPads are among the top of their line of the new computers called the tablet. Starting from $400 and going up all the way to into the thousands iPad's do have a quite a pricy tag. So what really makes the iPad so unique and worth the money? Or is the iPad just a expensive version of the cheaper, still powerful Nook HD and Amazon's Kindle Fire. I have always been the Apple guy. I really enjoy seeing what they come up with next and I love my iPad. But after a visit to a local Book shop I am rethinking the whole iPad. I walked into the shop and say their tablets. One that caught my eye was the Nook HD. I have never owned a Nook, but from looking at it it seemed just like a iPad. It offered games and could surf the web just as great as my iPad at a fraction of the price! As I was driving home that day I was thinking if the iPad is really worth the price and I cam to the conclusion that it really depends on what you really like. The iPad may have the cool metal back and the nicer app store, but the not as popular tablets can do the same thing at very cheaper prices. Personally I prefer the iPad more because i have a Apple T.V. and it is easy to sync with the T.V. but I think if I was just using it for a school computer or a extra web surfer for around the house it would be nice to get the Nook, or Kindle. I believe you do get more for your money by getting the smaller time tablets and that you should not just always go with the 'cooler' or more expensive one. Always look into the specs and think what you will use your tablet for. I hope this helped you in making your decision about your tablet. As always thanks for reading.

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