International Common Law Court Decrees Pope Benedict Queen Elizabeth Guilty Of Crimes Against Humanity

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


Welcome to life on earth in the 21st century where there are two versions of reality. One version of reality is shown to us on the TV. The other one is how things really are. The two are nothing alike.1)


People choose which version they believe is real. The people who choose the TV version are basically going through their lives, asleep at the wheel. Those who reject the TV version, have names for the people who accept the TV version. Sheep, sheeple, pajama people, sleepers and sleeper walkers are among those names.

The people who accept the TV version, as you may imagine, also have names for the people who do not accept it. Some of those names are, delusional, paranoid, tin foil hatters, idiots, pathetic, pathetic idiots, pathetic paranoid tin foil hat wearing delusional idiots, and the always popular, shit for brains.


I should point out that there is some amount of vacillation – (or should I say, bilocation?) – insomuch as some people who accept the TV version of reality on some things, do not accept it on other things. Straddling the worlds, they find themselves in the ironic position of both, calling other people, shit for brains, and being called, shit for brains by other people.

Generally speaking though, once a person makes an initial breakthrough on a major area where the TV version and the actual version of a story are at odds, it indicates they are on their way to being able to see life in general as it really is, as opposed to the TV version of how things are supposed to be. The single greatest litmus test for deciphering which version of reality an individual is choosing to accept, is probably 911.


People who don't accept the official story and who are calling for a real investigation to those events are people who, for the most part, do not accept the televised version of reality. People who accept the TV version of reality choose to believe that the only three steel frame buildings to ever come down due to fire or airplanes, happened all in the same day, including one that was not hit by a plane and had only small fires – simply because that is what they were told on the TV.

Arguably, the second greatest litmus test pertains to how people view the medical industry. If they trust doctors to have the best information on how to get back to health when they are sick, especially when dealing with diseases like cancer, then they are people who have chosen to accept the TV version of reality.


If they know someone who rejects traditional cancer treatments of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, they find it hard to believe the person could be so, “reckless” with their life. If the person succumbs to the disease, they are likely to blame the alternative approach the person chose to deal with it. At the same time, they place zero blame on traditional medicine for the seven million cancer patients who die each year while receiving, “standard of care,” treatment, in the United States, alone, even though the overwhelming majority actually don't succumb to cancer, but they die from effects of their standard of care cancer treatment.2) 3) 4) 5)

These people are incapable of accepting data which shows that the toxicity of cancer treatments, as well the lack of nutrition brought on by the effects of the toxic treatments and their doctor's virtually unforgivable negligence in not prescribing proper nutrition, bring about a quicker death with less quality of life in the interim, than simply not treating the cancer at all (while administering drugs for pain, as needed.)6)

As stated, many people are in both worlds. It's a process to get out of the televised version of reality completely. For example, there are many people who reject the notion that Western medicine has the best answers for being healthy, yet they refuse to believe that the government could be complicit in any way for 911.

There are others who believe 911 was either an inside job, or at least allowed to happen, but they choose to subject themselves or their children to the same ineffective, bankrupting and painful, slash, burn, poison style of cancer treatment championed by the medical industry for the past 100 years.

Generally speaking though, if an individual rejects the TV version of either of these two litmus tests, they will, if given enough time and data, come around to reject the other, as well as many other televised events and notions. Indeed, the rejection of either one of these, “television programs,” (911 and Western medicine) is a strong indicator of independent thinking.

The producers of the televised version are quite crafty in their effort to keep the masses believing in their programming. They produce a lot of their programming along of the lines of the age old, divide and conquer strategy.

A perfect example can be found in partisan politics. As long as they can play up the competitive aspects to political parties so that the viewers will identify with a particular party, they can continue to present a false version of reality. Most people who have rejected the TV version of reality, have moved beyond strongly believing in or identifying with a political party. They are able to see the problems and hypocrisy in all parties.

So... What About This Common Law Court Decision?


Individuals who are, more or less, fully entrenched in the TV version of life may hear something about an international common law court – that has no governmental or police powers putting people like the queen of England or the pope, on trial, in absentia, for the most heinous crimes imaginable, the torture and murder of babies and children – and quickly dismiss it, out of hand.

No doubt, they use at least one of their names reserved for individuals who reject televised programming. “Delusional, those people are delusional,” is a typical reaction one of those individuals would say when such news makes it into their world, (which you can safely presume was not via the TV.)

The fact is, it does not take much in the way of research at all to learn that the history of humankind is replete with human sacrifice, condoned by the church/state, when they were one in the same; and then by the church and state, when they allegedly became separate.

The most prized human sacrifice rituals are those of children and infants. They still go on to this day, in many different countries around the world. In fact, they are probably more prevalent in this day and age than at any time in our history. These ritual child killing networks are a vital part of the secret global shadow government that is in control, to a large extent, of the international power structure.

A number of groups are involved, including numerous intelligence agencies, militaries, police departments, judicial systems, the Vatican, the British Crown & other European so-called nobility, Freemasons and other secret or secretive organizations. (No one is taking a leap of logic, by the way, saying that every member of these groups is in on it.)

How Can You Be Sure This Stuff Is Real?

If you are wondering how can you know this isn't just a lot of BS, you obviously have not looked into it, at all. All that is required is the ability to type search terms in your favorite search engine and then to read and discern data with an open mind.

But Anyone Can Write Anything On The Internet

The people who view life through the TV filter, oftentimes show an illogical distrust of all information on the Web. Not only do they tend to believe anything and everything they see on TV, but they automatically don't believe a thing that is on the Internet if they did not first become aware of it on the television.

While it is obviously true that anybody can write anything online, and a lot of wrong information is certainly to be had there, the truth is, the Internet is one of the only sources of accurate information, due to its decentralized nature.

The people who are responsible for the child killing, are the people who control the media and governments. They make sure that this kind of information is swept under the proverbial rug.

This Is How Controlled The Media Is


Do you know the name, John Hinkley? He's the dude that shot President Reagan as he was leaving the Washington Hilton hotel getting ready to enter the Presidential limousine. The next day, a newspaper in Houston ran a story they picked up from the AP (Associated Press) wire service.

It told of a connection between the Hinkley family and the Bush family. George Bush senior was the Vice President at the time. John's father was a large contributor to Bush's Presidential campaign, when he ran against Reagan in the primaries. While most commentators said Reagan was politically astute as well as gracious to pick his opponent, the former head of the CIA as his VP, others have said he was forced by the powers that be.

Jaw Dropping Bombshell

It was incredible news that the person who tried to kill the President was the son of one of the Vice President's largest contributors in his failed bid to win the White House, who had then made his way to being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. There is no doubt, that in a free country, this would be front page news for every serious newspaper, and would be the lead story for numerous nights on the network nightly news.

Everyone would be discussing it at work, school, church and everywhere else. Yet, that's not all there was to the story. The assassination attempt was the cause for a dinner party to be canceled. John Hinkley's brother had been invited to dinner for that very night, to the home of one of the Vice President's sons, (Neil Bush.)

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

The AP article was complete with confirmation and multiple quotes from Sharon Bush, Neil's wife, at the time. She said that although they knew that John Hinkley Sr. was a big supporter of Bush's failed campaign, they had not invited Scott Hinkley for dinner that night, per se. The invitation was for a girlfriend of hers, who just so happened to say she was bringing Scott Hinkley as her date.

Here's the thing: Even if there was no foul play on the part of the Vice President or anyone in his orbit who would have liked to see him in the White House; and even if the Bush and Hinkley family connection had nothing to do with why John was allowed to get so close to the President; and even if the dinner party with Neil & Sharon Bush and John's brother, scheduled for that very night, was indeed, an incredible coincidence, – and no one has to tell this writer that amazing coincidences happen – the fact remains, in a nation that has a free press, this story would be absolutely saturated, not only on the news shows, but it would be all over tabloid TV for days on end, (if not weeks.)7) The fact that it was quashed so thoroughly, and so quickly, proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the mainstream media is under the direct control of governmental (actually, supra governmental) powers.

Clinton's Monica Was News But Bush's Gannon Not So Much


To demonstrate further how top down controlled the media is, consider the mind boggling difference between the manner in which they handled what looked like sexual improprieties on the parts of Clinton, and later, Bush Jr.

When red flags arose suspicions regarding Clinton, he was asked and asked and asked about the possibility of a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He denied, denied, denied. The media was relentless, though, as well as the opposition.

There were plenty of issues to impeach Clinton on, as there are with every president for generations now, but the Republicans shared in the malfeasance of all the impeachment possibilities, except for one; his personal life. So that's the one they attacked him on, with the help of the loyal media, ultimately leading to Clinton lying in a deposition about another personal impropriety.

It led to Clinton being the second president to undergo an impeachment trial. The media and the Republicans worked a great tag team to make this happen. However, when his successor, GW Bush, had red flags come up implicating him in a homosexual affair, neither the Democrats or the media hounded Bush. No media person ever once asked Bush if he had sex with the male hooker who made dozens of late night visits, and with whom Bush had been photographed embracing, caressing and kissing (as in the photos, above.)

This male prostitute was given admission to Bush's White House more than 200 times. He was allowed to play the part of a journalist 155 times by being in White House press briefings. There were dozens of other times, including many late night visits, where his reason for being there had nothing to do press briefings, and possibly everything to do with his male escort business which he freely promoted on websites he owned.

For some reason, the media were all over the possible affair it looked like Bill Clinton was having with an intern, but nobody seemed to think that a gay prostitute being checked into the White House by the secret service, for late night visits, in which they often never bothered to register his departure time, was even one bit newsworthy.

Since no investigation was ever done, we don't know if Bush or someone else in the White House was having sex with Gannon, but it's certainly newsworthy, for the same reason the Monica affair was newsworthy.

Politicians doing things they don't want exposed, leave them open to blackmail and extortion. As much as Clinton wanted to keep the Monica affair quiet, one can only imagine how much more Bush would have wanted to keep secret the fact that he was paying for gay sex, (if indeed what looks like what happened, actually did happen.)

Gannon, who went by the alias, Guckert when he was playing journalist, would serve Bush with set up, softball questions in the press briefings. That got the attention of other reporters, which led to them discovering his websites offering his male escort services. This forced the topic to come up in the news cycle, but the TV networks didn't talk about night time meet ups or the fact that the secret service often didn't record what time he would leave the White House.

Like The 1993 World Trade Center FBI Bombing Event


Similar to when the FBI had to admit they were responsible for the 1993 world trade center bombings (due to the fact that their informant/bomb maker had secretly recorded conversations with his FBI handlers), the TV news shows only mentioned it in passing, because the tapes were a part of the court case and the FBI was not able to get the hearings to be held in secret. After a brief blip in the news cycle, the entire media, in tandem, pretended like it never happened. (So much for the idea of the press competing with each other to see who can get to the bottom of an earth shattering story better and faster than everyone else. Nothing to see here folks, so just move along.)

That is exactly what they did with this explosive story that could have potentially brought down the Bush presidency. They gave an obligatory mention of it in passing, (withholding the more outrageous aspects that they knew about it – the late night White House rendezvous), and then they quickly moved on to various distractions, to get people thinking about anything other than the implications of this shocking turn of events.

Now Do You Get It?

Hopefully, you now have an appreciation for why the allegations of the pope or the queen being involved with child rape and murder rituals isn't seeing the light of day in the corporate media. Or for the matter, why these outrageously common events are kept hidden, in general.

Killing and torturing innocent animals, babies, children and adults is simply not an anomaly. It is incredibly common among the culture of the so-called elites, although it is not exclusive to the ultra rich.

Elites are born into it. It gets passed down through the generations. There is huge money in trafficking children for all kinds of nefarious purposes. More than that, this darkness is the glue that holds the elite power structure together.

It's the big secret that once you are a part of, you will do anything to keep the word from getting out. People who participate in these events are often videotaped so they can be controlled. A lot of people just like to watch. They also are recorded, since being a spectator at such an event would end your career and your freedom just as fast as taking an active role in it.

Most Cops In Western Canada Are Not Baby Killers At This Time (2014)

According to the ITCCS, the word is that about 25% of the police force in some western Canadian cities take part in, or at least attend and get off on, baby killing rituals. That is the second tier of the corruption. Most of the other police are purportedly involved in the first tier, that includes sex with prostitutes, sometimes underage, and a lot of drug use, and/or drug trafficking.

The prostitutes, including the underage ones, are generally willing, to the extent they are capable of, of course. Ultimately they may wish they were in a different line of work, but these prostitutes who are being used in the first tier of corruption are not being brutally raped, tortured or murdered… (at least, yet.)

So while virtually all the cops in those cities are dirty, 3/4 of them are not (at least, yet) sadistic killers. The fact that they are dirty, prevents them from trying to do anything to stop the ritual killings. They are compromised.8)

Thankfully, some of the people who are giving the ITCCS and the common law court their inside information, are people who have actually taken part in these unthinkable crimes against humanity. Others have been brought up in families that took part, and they “just” attended. It is a great sign that people are coming out and admitting their involvement, in an effort to be a part of the solution, even though they could be killed by the perpetrators, or imprisoned (or executed) by the state as a way to cover up the unspeakable.

Propaganda Sites' Denials

When you come across various propaganda websites, like Snopes and Wikipedia, that try to downplay the level of the darkness that is upon us, and the depth and breadth of these pervasive, interconnected global networks. They often use the fact that most police investigations into these kinds of allegations are said to come up empty. It is true that police and prosecutors shut down investigations, but it's not because they yield no results. Certain, often high ranking, members of the police and judicial system are almost always a part of the activity in any part of the world, so they cover it up.

In some departments, almost all the cops are said to be dirty, but in most cities, it's probably less than half. The forces of dark and light are going at it, everywhere.


But I Thought Wikipedia And Snopes Have Good Information

A lot of times Wikipedia and Snopes have good data. There is no doubt about that. However they are clearly, gatekeeper sites. They are controlled by the powers that be, and their primary job is protecting the status quo and the mainstream paradigm.

It's great to read what they have to say on anything. If you are trying to discover the truth though, you need to read other sources, as well.

ICLCJ - The International Common Law Common Law Court Of Justice

The International Common Law Court of Justice was, “founded as a lawful Citizens’ Tribunal of Conscience,” in September of, 2012 in Brussels. There is said to be a rich history of common law courts around the world going back hundreds of years. They are traditionally formed when the officially recognized courts are not doing their jobs, and are siding with tyrants.

They abide by their own rules of procedure and they take themselves quite seriously. They have jurists, witnesses and prosecutors. In their one trial, to date, there was no defense for the people they charged with crimes against humanity, because none of the defendants recognize their power, and consequently did not show up, or send an attorney in their stead.

The members speak and act as if they have power. They present themselves as part of a movement whose time has come. The idea seems to be that more and more people will become part of this movement and that good people in government, including police departments and court systems, will recognize their power and work with them.

Their philosophy seems to be that no government needs to give them the right to do what they are doing. It comes with the territory of what decent human beings do. It is a responsibility that humanity must accept accountability for, and they are simply starting something that will gain so much momentum, it will never be stopped.

At the time of this writing (2014), three police departments in three European nations have worked with the organization. For September 27, 2014, there blog headline is, “European Police join ITCCS take down of Ndrangheta, Vatican, Cargill and other child killers.”

The ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) is the parent organization of which the common law court is their legal arm. They said that 30 children were saved by the police as a direct result of acting on the tips their witnesses gave to them.

The first docket of the court charged 30 people for taking part in or covering up the deliberate genocide of thousands of indigenous children in Canada. Ritual rape, torture and murder was part of the genocidal activity. They were all convicted, including, former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, former Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Elizabeth Windsor “Queen of England”, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

You may be thinking that perhaps no one actually ever accused the pope or the queen of taking part in murdering children, but you would be wrong. Although you would be right to presume they have been accused of taking part in the cover up of these ongoing crimes.

The evidence which indicted the defendants as well as their institutions, including the court documents & warrants, can be found in the videos below: – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part One) – 1 hr. 46 mins. – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part Two) – 1 hr. 47 mins. – Final Court Verdict and Sentencing – 8 mins. 30 secs. – Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada

Further investigations for future cases are under way. The current Pope Francis has multiple eye witnesses who swear they were brutalized by him as children, and that he killed other children who were with them.

Canada Pulled The Plug

For a while, a number of government aligned or paid for organizations were working with the ITCCS as they did research regarding the deaths and disappearances of scores of thousands of indigenous Canadian natives in a 100 year period, at the site of a residential school. They had access to ground penetrating radar and engineers, but as they started finding human bones, the government related entities, started shutting down and taking back their help.

The ended up being physically threatened and intimidated, but they did not stop their work. Between their research, eyewitnesses and physical evidence, the picture emerged that the Canadian government took part in the wholesale murder and manslaughter of many tens of thousands of native children. In a separate investigation, they have discovered the Canadian government continues to target the indigenous population to supply women and children for prostitution, pornography, ritual killings and snuff films.

It is quite startling to read the victims claims, complete with the names of their terrorizes. I can't imagine those men are too happy to see their names online in that manner. Read this to understand just how entrenched this sociopathic behavior is in various regions, including the region in this report, western Canada.

The Only People Who Can't Believe This Stuff Is Real Are People Who Refuse To Take An Intellectually Honest Look At The Evidence

I remember when I first started coming across this information in the late 90s. At one point, some old friends came to town for a visit. They were an older married couple, (fairly young seniors.) We were out to eat. They ask what I was spending my time on lately and I told them I had been reading about how the government utilizes and permits human Satanic sacrifices.

They instantaneously and rather vociferously rejected the thought, as I knew they would. I barely completed the single sentence. I was actually surprised by how quick and adamant they were in trying to immediately shut me down.

They basically barred me from ever discussing the topic with them. It became obvious to me that many people simply can't handle the truth.


A Lot Of People Can't Handle The Truth


Whether one can handle it or not, it does not change the reality of the existence of an elite run, government condoned, global network of ritual killers of children and adults. Anyone who is simply willing to really look at the evidence in the spirit of truth seeking can know that this is for real, and not some paranoid delusion. It won't take that much time reading books, devouring websites, watching some videos, viewing the testimony from eye witnesses, studying investigations, etc., etc., to gather a critical mass of information that will get you to the point where it becomes undeniable.

People Reject The Data Without Ever Viewing It

Before a person attains the research knowledge – the knowledge that comes from studying the vast amount of research that is freely available, she may question why she should even bother looking at it, because she feels like it must be impossible to know for sure that the information out there is not one giant hoax. That kind of thinking is a sign that they are up against their paradigm; their view of the world. It's actually okay, just as long as they don't let it prevent them from getting started.

If you find yourself in that frame of mind, ask yourself, how do you know if anything is true. Ask yourself why you are so concerned about wondering if this data (that you haven't even started researching in earnest yet, is true, but you don't ask the same of all the data that is fed to you by the propaganda machinery, day in and day out.

As you start soaking up the information, your discernment abilities will kick into gear, as long as you are not going into it with the purpose of debunking it for the sake of debunking it. That said, many people have started on this journey for the purpose of being able to show that there is nothing to it, and they ended up changing their minds.


Pieces Of The Puzzle

Here are some of the keys that may be part of the process of understanding the truthfulness of this field of research.

  • Eye witnesses from all around the world have reported this type of activity.
  • Thousands of these eyewitnesses are young children who couldn't have made up such twisted tales if they tried
  • In many cases, these independent reports mention the same perpetrators
  • Many of the victims have information (like the underage call boy knowing what the Presidential living quarters look like), they couldn't have possibly otherwise had, short of being incredibly psychically gifted
  • There are many current and retired law enforcement agents (at every level) who confirm this information and work with the victims
  • Many low level (non elite) perpetrators have been convicted of such crimes and are serving sentences

Don't Just Believe It Or Disbelieve It - Check For Yourself

There are enough links in this report for you to have access to enough data to be able to know this shit is real. Even without links, you simply have to enter search terms in your favorite search engine and start your investigation that way.

If you find yourself unable to accept it, that is only because you are choosing to be one of the TV reality people. You believe that anything that is real is going to be presented to you on television.

You've given up your ability to think for yourself. You're allowing yourself to be programmed by television programming; and that is something you should always remember: You're not watching TV shows. You're watching TV programs, aka programming.10)

Sources For Further Exploration


  • Excerpt from, The Franklin Cover Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, by John DeCamp, former Nebraska state senator. This book tells the story of how a rising star in the Republican party, who actually sang the national anthem at both of George Bush Senior's Presidential conventions, was found guilty in Nebraska civil court of torturing a minor male (who was awarded a million dollar judgement) and keeping him as a sex slave; flying him around the country to service politicians and other power brokers. The book is about a lot more than that, or this one victim, (and it implicates Democrats, as well.)


  • Programmed To Kill: The Politics Of Serial Murder, by David McGowan. This is a full online copy of the entire book which is incredible research showing that so many of the serial murderers we all know and hate have connections to government programs and officials. It's full of factoids like the time that, as a high-schooler, on a school field trip to Washington DC, Jeffrey Dahmer made a phone call at a payphone when they stopped for lunch and arranged a special tour of the Vice President Walter Mondale's office. The teachers and students were skeptical, but he assured them it was real. Lo and behold when the bus pulled up to the building, representatives at Mondale's office were indeed waiting for them and a tour they did get. (Page 260)

These next several entries are from the same book. Please navigate to them, as they include much of the data that makes believers out of skeptics.

  • Page 25, in the book, begins the story of Marc Dutroux, in Belgium in the 1990s. Ask anyone who lives there and they will know his name and much of his story. He tortured, kidnapped, held captive, raped and killed girls from the ages of 11 into their teens. He kept being caught in the act, yet he would be let go, and then caught and arrested again, and let go again. Large segments of the work force held wildcat strikes. Scores of thousands took to the streets in protest, multiple times. Like the Jon Benot Ramsey case in the US, it was apparent to anybody paying attention that people were being protected. Below are images from some of the marches.


  • Also, in Programmed To Kill, starting on page 62, you can learn about the military intelligence lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino, an avowed Satanist, and how he got away with child molestation at West Point. He has been identified by a number of credible sources as a key player in at least a national (if not international) pedophile ring. Rudolf Giuliani, incidentally, worked as the prosecutor on the Aquino case, in a way many people have said was more befitting of a defense attorney. Aquino continues to be an officer in good standing in the US army. By the way, Aquino worked with Colonel Oliver North on the shameful President Reagan cocaine and arms smuggling horror show that so many self described, “conservative,” “patriots,” love to pretend never happened.
  • A really important read starts on page 69. It goes into details about the McMartin preschool molestation case from the early 80s that have rarely seen the light of day. Everyone was acquitted, despite the fact that 350 child victims were officially identified, and many adults who had attended that preschool came forward to tell of their molestation and participation in animal and infant human sacrifices.


The entire system was set up to bring in a not guilty verdict. The media, including, if not especially, the alternative media, along with the prosecution and the judge all seemed to be on the side of the defense. The staunchly left wing publication, The Nation, ran a piece written by famous liberal Alexander Cockburn (sic), entitled, “The McMartin Case: Indict The Children, Jail The Parents.” (It was republished in the Wall Street Journal, thus giving it a much wider audience), 460 children told of abuse. The defense claimed the psychologists coaxed all of them into believing their stories. As astounding as that all is, perhaps even grander is the fact that 80% of the children showed physical evidence of rape.

The most powerful evidence was inexplicably withheld. Perhaps the biggest slam dunk evidence of them all, not mentioned, was the proof that the tunnels the children claimed they were taken into for some of the abuse – and for leaving the premises to be taken to churches where a lot of the abuse happened – were verified. The tunnels had been filled in, but experts found them, along with the proof that the dirt that was used to fill them in was different from the rest of the dirt on the property. This evidence, in the form of scientific reports, was made available to the media as well as the court, yet the media, in concert, chose not to publish it. The only reference to tunnels in court were claims of the children, followed by “evidence” by the defense that showed no tunnel evidence was found across the street in the parking lot (where not a single child claimed they existed.)

For anyone who remembers the publicity of that trial, it is astounding how much information McGowan gives that was nowhere to be found in the media. Another fact is multiple people who were supposed to testify, never made it to court because they suddenly turned up dead in the most questionable manner, yet police consistently said there was no foul play involved.

These kids demonstrated knowledge of what the human body looks and smells like from the inside, the same way a coroner knows. They had knowledge of sexual acts, including acts most adults don't take part in, like having sex with people who were murdered, having sex with animals, using feces for sexual purposes.

Yet the defense would have us believe that, “false memories,” were somehow implanted in hundreds of children by psychologists. One wonders if the defense expected us to believe the psychologists were also responsible for the scratched and torn rectums and vaginas and the resulting medical conditions that came with many of the rapes.

Moreover, stories like these, with the same kind of details have been told by children around the the US and around the world, for that matter. You want to talk about, “conspiracy theories?” McGowan asks us to ponder what kind of conspiracy would be involved where thousands of therapists around the world are able to convince young children, with incredible levels of specificity, that these kinds of events happened to them?

I'm asking, where did the therapists actually learn to do that? Were there a slew of false memory induction technique seminars held? This started long before the Internet, so they couldn't have conspired online. It's a ludicrous notion.

McGowan tells us another thing the media didn't highlight. Interviews with jurists indicated that they believed the children suffered abuse, but the prosecution did not present evidence to indicate at whose hands the abuse was suffered. So everyone ended up getting off.

I'm certainly not thrilled by that. I can imagine they all were guilty and would have liked to see them all found guilty, but I'm glad I'm armed with the knowledge that the jury did not buy the nonsense about the children lying, the way we were led to believe.

Please read McGowan's complete take on the McMartin case here. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you can get others to wake up to what is happening.

The simple fact is there are astronomically more of us decent people than there are of those who take part in such acts. If enough of us are aware, and demand action to be taken, things will begin to change. Not all the evil in this world will ever vanish, but it can be curtailed to a huge degree when a critical mass of the population is reached.

  • The story of The Finders cult can be found on page 82 of this same David McGowan book. It starts with the arrest of two men who were found in a Florida park with six young children who appeared extremely dirty and neglected. Police said the kids did not appear to recognize common items like typewriters and staplers. They were uncommunicative. One was said to show obvious signs of sexual abuse. The oldest one was able to give police a bit of information. She said they were only given food sporadically, when their two teachers (the men who were arrested) were happy with something they did.

They ended up raiding a warehouse they had evidence of pornography production as well of actual child pornography. The police investigation was stopped by the federal government, due to, “national security.” They were shocked to learn that the CIA was funding this group and they were not allowed to keep the men they arrested, any longer. They were stopped when their investigations started to reveal this spider web-like global network of child traffickers. There are a lot more details in the book.

  • The Greenbaum speech was given by Dr. Corydon Hammond at a convention of therapists in 1992. It dealt with what he had learned about ritual abuse. He had been death-threated not to talk on the topic, but went ahead, knowing it might bring about his murder.

He, evidently was death threatened even more severely, shortly thereafter, and from there on out, he did stop his public pronouncements on the topic. The speech is saved, in writing, though, and well worth the read.

Watch the video, found on the page linked above, of Toos answering questions about her experience as one of the cult victims whose life was not taken. Do you have any doubt this woman has not been horrendously traumatized? Watch her spasmatic body lunges that continue throughout her testimony.

The video on the page linked above has statements from native Canadian members of the Mohawk and other tribes who have lost scores of thousands of children who were murdered, beaten, abused and neglected in residential schools that had a mortality rate of 40%, on average, over a 100 year period. That sounds reasonable. Right? Send your kids to school and expect only 6 of 10 to live each year, and have all of the abused. Good times all around for native Canadians.

Harry Wilson was beaten to death last month. No eye witnesses have come forward, but you can be assured it was not part of a robbery. Wilson had been homeless for years. He was the first witness to speak out about a dead adolescent (whom he had discovered) at a United Church Indian residential school in western Canada.

He had also spoken out about the torture and abuse he suffered at the church's Alberni Indian residential school. He was sent there after being kidnapped by Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the age of 6, where he suffered daily sodomizing from the good church clergy.

Williams Combs died in a Vancouver hospital he had been sent to for tests, despite the fact he was in good health. In mere days he was set to give live testimony about the day in 1964 when he witnessed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip picked out 10 children for his school, the Kamloops residential school, who were never seen or heard from again.

His death is a good reminder to all of us to stay away from hospitals and doctors with their ubiquitous testing and highly toxic medicines, as much as humanly possible.11) His health quickly deteriorated starting the first day of his stay. Of course, his quick death was, in all likelihood, was the intended consequence, whereas in most of the rest of us, they want to keep us alive until the money faucet runs dry.


The link above the photograph tells how Cardinal Brady was the fourth high ranking Catholic hierarch to resign in recent memory, in large part to the publicity of the organization that has the international common law court. They recently help publicize a book written by a former 11 year old rape victim of the church who, years ago, was forced by Brady to sign a document taking back his claims of rape. Brady also helped to try to cover up the discovery of 800 baby cadavers in a cistern of a Catholic school in Ireland. Gee, one wonders how those babies got there. Golly, how come so many seem to have lost their heads?

They were probably not all ritually killed, but all of them were likely horrendously abused, neglected, malnourished, and starved, and the ITCCS has reported that many are headless. They used this mass grave and did not record their deaths. It was actually discovered by the church in 1975, initially, and then simply re-covered after having a priest come in to bless the old cistern (water tank) mass grave, only to be forgotten once again, until the recent rediscovery.



  • The two most well known contemporary government mind control slaves who have been able to largely overcome and heal from their unspeakable programming are Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor (Sue Ford). They have both been able to recover their memories and integrate their shattered minds. They both had daughters named Kelly who were programmed to have sex with and share with various politicians and dogs (literally dogs, canines.)

Taylor's book is Thanks For The Memories, and O'Brien's is, Trance Formation Of America. (Those two links are full PDF copies.) These women did not know each other, yet their stories are the same in many ways. In fact, they were brutalized by some of the same men. O'Brien tells of how one of her handlers used an x-acto knife to carve what he said was a devil face into her genitalia. She tells how Hillary Clinton really enjoyed seeing that, and was quite turned on by it, before instructing O'Brien to service her, orally.

There is a video where she documents the mutilation during a office visit with an OB-GYN. She allowed the video and photos to be shown to provide documentation for those that needed some physical evidence to be able to help believe her.

The doctor described it like this: “Mostly what was done is considered outside the vagina, on the vulva. There were several incisions made, which made one flap of skin that looks like a nose, and slits were cut in to looks like eyes, and even a mouth.”

Don't Wish To Become A Celebrity

From what we have learned from these and other mind control insiders, many celebrities, going back decades, have been and are mind control slaves. Others are slave handlers. Many people indicate that there is solid reason to believe that Sarah Palin is a slave, which almost automatically casts suspicion on her husband being one of her handlers.13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18)

Pray For Victims And Perpetrators

Why would anyone want to pray for the perpetrators of such heinousness?

  • A number of perpetrators have stopped participating and have confessed and repented. They are helping to stop this train. Wouldn't you love to see a lot more of that? You are praying for these people to begin the healing process, which would mean they would no longer be active perpetrators.
  • Praying for them is the best way to keep from hating them. Hatred will only add to the misery. The beings who are in control of this horror show, benefit from hatred and negative emotion on a psychic level. Hatred creates energetic environments that only add to the very mess we are working on stopping.
  • Hatred harms us physically, emotionally and metaphysically. Don't let the perpetrators harm you.
  • Focusing on people this far from their true path is a way to not have to deal with our own shortcomings and where we may be off our paths. Hating them is definitely focusing on them.
  • God will deal with them. We just need to do what we can to help stop this. Hating them doesn't contribute to that.
  • Karma will deal with them. They have a tough road ahead of them, especially after they die. If that brings you solace, then so be it. At any rate, no need to hate.
  • Hatred can lead to doing to them what they did to others, which would not bode well for our karmic situation. It's one thing to defend yourself or do what you need to if someone is attacking someone else. It's another thing to extract revenge.
  • Many of these people have experienced incredible brutality from infancy, themselves. They have been taught to do these things. Many people are in disassociated states (multiple personalities), and their real self, doesn't even know what they are doing.
  • If you keep hating, you will have to keep reincarnating until you eventually learn to let hate go, so why not learn the lesson now? It's not like you will cease to exist when you are done reincarnating. You'll exist more peacefully and more fully.


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A word or two about the images above. No, the Pope doesn't really have horns in his head, (at least that I know of), but the Queen holding the dagger-like “letter opener” in a threatening manner is real. I could not find the better picture I initially saw about a dozen years ago when it happened, unfortunately. In that one, her head is not turned away from the camera and her face is grimaced. Her teeth are showing, her hand, and the dagger is higher up and further back. She truly appeared to be deranged and in the process of killing someone. She had appeared before the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, which had just given her the letter opener as a gift. Many people were shocked by the seeming un-royal-like “humor.”
It's really the perfect storm cancer patients get hit with. First, the so-called standard of care treatments are dangerous and can directly cause death. Radiation, surgeries, as well as chemotherapy & other cancer drugs can and do bring about death, in and of themselves. The idea that they save more lives than they take is not being accepted by even a growing number of allopathic doctors. Make no mistakes; even doctors disagree on that underlying principle used to justify Western, traditional, allopathic, standard of care, cancer treatments. Beyond that, some research indicates that over half of cancer patients die from malnutrition, rather than the cancer itself. Autopsies are extremely common when the results show the tumor or tumors had not metastasized to the point of bringing about death. A couple different things are happening to bring about the malnutrition. First and foremost, the patients have been living lives of malnutrition, eating SAD (standard Americanized diets.) Indeed, most of these patients would probably not have gotten cancer in the first place if they were eating as the Creator intended. Next, their doctors do not even know, or in some cases, care, enough to get them off the SAD and unto an actual sane diet that provides real nutrition. In fact, they should also be supplementing the new diets they should have prescribed for their patients, with over the top nutrition, because of the fact that they know their cancer treatments are incredibly toxic, and that good nutrition can ameliorate a lot of the harm of that toxicity. The toxins themselves, not only have harmful effects on the patient's systems, but they also take away (or block the absorption of) much, if not most, of what little nutrition the patient is getting with her SAD. As if all those factors were not enough, the cancer treatments take away the patient's appetite, and also, often cause the patient to throw up any food she manages to get down. Like I said, the perfect storm.
The fact that only one newspaper published the story and it never made the light of day until many years later and the advent of the Internet is definitive proof that mainstream media is virtually completely controlled. (Unfortunately, since there was no investigation, we will doubtfully ever no if it was anything more than the lone gunman story we were presented. It did seem unthinkable that a member of the general public could get so close to the president in a spontaneous setting like that, where he was not vetted ahead of time. With the Bush family connections, it certainly seems plausible that he could have received help gaining such access. It seems unlikely that a VPOTUS would use an assassin that could be traced to him so readily, but we know that elites sometimes do things with such hubris that it makes no sense. Perhaps the fact that the Bush Hinkley family connection was so transparent, that could be used as a reason to not suspect Bush as he could not possibly be that stupid. At any rate, the point here is not if Hinkley was being directed by anyone to try to kill Reagan. Rather, it's solely to highlight the fact that there was an obvious order for the entire media to stand down, and they all complied.
Compromised and dirty police departments are nothing new, of course. Frank Serpico, the ex New York City cop in the 1960s and early 70s, for whom the 1973 movie Serpico is about, realized that he was the only clean cop in his division and that the entire department was filled with officers who felt that breaking the law with impunity came with the territory. No crime was off the table among the many crooked members of the NYPD. When he was unable to get commanding officers to try to put a stop to the widespread corruption of the police force, he made enemies among virtually the entire NYPD by supplying information to the New York Times, which helped to start an inquiry into the problem. He believes he was obviously set up to be murdered by fellow officers on a drug bust. He got shot in the face, but the brain didn't get to his brain. He is considered a traitor, a rat, among many police around the world, even to this day. He tells how he continues to receive death threats for his work, more than 40 years ago, bringing corruption to the light of day. In one article he wrote, he talk about how he was singled out for harassment by customs when he was traveling internationally. One of the thug agents he had to deal with told him words to the effect of, We can get any time we want, you know. Any second of any day. The speak and act as if they have power. They present themselves as part of a movement whose time has come. The idea seems to be that more and more people will become part of this movement and that good people in government, including police departments and court systems, will recognize their power and work with them.
I actually spent a couple more minutes trying to get them to listen. It did not go well at all. I started giving them some specific details, names and places, so they would understand the degree of depth of data I had on the subject, and they got quite mad at me, within less than a minute since I had broached the topic. They literally demanded that I change the subject, and they denied that there was any truth to it. Perhaps I could have dealt with them not wanting to think about what I was telling them, but for them to deny that there was an iota of truth to the information, and then to absolutely command me to never speak to them about it, was too much for me to handle. To me, it was a rather disgusting and disrespectful way to treat me. They had asked what was on my mind, and when I told them, they totally invalidated my ability to discern information, and then when I wanted to give them the data that would prove to them the veracity of which I spoke, they refused to take part in the conversation, that I felt a duty to convey to them. I told them I just wanted to give them a few facts for them to listen to and then we could change the topic. They said, absolutely not. I told them it was extremely disappointing for them to show such a lack of respect and to try to totally dominate what I could say to them. If they weren't willing to give me two minutes on the topic, I told them I wasn't interested in having any conversation with them at the moment at all. I bid them goodbye for the day, even though they were the ones driving. (Actually, if I had driven them there, I wouldn't have been able to leave, so that was a good thing.) I got up and walked several miles home. I never brought the topic up to them again. Within 15 years they had crossed over, still naively believing that nobody in “their government” would ever be a part of such evil. They did not want to know the truth. As Jack Nicholson's character in, A Few Good Men, said, some people can't handle the truth.
And it's not merely the endless conscious propaganda that TV viewers are subjected to. There are all kinds of subliminal programing as well that go way beyond what we usually think of as subliminal advertising techniques. There are signal effects, inaudible tones, flash rates and truly secret technology that is constantly bombarding us. Globally, the analog TV signal are been phased out, replaced by digital signals. Yeah, that's right; it wasn't just something done in the United States. Do you think that's because the globalists want us all to have better looking TV pictures? (Or that they merely wanted to free up the analog band for cops and fire departments?) Undoubtedly, there were nefarious reasons for this worldwide transition, that in all likelihood, include increased mind control capabilities. Indeed, if you are simply unable to believe the information you can find about this topic, it is an indication of the level of mind control that you are under. You can consciously take a big step away from it, by being willing to say, “I don't know. Maybe.”
For those who are going to tell me that I'm giving dangerous health care advice, the statistics beg to differ with you. Ironically, the medical industry likes to endorse deadly “solutions”, knowing full well the needless risks involved. They like to say that while they know some people will die from their methods, a lot more will have their lives saved, and therefore, all totaled, it's a fair trade off. That's just not true. More people will live by foregoing traditional medical treatment. Any time there has been a doctor's strike, the mortality rate has always decreased. Less people died from needless surgeries and needless drugs. The truth is, only about five percent, or so, of what is done by the medical industry is actually helpful. It is most related to dealing with trauma. There are some other, rare, life saving operations, though. For people with those needs, they should seek traditional medical help. However, if everybody quit seeking traditional medicine, people would be better off 95% of the time. The truth is 180 degrees from what the medical establishment tells us. There is a risk of totally boycotting traditional medicine. Some people will die, however many more lives will be save than lives lost, as a result.
Incredibly, a columnist at Forbes wrote a scathing piece on why the story was a hoax. Reading the headline, or possibly just skimming through it, one might come away thinking the righteous indignation shown by the writer was due to the “fact” that there were no dead, abused babies in a mass grave, unrecorded. In fact, the “hoax” was simply because a website that ran the story, called the cistern a sewage tank. Wouldn't that kind of be like calling a story about a woman who chops off babies' arms for fun, a hoax, because she actually chops off babies legs for fun? The writer was obviously Catholic and trying to defend the church, but I don't get it. That would be like if the woman who had loved to cut babies legs off was your mother and you thought you were taking up for her by clarifying that she loved chopping legs and not arms. As Hillary Clinton is infamous for saying, “What difference does it make?” I'm guessing, the spirits of 800 dead, abused babies, buried in a mass grave, names not recorded for any family who might have appreciated knowing they have died, etc., probably couldn't care less if their bodies went into a mass grave of sewage, water or no fluid at all.

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