Step by step installation

If you want to test the new client yourself follow the instruction here. The final version of this client will be available at the official Devcoin website soon.

last news

If you have been following the last test from the new devcoin client you surely know that it has now a new home on sourceforge. It is now easier to download it and install it on your PC than to try to download it from the github website.

installation steps


Download the new windows client from sourceforge.

Run the installer

Copy the file from the download folder of your favorite browser to any drive folder.Open now a commandline interpreter and type the following line in the command windows.

java -jar Devcoin-1.0.10.jar

Installing screen

The installation window appears.

Choose language

Select your preferred language (English) and click ok button.

step 1

The welcome screen appears. Click the next button to continue the installation.

step 2

The info screen appears. Click another time to the next button.

step 3

Accept the licence agreement by choosing I accept the terms of the license agreement . Click the next button.

step 4

Choose the right package to install. You must choose the 32-bit or the 64-bit window s version. Click the next button.

step 5

You choose now the target path where the client will be installed. If you are already installed another old client you should change the path else the new client will not be installed !

If you are already installed another old client you should change the path else the new client will not be installed ! Click the No button for not rewriting old client files.

Change the path destination name !

step 6

Summary configuration data. If you are agree with the choice click the next button for installing the client.

step 7

Installation begins. Now all the files are going to install.

After a while the installation is finished.

step 8

Setup shortcuts. If you want to create a shortcut of the client application in the start menu do it now. You could also create a shortcut for all the users.

step 9

Installation finished. click the done button and try the new client.

launch the application

Double click the shortcut of the new client application. The splash screen appears.

After the charging block chain (it can take a very long time the first time ) you can finally use the client.


The new client is superb. The installation is now very easy with the installer. The wallet synchronisation problem has disappeared.

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