Install CentOS to a Virtual Machine

Hayek's Linux Manual


This guide will walk you through the process of installing CentOS on VirtualBox


  • Start VirtualBox
  • Click “New”

  • Name the Machine

  • Assign Memory

  • Create a Hard Disk
    • Dynamically Allocated VDI (default options work for most)
    • Provision the disk size
      • 30G should be plenty, you can always add more later and us LVM to add them to your filesystem
  • Open the machine settings
    • Right click → Settings
  • Select Storage

  • Remove the empty CD Drive
    • Right Click → Remove
  • Add a new CD Drive

  • Select the OS Image
  • Click OK to exit settings
  • Click Start

  • CentOS will boot

  • In this example I was using a LiveCD. I would just run the install to hard disk on the desktop to install CentOS.

  • In the interest of saving you time and a large number of pictures just accept all the default values. If you don't if you need anything else, you probably don't need it.
  • Set a root PW and CentOS will install to disk
  • Reboot and remove the CD Drive with the CentOS image and you will have a fresh CentOS installation


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