If You Promised To Make A Small Donation If A Product Healed You, Would You Do It?

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What can you say about people?

We can't live with us. We can't live without us.

Humans are a funny breed. We've set up a financial grid that includes a global health care system that actively represses protocols, modalities, products and information that have been proven to help people truly get over the vast majority of illnesses, and impediments to vibrant health. In its place, we've got protocols, modalities, products and information that have been proven to, more times than not, make us even sicker than we were before we used them.

If That's Really True, Why Do We Keep Using Them?

Generally speaking, allopathic medicine, what we refer to colloquially as, modern (or western) medicine, works in such a way that via the repression of symptoms, we are fooled into believing it works. In reality, that symptom repression, merely stifles the body's natural healing process, and drives disease deeper into our systems.

Even Worse!

That's not even the worst part. Through the use of the toxic pharmaceutical chemicals, the main component in allopathy's bag of tricks, new symptoms and illnesses come to the surface as direct results, “side effects,” of the drugs that allegedly treated us for the original cause of going to see the doctor – or going to the drug store for some over the counter self doctoring – in the first place.

Something Vicious And Cyclical This Way Comes


A vicious cycle is created, when the new symptoms become bad enough, that we go back to the doctor (or drug store) to get different poisonous chemicals to deal with the problems created by the original toxins we took.

A lot of times, the new chemicals, “work,” at least in terms of repressing the latest symptoms for a while, but then yet a newer malady appears that is the direct result (although we often don't realize it), of this latest drug.

Why Do You Think So Many People Are On Several Prescriptions? Duh!


The more we play this game, and the older we get, the crazier this vicious cycle gets. That is why most older people are on several medications, permanently. Almost never, do doctors have patients taper off and take fewer prescriptions. Almost always, it's simply a matter of adding more.

It's bad enough that the clinical testing allows drugs to hit the market that have ridiculous risk levels. What's even scarier is the fact that none of the tests include contraindications when taken with other drugs. Considering that most people on medicines are on multiple medicines, that's incredibly short sighted, which is par for the proverbial course that is western medicine.

We've accepted a health paradigm, a medical world view, in which it is normal for people to have to take medications for the rest of their lives. The older we get, it just seems logical to us, the more prescriptions are required. Hey, older people need more “help.”1)

In politics, we're always hearing about the need to protect the seniors among us, by assuring uninterrupted, “low cost,”2) access to these “life sustaining”3) medicines.

Protecting Our Seniors Like The Mob Protects You From Having An Accident

No doubt, some of those politicians really think they are, “protecting,” the seniors by making sure nothing will ever come in the way of them taking every prescription their drug pusher (doctor) ever puts them on. Most doctors are probably, at some level of their psyche, still believing the lie that the drugs are helping their patients more than they are hurting them.

Make no mistake, any doctor will readily admit that those toxic pills all hurt their patients. They have been taught that it's a risk/reward system, where the rewards outweigh the risks; the help justifies the harm. They are in denial regarding their conclusions, but they paid a lot of money to be brainwashed in that manner in medical school, and they have financial, intellectual and emotional investments keeping them in denial, despite obvious evidence to the contrary.4)

Let's Be Fair Here - Exceptions To This Rule

This article has been speaking in generalizations. The fact of the matter is, in approximately five percent of current medical cases, allopathy is the best approach. It's not even just a little better. It's head and freekin' shoulders above anything else.

The problem is that we've been led to believe that's the way it is 100% of the time, but clearly, it is not. That is the crux of the medical conspiracy. Five percent of the time, modern medicine is like God's gift to humanity.

1satanbird.jpg However, ninety five percent of the time, it's like the devil's big, F. You, to every living soul on earth.

Ninety five percent of surgeries are not only not needed, they are ultimately more harmful than helpful. Not only that, most of the surgeries that are needed as a last ditch effort to save a life, are the result of the culmination of the vicious drug cycle shutting down organs and bodily processes. Yes, the drugs created the emergency that required the surgery to try to save the person's life.

If the procedure was successful in saving the poor schmuck's life, the medical industry will bask in how wonderful it is to have saved yet another life. That's the ultimate irony, seeing as how it was the medical system's drugs that caused the conditions which required the operation.

Furthermore, many people die in needless surgeries, who would have lived if they had not had the operation. That's the main reason why, historically, mortality rates decrease every time there has been a doctor's strike anywhere in the world.

However, there are quite a few surgeries that are needed, and that are not the result of toxic pharmaceuticals, that are truly miraculous medical marvels. They epitomize the term, life saving operation.

Not only that – there are some pharmaceutical chemicals, toxic as they may be, that, at the moment they are needed, are also absolutely life saving. Nothing else can hold a candle to them.

Trauma Care


It's usually trauma based procedures and medicines that fall within this five percent range. A person suffering from a severe asthma attack that is threatening her very life, is not going to be helped with an organic, raw, plant based diet. Although, after the allopathic drugs save her life, she could likely get over her asthma, permanently, within a year's time, if she changed her diet in that manner.

If you had a highway or workplace accident that shattered bones, and damaged vital organs, you don't want the ambulance to expedite you to your acupuncturist or your chiropractor. You don't need to go home and bounce on your rebounder, or put a drop of essential oil under your nose, or a homeopathic remedy under your tongue. You need to be rushed to the nearest allopathic life saving emergency center where heroic doctors and nurses will do everything in their power to help you pull through.

There are some individuals who might bristle at the term, heroic, when applied to doctors, even surgeons. They'd say that the doctors get paid to do a job. Even when they save lives, it's more a matter of them being good at their job than being heroes.

They may, generally speaking, have a point. That is, if you think of heroic in terms of putting ones life on the line. However, there are many heroic doctors and nurses who volunteer in war torn areas. There are many who have died. Let's not get all carried away here with medical antidisestablishmenttarianism.

The Shifting Paradigm

The good news is that huge numbers of people have either awakened to the medical scam, or they are in the process as we speak. (Or should I say, as we read and write?) People are learning about the C word to all kinds of diseases.

The C Word


We're not talking about the C word that will get a man's wife to serve him with divorce papers. The password is, “cure.”5) The government in general, and the medical establishment and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in particular, quash the word, cure. Doctors are taught to treat, rather than cure. It's not financially the best option to cure people of their ailments, therefore, the establishment doesn't want any of us believing that there are cures for anything.

Splitting Semantical Hairs

There is room for argument that if you ever get a disease that you thought you had been cured from in the past, it may be inappropriate to say that you were cured. Really, it's a matter of splitting hairs.

If your definition of the word, includes the unspoken assumption that it is impossible to ever deal with the same affliction again, then yes, nobody can say they know they are cured of anything. Of course, a lot of people do get better and never deal with the same disease again in their lives. I guess, at their funeral you could say that they were cured, indeed.

There are a number of cures to cancer and various other diseases, if your definition is a bit different, though. If you have tumors that are in the process of killing you, and then you commit to a protocol that sends the cancer into remission, and the tumors go away, then it's not illogical to say you were cured of cancer.

If, years later, the same cancer reappears, there is room for all kinds of debate. Was the person really cured? Were they temporarily cured? Were they never fully cured, but they were mostly cured, for the time being?

It hardly seems that important to worry about semantics, but the FDA puts people in prison for saying that they sell anything that will cure cancer, or for that matter, virtually anything. Even medically proven data, like how sailors got through the scabies epidemic by eating limes, can get a person in legal trouble if they mention the fact as a way to help sell limes.

In fact, it's gotten so severe, you could just write a book about how lime cured scabies in sailors, and find yourself in legal hot water, even though you don't sell limes. So, in the United States and a growing number of other countries, we have learned not to use the cure word.

Nothing Has Been Proven To Work On Everything 100% Of The Time

A lot of people who identify with and wish to protect the establishment medical industry, have a big problem with the cure word, because nothing is guaranteed to cure everything, or even one thing, like cancer, (or even one particular kind of cancer) 100% of time. So, obviously, by that connotation, there are no cures that we know of.

(Actually, where this article is headed is a possible 100% cure for malaria, based on field testing of tens of thousands of people. Keep reading, because this solution has been proven through actual experience to help with all kinds of health issues.)

Lots Of Cures, Including Cancer Cures


The medical establishment and the governmental agencies that allegedly regulate it, choose to take the strict definition of, the cure word, because it helps them to shut down competition. Anybody who is paying attention can see that stifling competition is what those groups are primarily about.

They can pretend to be protecting sick people, from “snake oil salesmen,” when, in fact, they are simply watching out for their own financial interests. Even in cases where the alleged fraudsters aren't peddling anything that could possibly ever hurt anyone, they can always argue that it can keep the patient from getting, “legitimate,” medical care by distracting them with nonsense.

If you do an online search for, “forbidden cures,” and then start reading and watching videos, you will learn that there are a lot of modalities that have a great track record at helping people cure themselves from cancer and other diseases. If your connotation of cure is too restricted to get past the word, then let's just say that these modalities have been adhered to by many people, for whose cancer went into complete, often jaw dropping, stunning, remission.

None of these various cures, er, modalities, work for everyone or for every cancer. Yet, it's denying reality to not be anything less than ecstatic by the sheer numbers of people (possibly millions) who are either getting over, or preventing cancer from these various protocols.

The Slippery Slope Of Reasonable Doubt


People who have a vested interest in allopathy maintaining it's unnatural monopoly on healing, do their utmost to introduce reasonable doubt into the minds of people who are interested in healing, including people who have actually been healed.

A favorite strategy deals with the fact that most of the people who have experienced rather miraculous results, first tried the traditional approach. Many times they stuck with modern medicine, and got to the brink of death.

Their doctors sent them home, or to hospice, to die. Then, with nothing to lose, they try an alternative approach, which saves their life. The person is overjoyed and gives thanks to God that they found out about the alternative modality.

Then the reasonable doubter comes along with a clever claim. They say that the alternative therapy actually did nothing. They propose that their miracle came from a delayed reaction to the surgery, chemo or radiation. It doesn't matter how many thousands of people come back from the brink of death after modern medicine could not help them, the reasonable doubter pretends to somehow just know that they all are living because of a delayed reaction to the traditional approach.

In their bizarro world, it's all pure coincidence. The alternative protocol, in every instance, had nothing to do with the dying patient's recovery. Convenient, isn't it? If the person had not first gone with the western system, the reasonable doubter will claim that the healing was just a matter of spontaneous remission that was going to happen anyway. Or it might have been due to the placebo effect.

The intellectual dishonesty these people use is stunning. Yet, if they can get the recovered patient to believe them, they can stop them from spreading the solutions to illness and the health care system to everyone in their social circles. Some of these reasonable doubters have deluded themselves into believing their tripe, but others are 100% cognizant of their duplicity.

Why Would The Medical Industry Want To Cure Anybody?

When we stop to consider human nature, we really shouldn't have the slightest bit of trouble grasping the fact that a certain percentage of people who make money off diseases are extremely likely have no compunction to help anybody to get well, or to stop from becoming ill. It's true that absolute power corrupts, absolutely. I don't care how nice a person you are, if you found yourself in a situation that gave you absolute power, and you chose to stay in that situation, you would be corrupted. Your only hope of avoiding it would be to get out of it before it happened, because you could see where it was going.

Thousands Of Honest Doctors Either Fighting Threats Of License Loss Or Have Left The Business


Many doctors have lost their licenses for offering alternative treatments. Thousands of others have quit their business. Sometimes they have remained doctors and are fighting the system from within, for as long as they can before getting thrown out.

For instance, there are oncologists who no longer are working in oncology because they know it's a scam. Or they are finding outlets they can work at, where they can include complementary options rather than offer only chemo, radiation or surgery. The medical industry is, to some extent, being forced to be a bit more open to some complementary therapies, due to public demand. Overall though, though, they work very hard to repress healing.

The Perplexing Conundrum Of The Profit Motive


Some people say that as long as medicine is profit driven there is no way that the power brokers will ever be open to finding real solutions to health issues. There is just too much money to be made in keeping people perpetually sick.

Yet, it really doesn't seem fair or even realistic to ask or expect people in health care to work for free. It is, though, rather ironic that many people who are working to provide real health solutions are criticized for making money from those solutions, since they are usually a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, and also because unlike the tools of traditional medicine, the alternative modalities don't keep people in a state of chronic illness.

People expect doctor and hospital bills to be exorbitant, but many of those same people will question an alternative health advocate for wanting to earn a living helping people achieve lasting health. It's kind of weird, actually. They never question their doctor's sincerity when they are presented with a bill.

Is There Any Way To Return To The Ancient Chinese System?

Thousands of years ago, in China, people paid a very small stipend to their doctor when they were well. When they would become sick, the doctor treated them for free. They would not have to pay again until they were feeling good.

What a great idea. Today, the profit motive inspires the system to set up treatments that do not heal issues, or even attempt to find solutions to problems. Treatments deal with symptoms, not so much the actual diseases; effects, not the causes.

Since there is so much money to be made keeping people sick, we really could use the conversion to the ancient Chinese system. Wouldn't it be something to see Obamacare accept such a challange? Needless to say, don't hold your breath on that one.

The Solution To Most Sickness


What if you discovered something that helped the vast majority of sick people to feel better? What is the results were often, nothing less than miraculous, especially compared to western medicine?

A man I like to call, humble Jim Humble, has evidently done exactly that. It's chlorine dioxide, but he refers to it as Master Mineral Solution (MMS). He originally called in, Miracle Mineral Supplement, but that name attracts the wrong kind of attention from regulatory agencies, especially in the USA.

So he replaced, miracle, with, master, even though hundreds of thousands of users tend to think of it as a miracle. He replaced, supplement, with solution, which is more fitting, since it's not a nutritional supplement.

Repressed By The Powers That Shouldn't Be

Many times Humble thought he had big money backers to pay for the so-called “scientific” testing that the FDA requires before putting their stamp of approval on a product, but each time it fizzled out. Usually the people who expressed interest, quit communicating with him and refused to take his calls.

A couple years ago, working with the Red Cross, in Uganda, they were able to document that 154 malaria cases were successfully treated within 24 to 48 hours. We're talking about blood tests that showed they had malaria when they came in, and then the next day (or two, at the most), blood tests showed they were already malaria free.

Humble says that is always what happens. He swears he knows of no instances where malaria was not completely taken care of within that time frame, out of score and scores of thousands of cases. Most people feel completely better, no matter how severe they had been suffering, within only four hours of taking it.

Considering that malaria kills in the range of a million people a year, this is incredibly exciting. They thought that Red Cross would help them find the money to put MMS through the FDA trials, but the Red Cross ended up denying knowing anything about the test, despite the fact that Red Cross members were featured in this video that documented the entire proceedings.

While MMS does extremely impressive things with cancer and AIDS and all kinds of diseases, it seems to be at it's strongest dealing with malaria. It's kind of hard to beat a 100% success rate, and the quickness in which it works.

The Red Cross flaking out on MMS is nothing unusual to Humble. He has seen that type of things many times before. It finally dawned on him that the big money interests were never going to help the world know about this desperately needed solution. He realized that the word will have to get out from one person to another.

Humble Jim Humble's Alternative Idea


He started a church organization, since churches often have legal protection that individuals do not have. Many countries have laws (explicit, statutory laws and/or common laws) saying that churches formed to serve mankind are as legitimate as churches formed to worship God.6) Thus, the Genesis II Church Of Health & Healing has no religious dogma.

People of all faiths (and no faith) are free to join, although joining isn't free. Membership is $35 for the first year, and $20, thereafter. Humble's idea is for the mission of the church to be about serving humankind by helping individuals achieve health and healing through MMS.

Members are encouraged to give MMS to people in their circles who are experiencing sickness. They are not to charge for their services, but to ask the sick people to please give a donation of their choosing if, and only if, their health improves.

Church members have reported incredible success with healing the sick. However, they admit that the vast majority of the people fail to follow though with their agreement to give them a donation, even though the amount would be whatever they wanted it to be.

Maybe The World Is So Sick Because It Deserves It

So, what we have here is a situation where people are willing to spend all kinds of money on toxic pills, primarily needless operations and other modalities like deadly radiation, even though all of that is proven to kill millions of people annually, while only helping a tiny percentage. On the other hand, when people are given a solution that works, often in a rather miraculous manner, they can't be trusted to make good on their promise of a simple donation of any amount of money.

What conclusion can we come to other than the observation that perhaps, the people of earth don't deserve to be healthy? I'm probably being rash, but I find it troubling.

Who Deserves To Be Healthy?

Right now, I'm thinking that people who deserve health are willing to educate themselves as to how to attain it. Health deserving people are not willing to go into bankruptcy to pay for sick care that is likely to bring about their premature death. Furthermore, people who deserve health are honorable. If they agree to make a donation if another person is able to help them get well, they are happy and eager to do so just as soon as they feel better.

What About You? Do You Deserve Health?

Are you the kind of person who deserves health? Health deserving individuals have open minds. Are you open minded enough to see if the claims about chlorine dioxide, aka MMS (Master Mineral Solution) are true?

Feel free to read the negative stuff that is out there. You can start in Wikipedia,7) a recipient of Ford Foundation money, always the hallmark of gatekeeper organizations. Snopes is another Ford Foundation recipient and gatekeeper, although I'm not sure if they smear Humble or MMS.8) If you ever read something positive about an alternative health protocol in Wikipedia or Snope, you can use that as a launching pad to lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is when you are in the dream and you suddenly recognize that you are in the act of dreaming. Since Wikipedia and Snopes never presents this type of information honestly, you'll know you are dreaming if you ever read something positive on the sites regarding an alternative health protocol.

Here is a YouTube video with Jim Humble's response to silly FDA claims about MMS. Ultimately though, where the rubber meets the road is with personal experience, It is not difficult to find websites online you can order MMS from.

Once you have it, you should use it if you ever get sick. I would say to not wait for illness, and just start taking the maintenance dose, but if you do that, there's no telling how long you might have to wait before feeling under the weather. Of course, if you have friends that are ill, you can give it to them to try.

Good luck and Godspeed.


With help like that, we don't need enemies.
I had to put, “low cost,” in quotes, because it's all so relative, depending on what country you are in. In the United States, you have to pay more for the same pills than anywhere else in the world. If you bought the same toxic chemicals across the southern or northern borders – (that's Mexico or Canada, for the geographically challenged) –you would pay a hell lot a lot less.
Anybody else old enough to remember the TV game show, Password, hosted by Betty White's husband, who sometimes had his rather attractive, shapely,brunette wife as one of the celebrity guests? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDjeaChO7YE
He says he can't think of any other church formed for this purpose, but I think there is an argument that the Church of Scientology would fit the bill. Don't get me wrong. It's a criminal cult, but the concept of it was to save humankind from the destructive course we are on; and there is no deity that is worshiped, per se, as in other churches.
Gatekeeping is the act of setting yourself up as the ultimate authority and deciding what information is valid and what information should not even be discussed. Ford Foundation does not have a habit of giving money to organizations that challenge the status quo. If you ever find yourself on the Ford Foundation teat, you'll know that if you want to keep that milk money flowing, you better not get a conscience and say anything truthful and positive about alternative information that is a threat to the powers that be.

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