Summary of the story

Long time ago, there was one energetic guy with big eyes and loud voice in the village near ocean. When he was walking around the village, he met sad old person. He asked for reasons. He said, there was a notorious dragon under the sea, and every year, it took a virgin and ate her, so it did not harm the village. So the girl that would be sacrificed was his daughter. So, the strong guy told him, he would kill the dragon and walked to the sea. He returned to village after killing the dragon. When he reached the village, he immediately left the village because he had an occasion. When he left the village, he said he would come back after a hundred days later. While the virgin that he saved was waiting, she gained uncurable disease and died. Right before she died, she said she wanted to see him at least once. After a hundred days later, the guy, with status as a prince, came back to village to get married with the virgin. However, the virgin already passed away. When he visited her grave, he found a tree that he had never seen before. The tree seemed like saying ‘please a hundred days, please a hundred days’ The prince went back to his castle with the tree. Soon, red flowers were bloomed. The flower was as the old man’s daughter came back to life. So the prince symbolized it to unchangeable love. Thus, the flower is always bloomed for only a hundred days.



By portraying the woman to flower, it shows that people should not destroy the nature. It probably has a meaning as what see in the story.


People would form an identity between people who had not destroyed nature.


Possibly meaningful connection was made between people who share the story.

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