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There are many things that a person in this century wants in his life. It is like the whole world wants something or the other. With technological inventions and economic growth, there has been so much employment that people who are looking for jobs are busier than people who are working. It is an interconnected cobweb of a series of ups and downs. One moment you have a nice job, earning a decent five figure salary, living in your suburban or city homes and the next you become the unfortunate neighbor who just suffered as stock market loss or got fired. It is all there. There are moments which may seem trivial but become the defining points of our life. It is a process which goes on forever. So what do we need to learn from this? Smile!


When the burden on the shoulders gets unbearable and no one is there to share it with you, all you need is a good dose of unrestrained laughter. Laughing as an exercise and is the cheapest form of entertainment. It is when you are doing nothing and smiling thinking about your loved ones or when you reminisce the good memories. It is when you see your kid walking for the first time and then jiving with your wife about it. It is an immediate activity which has such a consequential force that it will never disappoint you. You are out with your friends in a mall. You are talking with your friends and they lure you to do something unusual. You realize they are playing a prank on you and you start laughing. It is like you are laughing your heart out. It is an ecstatic feeling. Laughing isn’t just only good for health. When we laugh, some hormones are released which help keep the body temperature regulated and in check. It also supervises your ability to be socially compatible with everyone. With studies being conducted on almost everything a man’s personality can encompass, there have been wide national and international researches and studies to describe the effects and types of laughter. Even when we use the word-‘laughter’, it has a different meaning in every context.

Suppose we are on a night-out with friends outside town. You are staying in a hotel and everything seems to be going fine when suddenly your friend jokes about you being in relationship with one of the girls in class. You smile abashedly. Then, taking the advantage of the situation, he takes the joke further to a more coarse and serious limit. Everyone starts laughing harder. Even you can’t control the urge to laugh. So you also join in the melodrama. Such kind of laughter where the person in question makes a sexual citation is called ‘blue laughter’.

At times when we attend friends’ invitation to a museum, we see the different designs and paintings and posters hanging on the wall or being displayed there. In most of the cases, there is a chance you find some painting or sculpture so funny that you start imitating exaggeratedly. You start mimicking the different characters and their caricatures. It often becomes funnier as the joke is extended. It is pure exaggeration. It is called ‘BURLESQUE laughter’. Laughter brings out the good in you. It makes you feel free. It makes you feel good for all the good reasons that exist. Humor has a way with words. It is different for everyone. When we say that a person has a good sense of humor, we imply the fact that he is socially acceptable and funny at all times. It is humor which makes us feel safe and good at times. It is a feeling of ecstasy and happiness. Humor at times becomes discomforting. Those are the situations when everything is a bit sad around you. It is mostly in the cases when you have suffered a personal loss or something. It is when you try to crack jokes but all that comes out is sad and depressing laughter. It is a phase which usually doesn’t last long. But when it comes, you just have to go through it. Now there are also those situations when you go crazy, like you start rolling on the floor and keep laughing and you are at the edge of your jaw falling off. It is an epic feeling. But it is farce. So it is termed as ‘Farcical humor’. It is quite common when we are hanging around with friends whom we haven’t met for years and we start laughing like hell. It makes us realize that there is still that part of us alive which made us feel gay when we were surrounded by problems. A person with a good sense of humor has the ability to crack open the saddest of his thoughts and turn them into fits of laughter with friends. He manages to twist and turn what’s been bothering him into tonnes of fitful laughter. It is a quality which is present in all of us but is unrealised. It has the potential to make all our woes go away leaving a smile on our faces.

Now, when we are in good terms with our friends and everything is going fine in our life, there has to be a sour leaf on the tree of happy branches that we have. You can’t help that. You feel a bit uncomfortable when you are in his presence, be it work or play. So you comment. You clever talk with him. You inadvertently criticize him. You can’t help it. However good and positive your sense of humor may be. You can’t help but make a snide comment with sarcasm dripping with every word. Semantically, you are bad mouthing him. In terms of humor, you have ‘IRONIC humor’. You just acknowledge the hatred flowing through comments and laughter. It is a feeling which you can’t suppress or hide. You just have to go with it. Then there is one other thing. The situation when you feel compelled to remain silent. Suppose you are friends with people from your community, as to speak, and you are out on a camping trip somewhere in the jungle. It’s night time, a bonfire is lit and everyone is enjoying a nice laugh and talking about their friends. Then someone sparks a matchstick from the stone lying on the ground and starts mimicking Al Pacino from Godfather. Everyone laughs around a bit. Then, everyone gets a bit serious about the aspects of life being described in the novel by Mario Puzo. They start commenting on the human weakness to misjudge his actions and commit acts of unrestrained heresy. The topic becomes heated with arguments pouring in from all the people mingle together. Thus, we got our semantic humor term for this as well. It is called ‘Satirical Humor’.

Humor is a funny thing. It has the capability to make people happy and at times come out of their cocoons of loneliness. It mostly is an inherent characteristic of a person. The one who has a good sense of humor definitely has a way with everyone. He can turn up with a job or turn down a job with his way of talking. It’s all on him. Humor just makes sure that there is no scope of bad feelings whatever the situation may be. It will benefit him eventually. It ensures that both parties, if the other one having a taste of good humor like the first on, are on good terms and can continue their business or idle talk as far as they want it to take. Humor just paves the way with flowers and fencing. It is you who has to be aware of the thorns hidden between them. It is never predictable. It is always keeps you on the edge. It has the ability to bring out the best in you once you realize to use it at the right time at the right place. You just have to keep your calm. Because there have been many stand-up comedians and artists who have brought out the good in people and spread the happiness by jiving and commenting whenever they find a reason to do so. Rodney Dangerfield was a stand-up comedian who used to convulse his problems and woes in that funny a manner that it actually gave him the necessary accreditation which relieved him of all the burdens he had been carrying before them. He had done it. He was a successful entrepreneur and he started his own company in time to get famous. So it’s not all about the money now, is it? You just need to have a way to deal with the injustices life has to offer. Then, everything will be all right. And of course, Laughter is a dose of good health. A good humor is a quality. So keep laughing!



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