How To Use Orgone Energy To Make Street Lights Turn Off While Protecting Your Health By Decreasing The Effects Of Electronic Smog

I have a confession to make.

I can make street lamps turn off when I get near them, but don't freak out. My powers are limited.

It's not like I can choose which lights turn off. Also, it's usually only a few lights on any given night. In other words, the overwhelming majority of lights are not affected by my presence, and they usually only turn off for a few seconds. (Yet still, I have to admit, it's pretty damn cool.)

I noticed I had this ability in my adolescence. I thought the phenomenon might be universal, but upon keen observation, I couldn't see it happening with any of my friends or other people I watched.

Back then, it would only happen when I was actually getting the light from the street lamp. I mean, it didn't happen to other lights up ahead of me, or lights on the other side of the street from me.

The only lights that went out for me were ones right by me that were shining on me. I noticed that it happened when I was walking and when I was on a bike, but never when I was in a car.

That changed at some point in my adulthood when I took up the cause of orgonite gifting. Karl Welz is considered to be the person who created the modern orgone generator (circa 1990), based on the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich, starting in the 1930s, who discovered all kinds of things that could be done in the area of energy manipulation, with the use of his orgone accumulators and cloudbusters.

The term, orgone, was Reich's terminology for the life force that comprises and flows through everything. Eastern terminology for orgone, include the terms, chi and prana. Reich used separate layers of organic material, and inorganic material, in ways that could either bring positive energy to an area, or negative energy to that same area. Welz, on the other hand, mixed organic and inorganic material all together, and in so doing, eliminated the possibility of harmful effects that could come from the accumulation of negative energy in Reich's orgone accumulators.

That threat was very real. A man who worked with Reich, did not follow directions one day, and touched a part of Reich's cloudbuster (weather modification device) to his leg, before clearing out the negative energy with running water. He was immediately struck down with overwhelming pain, and actually ended up walking with a limp for the rest of his life.

Welz called his discovery, orgonite. It takes negative energy in an environment and transforms it into positive energy. It was later improved upon by a man named Don Croft who found that if you added quartz crystal to the orgonite matrix, its power increased greatly.

In the late 1990s, Croft recognized that cell phone towers spread harmful energy into the environment. In an effort to reduce that harm, Croft started making orgonite “devices” from the mold of snow cone cups or muffin trays, and placing them near cell phone towers. He called them, tower busters.

He referred to the act of placing tower busters near cell phone towers as, orgonite gifting. With the help of the Internet, he started a movement of orgonite gifting around the world. Many thousands of people worked hard (and continue to this day) to place tower busters in the vicinity of nearly every cell phone tower in the world.

(Sometimes, they drop them from small airplanes in remote or mountainous regions.) I became one of those gifters, unfortunately, never in a plane, but in so doing, my ability to make street lights go off, increased many fold.

No longer did I only affect a street lamp only if I was within the illumination range of the light. No longer did I need to be on the same side of the street. No longer was I unable to affect street lamps if I was in a vehicle. In fact, I noticed I could be nearly a quarter mile away, and have lights go out, as long as I was moving toward them in a car.

I emailed Don Croft to get his take on my ever increasing ability to affect street lamps. He explained that the sensors on the street lights that are there to make them go on at night and off in the morning, were being confused by the orgone energy that I was generating.

He explained that some people, including me, naturally, have more orgone generating ability than others, and that those people will notice the ability to have street lights go off. The sensors interpret their energy as light, so the lights turn off when the person approaches. Once he gets out of sensor distance, the light goes back on, because, after all, it is still dark.

When I started pouring my own orgone devices (by mixing metal shavings, crystals and epoxy resin), I increased the already high amount of orgone generation capability in my own body and essence. I have had nights when driving a fair distance, up to a dozen lights go out. Currently I am riding a bike instead of using a car. I make a 15 mile round trip daily, half of which is at night. Almost never does it occur that I go the whole trip without turning out at least one light. It is usually a few. Sometimes it is several.

Full Disclosure: Once I became an orgonite gifter, I usually kept orgonite in my car and even on my person. Don's wife, Carol Croft, sells a powerful orgonite pendant, which I bought, and which I usually have on my person. In other words, the street lights are reacting to the actual orgonite product(s) I have with me, in addition to the orgone I naturally emit.

I do enjoy it though, upon occasion, after making several lights turn off, when I discover that I do not have any orgonite on me. I definitely believe Croft is right. The more you are around orgonite, the more orgone your system naturally puts out.

I have a friend I've known all my life. It wasn't until we were in our 40s that I discovered that he also had the ability to turn out lights. I was celebrating Thanksgiving with him one year at his mom's house. We were playing backgammon when his wife mentioned that he was the only person she ever met who could make street lamps turn off.

I explained to her, what I described above. She was surprised to realize she knew two people with that bizarre ability. I truly believe that if she keeps orgonite on her, she won't have to be with her husband to experience this incredibly cool phenomenon of having street lights turn off when she is in their vicinity.

If you are reading this and you are skeptical, I challenge you to buy an orgonite pendant or some other orgonite product. Keep it with you at all times, and see what happens. It might take time to get to the point where it starts happening, but maybe not. It could conceivably happen the first night you get it.

If that doesn't work soon enough, I invite you to read up on how to create your own orgonite devices. It's a good idea to have a lot of them in your home, and to even bury them in various parts of your property.

Keep in mind, this isn't just about making street lamps flicker off. This is about reducing the amount of electronic smog in your environment. These radio waves, cell phone and cell tower signals, microwaves, and various other forms of electronic radiation have a real effect upon every cell in our bodies, disrupting their ability to communicate with each other.

These are non solid toxins, and just like their solid counterparts, these toxins have a cumulative effect upon us. The more we are exposed to them, the greater the chance the toxins have of making us sick and taxing our immune system. Make no mistake. People are dying on a daily basis thanks to all the electromagnetic frequencies.

Electromagnetic radiation is at a point right now that is comparable to cigarettes in the 1950's. The people who were awake were acutely aware that they were a terrible habit. With the passage of time, their common sense was proven overwhelmingly and undeniably via the serious illness and premature deaths of millions of people.

This is what is starting to happen with electronic smog. Most people choose to not want to believe that this issue is serious, even though brain tumors are already increasing in frequency at an alarming rate.

The worst part is how most parents give cell phones to their children, whose skulls are so small, they are affected adversely by them, many times more than adults. This is an extremely serious matter. Parents should wait until their children are 16, or nearly full grown, and everyone should be arming themselves with orgonite.

When you place multiple orgone devices in an area, they tend to work in tandem with each other, but even one can make a difference in how you feel, your state or mind and your health. Besides having one on your person at all times, it's good to place them near sources of electromagnetic smog.

These include cell phones, cordless phone bases, WiFi routers, computers, TVs, stereos, your electrical panel, smart meters, and the like. It's even better not to have as many of those as possible, but at the very least, you should get quite a lot of orgonite. and use it liberally around your home, in your car and at work.

When I am in a relaxed state of mind, and use a soft, indirect kind of eyesight focus, I can often see what appears to be smoke, emanating from orgonite devices. Sometimes it appears more like shimmering waves of energy, while other times it appears more like etheric smoke.

Some people go walking through their neighborhood at night and toss little orgonite cones or muffins in the bushes of each house. They often report observing a more peaceful environment as well as a better feel to the neighborhood on an energetic level.

Of course, those are not scientifically confirmed observations, although I would not be surprised to ever come across some. I know the Transcendental Meditation people refer to studies they have done where if they can get a certain per capita of the population in a given area to practice TM, crime rates are said to reduce.

Even though that may seem to you to be comparing apples to oranges, it is presented here for your perusal because both mediation and orgonite deals with the field of subtle energy. They are both examples of things you can do that have a positive effect, not only upon yourself, but also on other people – even if you don't get to observe and appreciate all the ways they contribute to the lives of those around you.

It's easy to scoff at the thought that someone could think they are helping others by tossing paper-weight-like gizmos in neighbor's shrubs and around cell phone towers. If you are laughing, that's understandable. The powers that be do not want us to know the greater nature of reality, so this type of information is virtually never taught in their brainwashing institutions, also known as schools and universities.

It would be great to see a skeptic's reaction if they could have been with me, stopped at a red light after exiting the freeway, when four street lamps, in lighting quick succession turned off, two on each side of my car… Or one of the times, when in the space of 60 seconds, I've spotted up to five lights flicker off on a stretch of highway… Or if they could be with me on my nightly bike ride, when a few lights turn off on quite literally, virtually every single night – night after night after night.

Faced with such evidence, it is difficult to turn a blind eye to the power of orgone energy and orgonite. I could talk about the calming influence orgonite has on me or the ability to help me mediate, but that is subjective, and therefore, not anything I could present to a skeptic as evidence.

I could invite the skeptic to experiment with it though. The problem with that is that most people who say they are skeptics, are actually debunkers. They would either not take me up on my challenge to experiment, and see for themselves; or they would do so in only the most cursory manner, with a closed mind, just so they could say they didn't experience anything.

In the interest of offering real evidence, I can report a rather dramatic health effect an orgonite device had on me. The debunker would simply say I“m lying and leave it at that, but a true skeptic could interview family members who witnessed the event, and be willing to accept it.

Several years ago, I went through a potential cancer scare. I had been growing a bump for several years that was near my backbone. When people would put their hand on my back they would be alarmed and try to get me to go to a doctor.

I steadfastly refused, because I understand that the medical system does much more harm than good. Once the doctors get their hooks into you, it is usually the beginning of a downward spiral. I knew that when most people die of cancer, the reality is, they actually die from the cancer treatment, not the cancer itself.

(I'm not saying they would not die of cancer if left untreated. I am saying they would live longer.)

Any way, at one point, the bump was so large, I could no longer ignore it. I emailed Don Croft who assured me that it was not cancerous. How in the world could he possibly know that? Well, I had bought a terminator zapper from him.

Dr. Hulda Clark discovered that a slight electrical impulse, in the form of a sine wave, placed into a person's skin, anywhere on their body, has a tremendous effect on their immune system. She called her device, a zapper.

Croft added several elements to Clark's design, creating, the Terminator zapper. I informed him that I was zapping many hours a day for months on end. Croft had witnessed so many people being healed from cancer by using the Terminator, he was absolutely sure that whatever the source or cause of the growth on my back, it was not cancerous. He guaranteed it.

After speaking with him, my memory was jogged. I had been gifted with an orgonite device from an orgonite vendor I had bought several tower busters from. This device, known as, a Saint Busters Button (named by the originators, the Crofts), was larger than a tower buster, and had a number of extra elements, including extra gemstones for healing, as well as an energy coil and a powerful magnet.

I slept with it propped against my back bump. The next morning I woke up, and the growth was nearly twice the size. I emailed Croft and he said I was being healed and to keep using it, which is what I did for the next few days.

It started getting watery on the surface. I didn't try breaking the skin or anything to get the liquid out. I just kept placing the Saint Buster's Button against it. Within a few days, I was sitting on the couch and felt wetness on my back. My growth had burst open.

I went to the bathroom and was able to reach my hands behind my back and squeeze out lot of puss and some blood. Talk about an ungodly stench. Whew.

For the next couple days, I was able to keep squeezing puss out. After the first time, it was a kind of hardened puss. It got to the point where there was nothing left to squeeze out. It closed up nicely on it's own.

To me, that is some pretty convincing evidence regarding the effects of orgonite, as well the importance of understanding life from an energetic perspective. Part of the utter failure (by and large) of medical science is due to the fact that it is stuck in the Newtonian, mechanistic paradigm.

If you are intrigued with what you have read, you may wish to purchase some orgonite devices. Just use the NSA tracking tool known as Google to help you find some sites that sell them.

The great thing about orgonite gifting it that it provides an action option for people who have become awakened (or who, at least, are in the process of waking up.) When people realize that a relative handful of people are controlling the world, and are actively pursuing the demise of the masses, they often are at a loss of what to do.

Orgonite gifting is a huge thorn in the side of powers that be. The positive energy that comes about as the result of even a single person burying tower busters in the vicinity of cell phone towers in their city is a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to learn more about orgonite, go here.

To learn more about Don and Carol Croft, click here.

If you really want to expand your horizons, start reading about Wilhelm Reich. He was a maverick scientific inventor along the lines of Nikola Tesla. He cured cancer with his orgone accumulator technology. He also built devices he called a cloudbusters, which allowed him to create rainstorms or stop them.

He also happens to have been a revolutionary psychoanalyst, who at one time was a student of Sigmund Freud. He believed that sexual repression created the bulk of human neurosis and the cure is found in, “full and repeated sexual satisfaction.”

Reich was the first analyst to postulate that psychological tensions are transferred to the body, and, as such, there is a mind/body connection – a concept that is now universally understood.

Ultimately, just like Tesla, Reich's information was considered a threat to the powers that be in the USA, and just as with Tesla, they destroyed his laboratory and burned his research – ironically, an experience he previously endured in Europe by the Nazis.

This same power structure, today, presents him as a looney tune. If that was actually the case, they would not have needed to expend millions of dollars suppressing his research, tracking and harassing him for years, until he died from a heart attack, many people say was induced.

Reich's legacy continues to be felt in the arenas of biology, psychology, cosmology, atmospheric science and physics. For more information on Reich, you can start here. here.

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