How To Tell If You Are A Partisan Tool

While nobody wants to think of herself (or himself) as a partisan tool, the unfortunate fact is that virtually everybody who identifies closely with a political party absolutely fits the label. Make no mistake, this did not happen by accident.

It's a top down game of divide and conquer and it has worked like a dream, probably throughout human history, and certainly now, more than ever. The ruling class of elite, mega wealthy individuals, who comprise not even close to one tenth of one percent of the world's population, need the rest of us to pick a side, and disagree vehemently with (while feeling superior to) everyone who isn't on that same side.

Divide and conquer doesn't begin and end with political affiliations. We allow ourselves to be manipulated into this, “us against them,” mentality in everything from race, nationalities, languages, dialects, gender, religion, sexual orientation, lifestyle choices, favorite sports teams and in so many other seemingly endless ways.

This elite group of people who basically run the world, and whose families have run the world for thousands of years, surely must never cease to marvel just how easy it is to manipulate the masses into fighting with each other, while being totally blind to the actual cause of most of the real problems and intense suffering on the planet.

As long as they can continue to get we the people to identify with a group or point of view in a way where each person believes that they are right and good, while anyone who believes or identifies themselves differently is wrong and bad, there will be no hope for humanity to evolve as a species and to transform the world from the giant prison it has become, into the paradise it has the potential to be.

In order to become aware of this situation, a rare type of honesty and self awareness is required in individuals, especially at this point in the proverbial game. As more people go through this awareness process – this personal paradigm evolution – it will become easier for others to do the same.

At this point in time, though, it is fairly difficult to attain and exercise this type of honesty. So few people, in terms of the actual percentage of humanity, are at this level of existence that it's barely a blip on the radar of most people's conceptual awareness of what is, and what is possible.

If you are resonating with what you've read so far, count yourself in the extreme minority. By the way, please be aware that you are thought of poorly by the aforementioned elite group of controllers who run the show here on earth.

If you are reading this and thinking that the writer sounds like a kook, and the only reason you continue to read is because you are curious to see just how crazy he is, you can rest assured that you are in the majority of the inhabitants of the planet who enjoy being manipulated and victimized. The controllers of this prison planet are very pleased with you.

It is possible, however, that I am understating the level of awareness that is underway regarding the divide and conquer / us-versus them style of planetary control. There are indications that humanity is beginning to awaken to the massive level of conspiracy that is the control grid.

For one thing, marijuana is beginning to be viewed in more realistic terms, and there is a growing movement to quit denying civil rights to people who want to marry someone who shares the same gender. Also, the major media outlets have lost their dominance. Alternative media sources are flourishing.

There is also this: Poll after poll indicates that less than 10% of Americans have any fondness for Congress as a whole; and yet, when it comes to presidential politics, divide and conquer continues to reign supreme.

The best news though is that of all the ways the divide and conquer game is played out upon the masses, it is among the easiest to point out and become aware of in the political arena. It is easy to see when others are being partisan tools. Not only that, but with a bit of open mindedness, we can actually spot ourselves in the act as well.

The best way to do so is to recognize the same type of behavior in sports fans. You certainly do not have to be a fan of sports to recognize it, but if you do have teams you root for, you will probably be able to admit to being a bit of a tool in that regard, and that will help you to realize how you do the same thing when it comes to politics.

You have probably seen football or basketball games where it seems like everyone in the stadium or arena is booing the referees for either a call they made or a call they didn't make. With the sheer level of emotion and the amount of people expressing the same feelings, you would have to assume that they are right and the officials were wrong.

What happens a lot of times though, is the various replays from every conceivable angle, clearly demonstrate that the refs got it right. Many times, it's incredibly obvious. In fact, many times, the whole mob mentality was started by a single player involved in the play who gesticulated to indicate the foul was either missed, or called incorrectly.

Within mere seconds, almost everyone in the building is expressing outrage and indignation at the officials, while feeling like victims at their mercy. This usually continues even as the replay is being shown on the jumbo screens, repeatedly, for anyone willing to open their eyes, leaving no doubt that the referees were right all along.

When this happens, (usually multiple times a game), the home crowd fans are being tools. They believe they are right and the officials are wrong. Many of them would be willing to get into a physical altercation over it, and sometimes, some of them actually do.

As humans, we often create our individual realities – what we think of as reality – by our vary perceptions, filters, biases, inclinations, proclivities, selective memory, fears, desires & other emotions. Most of us can probably admit to sometimes being a sports tool, but how can we know when we're being a partisan tool?

Just as the sports fan has the ability to question herself at any point and ask, “Would I be perceiving this the same way if the roles were reversed?”, as political enthusiasts, we can do the same thing.

When a member of your political party is in the White House and he is being criticized by the other party, your seemingly natural reaction is to defend him. You want to justify what he's doing and find reasons that you are right for doing so, and that the other party is wrong for criticizing him.

There is another way to react, though. Ask yourself, what if it was a member of that other party who was in office and who did the same thing. Would you honestly be justifying and defending his actions? Even if it happens to be your guy in there now, do you really want him setting a precedent that will be followed up on when the other party is in control?

If you are not honestly asking and answering these questions; if you find yourself blindly defending the actions of your party members, you, indeed are a partisan tool. More succinctly, you are a partisan fool.

If you didn't like it that President Bush signed the Patriot Act (at least once you realized, in so doing, he was going against the Constitution and denying your rights in many frightening ways); but you found yourself making excuses when President Obama signed the NDAA into law – which allows the president to single-handedly label anyone a terrorist, deny him or her the right to be charged with a crime and tried before a jury of his or her peers, and indeed grants the president a license to kill anyone he so labels – then there is no doubt about it. You are a partisan tool of the highest order!

If you had a problem with Bush sending the military into wars and military excursions, but you have no issue with Obama doing the same thing, or with him creating weekly kill lists of people for drones to target, often killing many men, women and children who are not even on the list (all the while, reportedly privately bragging how good he is at killing people), then you are most certainly a partisan tool.

If you originally called for the closing of Guantanamo's torture center but find yourself excusing Obama for keeping it open, you're a partisan tool. You're also one if you didn't like it when Bush circumvented checks and balances by executive order, but you root for it when Obama does it.

If you hated it when you found out that Vice President Cheney worked behind the scenes to see to it that power companies had problems supplying the country with the energy that is needed, so that prices would rise dramatically, but you are alright with President Obama doing the same thing, that also makes you a tool.

If you didn't like it when Reagan gave amnesty to every illegal alien but you're all in with Obama pushing for it all over again, that makes you a partisan tool. (Except now the Republican leadership is on board with this as well, which hopefully will be upsetting to the equilibrium of your divide and conquer programming).

If you were up in arms when it was revealed that Bush was involved in warrant-less wiretaps on anyone he felt like wiretapping, but you're not concerned when under Obama's watch and with him defending such, it is revealed that the government is tapping all our phones and spying on each one of us in a myriad of ways, (including their ability to look at us while they listen via our computers and cell phones), and giving each of us a case file that is added to daily – then yes, you're a giant tool.

In fact, if you can't see that each new president is worse than the one before him, and that we've lost most of our rights, while the police are militarizing their attitudes and equipment, while people who want to fly are subject to having naked pictures taken as they are being irradiated, and/or being molested and having to stand by and watch their children be molested by people in uniform; then you are definitely a perfect tool of the controlling elite whose goal is nothing less than global enslavement.

The interesting thing about doing this exercise of seeing if you are being a partisan tool is that you are likely to find yourself identifying less and less with your party. You will begin to have the veil lifted from your eyes of awareness and start to realize that there really is very little difference between the political parties.

You'll start to see that this tiny group of people are using your identification with your party to take away the sovereignty of your nation and of your person-hood. You'll start to understand that we are at a critical stage where international agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership (which Obama is trying to, “fast track”) are locked, loaded and ready to do away with our ability to make decisions how to live our lives, what we can eat, what we can buy, where and how to work, what we can publish, and so much more.

Of course, many people don't want to think about any of this, so the last thing they will do is to take the partisan tool test. The avoidance of such self awareness will not end up helping them in any way, shape or form.

If history has showed us anything, it is that the time to become aware is upon us. We need to wake ourselves up and get on with the business of helping others to do the same. The consequences of choosing not to take on this challenge are not fun, but if enough of us do so, a critical mass will be achieved that will be unstoppable and will change the course of history.

Your move.

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