How To Stop A Toothache And Naturally Heal Your Teeth

A number of studies have shown that when it comes to “modern” medicine, more harm is done than good.

Any time there has ever been a doctor strike in any part of the world, the mortality rate decreased for as long as patients were not seeing doctors. But, what about dentists?

Even people who have awoken to the con of allopathic medicine, often believe that it is somehow different when it comes to dentists. A surprisingly large percentage of awakened individuals believe that tooth decay is a part of life, and going to the dentist is the only answer.

There are people who hate going to the dentist, and never do so until they are having persistent pain that is too severe to ignore. Then they do everything in their power to schedule an emergency appointment.

Once at the dentist, they have her do everything that she says needs to be done, all in one sitting. This way, they can get it out of the way, until some years later when the another decayed tooth puts them through tortuous pain again.

You will be happy to learn that if you are like most people, you never have to suffer very long again with a pesky toothache. There is a trick that works for everyone I know who has tried it, when it comes to stopping a toothache. It doesn't just work on minor or intermittent toothaches. It is usually good for the most severe, nonstop aches you could ever have.

Get a small glass of room temperature water. (This is presuming the room is not ice cold, of course.) You should always use purified water in your day to day life, and this is no exception. Mix a tablespoon of salt, into the water. Stir it up really good.

Don't worry. You are not going to swallow this salt water. Take a large swig into your mouth and swish it around, through your teeth for at least a minute. Spit it out. For some people that will be enough. The pain will be gone almost immediately. Give it a minute and then, if needed, do it again. You may want to wait a couple minutes between swigs. Sometimes the pain will subside when there is no water in your mouth. If you have not received relief within 5 cycles, then you are probably one of the relatively few unlucky ones this will not work on.

Do not rinse your mouth out with regular water. Don't eat or drink anything for at least a half water.

I had a bad toothache several years ago. Friends were telling me that even if I found pain killers, that the pain was going to keep coming back when they wear off. They were really pressuring me to see a dentist.

Luckily, I came across the salt water method and tried it. It worked within a few minutes. The next day when I was eating, it started to come back, so I tried it again. It worked again and has never come back.

If you try this, and it works for a while and then returns, and the pattern repeats over and over, then that is likely a sign that you really do need to visit a dentist. Bacteria that is flooding your mouth can be carried by the bloodstream to other parts of your body and wreak havoc on your health. Thankfully there are a lot of holistic (aka, biological) dentists these days. One of those is who you want to see.

By the way, if you are dealing with a cracked tooth, you should not do the salt water trick. People have reported that it makes the pain that much worse. Most severely cracked teeth can not be healed. You should schedule an appointment with a holistic dentist to have it pulled.

Don't worry. Most holistic dentists, are not adverse to prescribe a single, non refillable prescription for pain pills for a procedure like a pulled tooth. However, you should never make a habit of taking pain medicine, though, even if it is over the counter.

Pain pills, of course, work by masking the pain. The cause of the pain is not being addressed, which is actually true of most pills, and explains why drugs, in general, are so easy to develop a dependence on. But, in the case of dental surgery, the pain is going to be reduced on a daily basis, as your mouth heals. However, people who suffer from chronic pain and who always take pain medication are not doing themselves a favor.

All drugs, not just prescription drugs, are toxic. They all have side effects. What often happens is you find yourself looking for more drugs to deal with the side effects.

Of course those drugs also come with side effects of their own, for which a doctor might prescribe even more pills. It can turn into a vicious cycle that leads, over time, into the serious degradation of your health. Pain medication in particular, even the kind that don't get you high, are especially dangerous.

Thousands of people in the US alone, die annually from taking even over the counter pain pills. They do serious damage to your liver and other vital organs. Like most medications, they should be viewed as temporary measures. This, of course, is no longer being taught by doctors. The medical establishment has forsaken any semblance of good health advice, in pursuit of profits for the pharmaceutical companies.

Dentists are largely in the same boat. Let me ask you this. Do you think that if a pill existed that you could take once and never have tooth decay again, your dentist would tell you about it, let alone prescribe it for you?

The truth is that most of what dentists do is bad for you. It's not just bad for your teeth. It's bad for your health, in general. You can not only save a lot of money by avoiding the dentist, you are likely to add years and happiness to your life.

If you have to – or you feel you have to – have a dentist, find a holistic dentist. They are becoming more popular. They are not in denial regarding the harm that most dentists do, and they take steps to curtail that harm.

A lot of the harm comes in the form of synthetic fillings your teeth, which seep into your body and go on to damage your health for the rest of your life. The old fashioned amalgam fillings use mercury, which is a deadly poison.

The American Dental Association continues to maintain that they are safe, but there are plenty of studies that say otherwise. There are far too many cases where people were sick and afflicted with various kind of symptoms for years. Nothing any doctor tried to do for them would help. If anything, seeing their doctor only made them worse. Then when they decide to have their amalgams removed, often as a last resort, their symptoms disappear and they regain their health.

Holistic dentists will sometimes use estrogenic material for fillings. This may not be as bad as mercury tinted fillings for most individuals, but it really not advisable. The estrogen causes hormonal imbalances in a lot of patients. If you are going to replace your mercury laden fillings, make sure your dentist doesn't replace them with estrogen laden fillings.

A good holistic dentist has various options for fillings and has ways of testing your body for biocompatablity of the different materials. The best option is to take action to induce your teeth to heal themselves, which is something most dentists don't like to talk about.

Holistic dentists refuse to use the high speed drills that traditional dentists use. High speed drills are faster. There is no arguing that a dentist can squeeze in a lot more customers using the high speed technology, (that creates that high pitched whirring sound we are all so familiar with.)

Most people have no idea that dentists could choose to use safer, low speed drills, but instead opt for the high speed drills that damage your teeth by making larger holes than are necessary. When the same tooth gets more cavities, more large holes are made on subsequent visits. Often this leads to the dentist having to pull the tooth altogether, since there comes a point where there just is not enough tooth left.

Even worse than pulling the tooth, she will probably sell you on a root canal to save the tooth that she damaged with her high speed money making drill. How could a root canal, tooth-saving procedure be worse than loosing the tooth? We'll cover that shortly.

Dentists who utilize low speed drills will take more time with each patient. They won't be able to make as much money as their counterparts who can book more patients in the same amount of time. While low speed drills are a step in the right direction, you can't beat not even needing to get your teeth drilled in the first place.

The only way most people believe they can deal with tooth decay is to have a dentist check their teeth, find their cavities and then use their drill, to actually enlarge their cavities before filling them in.

Well, there are not only things you can do to get your body to regrow your teeth, that is, to fill in the cavities on their own; there are actions you can take to avoid getting tooth decay in the first place. Sometimes these protocols overlap. That is to say, the prevention protocol is also part of the protocol for dealing with the damage that is already done.

The single most important action you can take for the health of your teeth is to completely change your diet. Eliminate processed foods. Opt for natural organically grown food. You can eat animal products if they are free range, grass fed and not given hormones. That means the vast majority of the items in most grocery store will be off limits. It also means most restaurants will not be options for you.

You may feel that it's not worth it, just to avoid having to deal with the dentist. That's your call, but you should keep a few things in mind. We're not just talking about the convenience of not having to go to the dentist. We're discussing preventing the bad things she does to your body that can have seriously detrimental effects upon your health and take years off your life.

Besides that, it's not just about avoiding the need for your dentist. If you change your dietary lifestyle, to the level we are discussing here, you will likely be able to avoid seeing doctors, who, overall, are many times more dangerous to your well being than dentists.

Anyway, simply going organic, in and of itself, may not be the prescription for avoiding tooth decay. It depends on your organic food choices. If you drink a lot of fruit juices, even the freshly squeezed juice of organically grown fruit, (and sweet vegetables like carrots), it can definitely lead to tooth decay.

That is not to say that you should totally avoid carrots, fruits and their juices. Just don't have too much of them. A huge exception to this rule is when juicing carrots to make cancer go into remission. Obviously, it's better to deal with potential tooth decay than cancer. Research has shown that sugar products, including candy, don't create tooth decay in the manner most people believe they do. Yes, they are responsible for a lot of cavities, but not from the outside in; rather from the inside out.

The old school theory of tooth decay is still the working hypothesis of the American Dental Association (AMA), the voice of traditional dentistry. The premise is that remnants of sugar and carbohydrate based foods are left on your teeth, which invites bacteria that lives in your mouth to consume the remnants, and in so doing, produce acid that wears away at the teeth.

The way the holistic dentists see it, a carbohydrate, processed food laden diet does not supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Your body pulls nutrients from areas of your body that have them, like bones, including the bones in your mouth, also known as teeth, which leads to various health issues, perhaps the least of which is tooth decay.

You need whole foods that contain fat soluble vitamins; A, E, D & K and that have a lot of bio-available minerals. Authentic free range chicken eggs are very good. If you are willing to make your own grain bread, complete with the fermenting process, you can get a regular supply of vitamin E.

Calcium and silica are very good for repairing and rebuilding (aka regrowing) your teeth. The best sources of calcium include dark leafy veggies and broccoli. Great silica sources include the following herbs; horsetail, nettle, oatstraw.

Vitamin C is ultra important for healthy gums, which of course, are crucial for teeth health. Crunchy, healthy whole foods are good for fighting plaque. Think of romaine lettuce, celery, and seeds… (especially sesame seeds)

One of the things dentist are infamous for is pulling teeth that could be saved. I recall being rather shocked at the amount of force my dentist would use with one of his gripper tools, going back and forth on my teeth.

I asked him what he was doing and he said he was checking for teeth that may need to be pulled. I told him to cut that crap out, because if he kept doing it, he would be causing teeth to become loosened. I wasn't kidding. Don't let any health practitioner do anything to you that you feel isn't right.

One way you can help to heal your gums and also stabilize loose teeth is with amla powder & purified water. Mix just a teaspoon of the former with a cup of that latter. Rinse your mouth with it just one time per day. Swish it around for quite some time. There is no need to drink it, though.

You can make your own tooth powder that is a much better alternative than the toxic toothpaste that lines grocery and drug stores shelves. Here is the formula. 1 part clove, 1 part lobelia, 3 parts peppermint, 3 parts oak bark powder, 3 parts horsetail root, 6 parts comfrey root. You can find outlets online where you can get all of these shipped directly to your door.

Not only is this awesome for keeping your teeth clean and your mouth fresh, it also tightens teeth and heals your gums. If you have really severe dental issues, put some of this powder between your gums and the inside of your lips every night of the week except for one, before you go to sleep. Best practice is to have one day a week you don't do this. (You should know when it is no longer required.)

Another way to use comfrey root to rebuild/regrow your teeth is to cut about an inch of the root and put into a high speed blender with only a very little bit of purified water so that it becomes comfrey root liquid.

It you have a dried root, boil it for ten minutes before you start using it. Once you have the liquid, put it in your mouth and keep it there for a full 20 minutes. Keep swishing it around and pulling it through your teeth constantly. When you are done, spit it out.

Here's something else that is known to get results; organic eggshells. Consume just one a day. No, you don' t have to chew it and eat it. Put it in a smoothie, preferably a thick one, like with a banana in it, so the shell fragments don't just drop to the bottom.

Root canals are basically emergency surgical procedures that are last ditch efforts to save teeth. The dentist takes out the main nerve and the pulp of the tooth from the main canal of the tooth, and then she seals it up.

It is then a dead tooth that you can use to chew food. As such, the tooth itself can never cause you physical pain again. However, having dead systems in your body is not a good thing for a number of reasons, not the least of wish is bacteria will flourish to such a degree, it will create health problems. If an organ dies, it would kill you if it were not removed. Since teeth can be sealed up, a dead tooth root canal will not kill you.

However, it is not completely sealed. There are thousands of miniscule and microscopic canals with nerves that allow bacteria to fester under the tooth and then be carried in the bloodstream to other areas of the body. Just as the case with amalgams, many people have chronic sickness as a result, and the only time permanent relief comes is when the root canal is done away with; in other words, when the dead tooth is extricated from your living mouth.

Pulling a tooth is better than having a root canal to save it. False teeth and bridges, as long as they are not made of metal are much better choices than root canals. If you have any root canals, or amalgams, it's a good idea to book an appointment with a holistic dentist to have them removed.

Another way dentists harm their patients is with fluoride. While there is a natural form of calcium fluoride that is important for not just mouth health, but overall health, most fluoride is deadly. Calcium fluoride is plentiful in the food supply. That is not the kind of fluoride that is in toothpaste, (as well as the water supply) and in teeth cleaning products dentists use. It's often sold as rat poison.

It's pollution from the production of aluminum as well as chemical fertilizer. In other countries, industries have to pay to deal with this poison. In the US, they sell it to cities that put it in their water supply.

Contrary to the propaganda, it does not help reduce cavities. Kentucky is given awards for having the highest rate of fluoride, throughout the United States, in their water supply. Kentucky also has the distinction of ranking in the top position for the worst overall dental health scores in the country. They are near # 1 for cavities in children as well as total toothlessness in adults. Kentucky also has the most incidents of cancer in the US, per capita.

In addition to increased tumors and cancer rates, here are some other gifts from from fluoride: dementia, hyperactivity and/or lethargy, brain damage, lower IQ (20 point reduction), increased crime, increased divorce rate, fertility abnormalities, increased lead absorption, lowered thyroid function, bone fractures and arthritis, immune system disruption, increased tumor and cancer rates, cell death & genetic damage.

It's definitely a smart thing to do to get away from as much fluoride as possible. If you can't find fluoride free toothpaste, use baking soda. Purify your water with a good filtration system. Stay away from dental teeth cleanings.

Another area that dentists have damaged the health of countless individuals is with metallic based dental implants. Embedding metal in your gums often leads to health issues. Sometimes, different kinds of metals are used. That actually creates an electrical effect that can throw your body out of balance. Even crowns are made with metal. In closing, let me say that you should not refrain from seeing a holistic dentist if you are having significant dental health issues. Dental issues are a sign that you are having health issues in general. You should not try to live with an abscessed tooth or any dental issue that is not responding to the natural alternative remedies that you can find online, including those in this article.

However, I can not recommend that you go to traditional dentists who continue to use mercury laden fillings and who ignore more than a century's worth of scientific research that details that dangers of root canals, and who continue to use fluoride even though they should know better.

When enough people refuse to go to them, they will be forced to change their ways.


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