How to say NO to Vaccines and other Pharmaceuticals

The purpose of this article is not to try to convince anyone to refuse immunizations or drugs for their children. This is for those who have already made the determination that many pharmaceuticals involve risks which could outweigh supposed benefits. Anything forced onto individuals and families by the State are automatically suspect so it is important one learn to stand up to any potential violations of civil liberties such as right to refuse medical treatment for oneself and one's family.


The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily the opinions of Devtome or any of its other members or contributors. Neither the author nor Devtome accepts any liability for the use or misuse of the information contained in this document. The conclusions of the author are based on the author's own personal experience and research. The author is a private citizen not a lawyer, attorney, or heath care professional. Minor corrections to this document are welcome but it is asked that contributors refrain from making major changes to this document without the consent of the author.

If you are reading this it may mean that you have already figured out that vaccines and other drugs pushed on us by Big Pharma are extremely dangerous and have dubious health benefits. You are ready to take a stand and protect your children from Medical Tyranny but you do not know how. We will list some potentially useful strategies. Several military metaphors will be employed herein. The intent is not to glamorize war itself but rather to get you thinking strategically and tactically.

It is important for you to understand that even if you do everything right, you may still have your kids taken into custody and be charged with, possibly even convicted, of supposed crimes against your children. We are finding that we have to take a Gandhiesque approach to the oppression we are faced with today. This a significant revelation because it means you have to be prepared to get brutalized by the system.

In the worst case scenario, your children may be abused while in custody. This outcome is actually not as likely as you might fearfully assume. People will typically not push the issue if they see you are making informed decisions. However, if you are willfully allowing poisons to be forced on your dependants even after you know better, does that not mean you are abusing them yourself?

“An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law” – Marin Luther King Jr.

“An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so. Now the law of nonviolence says that violence should be resisted not by counter-violence but by nonviolence. This I do by breaking the law and by peacefully submitting to arrest and imprisonment.” – Mahatma Gandhi

All that having been said, the following strategies should help prevent yourself and your children from being victimized. These are not the only strategies and there may be even better strategies. Do research and learn to think for yourself. This world we all helped to create is as dangerous as it is beautiful. I know of none who cares for roses who has not been pricked by a thorn. I have found, however, that the roses are worth the risks involved.

Be Prepared

Recruit Professionals: to Help Your Family: Going into battle without an army behind you is a sure way to ensure your own defeat. Interview multiple pastors, rabbis, school principals, doctors, pediatricians, midwives, duala midwives (look it up), et cetera. Put together a team that will support you in your decisions.

Be Preemptive: Research the clinics and hospitals in your area. Find out what the general attitude and policies are dealing with these issues. Try to make sure you are only using those organizations that respect your parental authority and the personal rights of your family. Some medical organizations will actually have holistic practitioners, midwives, dualas, and such integrated into their staff. This is especially true in wealthier more educated communities which should surprise no one.

Arm Yourself: Knowledge is one of the most powerful weapons you can have in your arsenal. Learn the laws, codes, policies, and procedures in your State, County, Hospital, et cetera. Study the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Find out about Common Law, Natural Law, and other legal structures which are often used by but just as often conveniently ignored by establishments like Child Protective Services, Health Departments, and Family Courts.

Employ a Trained Soldier of Law: This author has not yet done this but it seems like a good idea. Attempt to find Attorneys and/or Lawyers who help families in these sorts of cases. These may be difficult to find especially if you are poor. Such professionals are also notoriously duplicitous so caution must be employed when making selections and conducting affairs with them thereafter.

Do No Forget About Combat Service Support Personnel: There may be communities and organizations in your area specifically organized to help people with these issues. They may even be able to help you rally your forces and organize your elements including those previously mentioned. Note: If these military analogies are confusing you please feel free to consult veterans and/or research the terms on the Internet.

Train to Win the Mental Fight: Conflicts are fought and won mostly in the heart and mind. You do not want to enter a situation with false expectations. When our expectations are not met we tend to get angry or experience other negative emotions which will lower our effective intelligence and cause us to react in unproductive and even counter-productive ways. Expect that things may go horribly wrong. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised when things turn out to be easier than you might expect.

To reiterate, these are probably not the only possible preparative strategies. It is highly recommended that the reader do additional research. It is also highly encouraged for the reader to share information with their friends and family. It is important to explain potential consequences, not just in standing up for their rights and that of their children, but also potential consequences of submitting to unjust oppression.

When You are Ready to Confront

You have taken all the precautions you can think of. Someone attempts to coerce, bully, intimidate, manipulate and/or use fear tactics to pressure you into letting them expose your child to toxins anyway. Now what? Once the battle has begun what are some sound tactics? Once again, lets keep in mind, these are not the only tactics and there may be better ones. Be yourself, be self-educated, and be empowered.

Be Friendly, Calm, and Polite: Your real enemy is fear and propaganda. Though the medical industry does tend to attract a disproportionately high percentage of high-functioning predators than the general population, typically the people who try to push drugs on your family are well-intentioned but misinformed and establishment conditioned people. Even the ones that may be predators will not respond well to negative emotions. With inter-species predators your negative emotion is actually what they are after. They are disgusted with human beings and thrive on fear, anger, and hatred the way most of us are sustained by love, compassion, and understanding. Do not feed the bears! (I do not mean to insult bears).

Do Not Expect a Confrontation: Do not expect there will not be a confrontation. Do not expect this will be easy. Do not expect this will be hard. Do not expect things to go smoothly. Do not expect things will not go smoothly. Everything may go extremely well as they usually do. Everything may go terribly wrong because this happens often as well. All that preparation is now being put to the test.

Politely Decline: In a clinical setting, if pressed, ask to see the insert. After reading the insert, declare you have made an informed decision. You have conducted a risk assessment (or however you talk) and have concluded that the potential risks outweigh the possible benefits. Demonstrate you are informed and in full control of your mental faculties. Politely decline again.

Retreat and Regroup: You have a right to a second opinion and you have right to refuse treatment on behalf of your child. Guerrilla warfare is effective combat strategy. In a guerrilla war you will retreat and regroup much more often than you will stand and fight. If the resistance you are receiving is starting to feel threatening it is time to remove yourself from the situation. Try not to panic, though. Wolves chase those who run or otherwise behave like prey. Let them know you will take what they say under advisement (in your own words). Calmly and casually extract yourself from the battlefield.

Well.., “that is all fine and good,” you might be thinking, “but what do I do if I get accosted by School District Police or Child Protective Services officers?” All of the advice we have looked at so far is based on the author's, which is to say my, own personal struggles with this issue. You may find that most schools and other institutions will respect you and your children's rights, for the most part. They may require a waiver form be signed and kept on file to cover their backsides but that is usually as far as they will push you. This, unfortunately, is not the experience enjoyed by all in every circumstance.

The one time I ran into considerable resistance is when school administrators were displeased with the way I conducted myself in their office when they tried bullying me into forcing vaccines on my daughter. I explained the situation to them and, although I did not yell or swear, I was quite indignant when I let them know that I was aware of our rights and that they could not dictate to me. I had not adequately prepared for this scenario. No other school had given me this much grief so I did not expect a confrontation.

I was at home later that day when my family informed me that their were police at the door asking to speak with me. I have had my rights violated by the police and legal system before so I was not feeling particularly cooperative that day. I am not recommend ever running from the police but it will explain why I do not have a whole lot of advice on what to do if things go this far. Typically they wont but do not assume escalations like this will not occur.

I left out the back door. I do not recommend ever doing this but that is what I did. I cut through the neighbors back yard. I was lucky I did not get shot in the back for something minor. I am not convinced getting shot would have been righteous so, again: I would not recommend fleeing as typically the best course of action when dealing with police. They were not prepared for my reaction, and to this day probably do not realize I was even there when they came to the door. This turned out to be a successful evasion maneuver.

Having escaped, I then called the supervisor of the police, the lieutenant on duty, and complained to him. We spoke for several minutes. I found out that the school district had sent the police over to the house to speak with me about my conduct. I accused them of using bullying and intimidation tactics. He used dictatorial patience and public relations tactics on his end; I used indignation and philosophical discipline on my end. Eventually we ended up compromising.

Remember to always give your adversary a face-saving way out of the conflict. If you do not let them out of the corner they will fight to the death, so to speak. Creating a situation where your opponent may want to destroy you on the spot or take revenge on you later has no benefit. The idea here is to combat the destructive forces of fear or the anger it creates not the people it influences. Yes: people get angry out of fear. Fears are like bears. Do not feed the bears.

This was not the school's last or biggest error. We will avoid getting too distracted with another topic. However, it may be pertinent to mention that I do not have my daughter attending that school anymore. Tyrants are most often encountered in your local community. They put on the guise of caring motherly or fatherly authority figures. They speak softly but carry a big stick. They have a tendency of digging themselves a big hole with that stick. They are then easily buried in that hole. We must never submit to their authority lest we get buried along with them. We have a duty to protect our children to the best of our ability and we have a duty to not be slaves.

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