How to Really Get Women to Want You Part 2

This is true, dating advice from the internet is not really something to hold on to like a bible. All women have different personalities, which means not one instance can determine how to treat all women. But then again, research shows that the niche dating on the internet is a multimillion dollar industry. Something from the internet must be giving some pretty good advice on dating, some may see advice on the internet as just one of their friends telling them about their experiences with dating. Just because you hear your friends advice doesn't mean you will copy his or her's exact methods. You could take bits and pieces from what you have learned and apply them to different situations.

The internet holds a lot of information, some of it could be good and others could be all bad. The main reason people come to the internet to seek out information, is that they could be embarrassed to tell their friends that they don't know how to act around women. So, they go to the internet where they don't know anyone and look at other people's experiences with women. They could really benefit from the next man's knowledge greatly, one being that they could pick up a few pointers or another could be they know exactly what not to do when dealing with women. True no one person can tell you that all women are the same, it just takes you going out and experiencing all the types of women that are out there and there personalities. I must say though that all women have a common interest, and they might be tired of the same old personalities that approach them, whether they make it known to you or not the feeling that they have inside and that they long for is there. One point to make is that, that is the reason why a woman would cheat on her boyfriend or husband.

Women like to be surprised every once in a while, they like to do things in the spare of the moment. That is the key to a healthy relationship, treat your women good and be spontaneous, trust me the same old day to day routine will not work in your woman's favor, it is just more convenient for you. By being a little rude I mean that in a joking type of atmosphere, you don't want to be stiff and not show any sense of humor. If you never been in a social atmosphere or have never communicated with a lot of women I wouldn't expect you to understand where I come from when I say a little rude. Never disrespect a woman and her passions, if you see that a woman is sensitive about a certain topic tread softly. All in all, don't treat internet dating advice as if it is a bible to live by, just look at it as something to do or not to do in different situations when dealing with women, peace.


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