How to Really Get Women to Want You

I hate to spoil your fun, but there is no secret to gaining someone's interest. No internet article is going to teach you how to “make women want you”. Indeed, it is absurd and possibly offensive to assume that all women are going to want the same things or that they can be collectively referred to in a passing statement. The best advice you can get in this regard is likely as follows: don't be a jerk. Be a decent person. This is not just a rule for romance, this is a rule for a way to approach the world as a whole. If people view you as someone that does not have a basic degree of respect for the world around them, odds are they will not be interested in pursuing you as a romantic partner or as a friend. Of course, some people may prefer this lack of respect in rare instances, making it all the more clear that no one approach to dating will be a panacea for your romantic woes.

Bizarre articles claiming to have secret insight into what women want are patently absurd and the generalizations they draw are laughable. The advice that “it is ok to be a little rude sometimes” may work with some women, but it will likely offend plenty of other women and men as well. If you are genuinely interested in a particular person, find out the kinds of things they like and the types of humor they respond to. That is the only way you will gain special insight into making people of any gender develop an interest in you. If you discover that someone does in fact respond well to a bit of good natured teasing then by all means, do so. But do not assume that all men should be slightly rude to women as a rule of thumb. This troglodytic notion of gender relations will do nothing good for anyone, unless you are hoping to restore the world to a 1950's era Mad Men-esque world.

In summary, be kind, be responsive, and maybe don't take dating advice from the internet.

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