How To Manifest Coincidences To Illuminate, Enrich And Change Your Life

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


It's interesting how pronouncing a word differently can highlight a different meaning. Take the word, coincidences. Now say it so it sounds more like it's root, coincide; coincide-ences.

Saying it that way conveys the idea that things may coincide but they can have such meaning to you that you don't really consider them coincidences, as the term is usually used.

So many major events throughout human history were predicated on coincidences. People were brought together by seeming coincidence, who teamed up to affect great change. If you read the stories of some of the most successful people there is often a theme to be found where they admit that some of their greatest accomplishments were a matter of luck and coincidence.

If you look at the lives of people you know, or even your own life, you can probably find a number of stories where coincidence plays a meaningful role. People often initially meet the person they will go on to marry and make a big family with, based on some coincidence that made it possible.

I came across an awesome website Collective Evolution while researching a piece I'm writing about the dangers of modern medicine. As I was looking at title after title of their articles, knowing that each one held interest for me, I finally read a title that forced me to click on it, because it's one of my favorite subjects; synchronicity.


Carl Jung, once a protege of Sigmund Freud, who, in my opinion, went on to far surpass him in his contributions to psycho-analysis, psychology and the world in general, coined the term, synchronicity. It's a great word. I love it when people create words that go on to be accepted into the lexicon.

[By the way, I hope to coin at least one term before I die, but so far, tragically, the best I've got is, faurp. That's the act of passing gas from the south and the mouth simultaneously. It's yet to get any traction whatsoever, partially due, I think, to the fact that it's surprisingly difficult to pronounce for a one syllable word. The larger issue, though, is that it's just such a rare event. After doing extensive research, I've come to realize that surprisingly few people throughout record human history have ever faurped. It's one of those things, you can't really force yourself to do, if it doesn't come naturally. In fact, I recall a day in 1972, as I was trying to force a faurp, I actually ended up sharting… which was not the first or the last time that would happen; but I digress.]

Anyway, when Jung coined, synchronicity, he explained that it means, meaningful coincidence. The universe has a mysterious way about it, where often times, events seem to line up for us and defy the odds, and things just fall into place.

Jung supplied us with perhaps the all time greatest example of synchronicity. It happened to one of his patients, Mr. Deschamps. He told Jung the story of how the first time he had plum pudding, it was served to him by a man named, Mr. Fortgibu. The next time he was going to have a serving of plum pudding, was 10 years later, in a restaurant.

The waitress told him that she was sorry, because a man named, Mr. Fortgibu, had just bought the last piece. Mr. Deschamps looked over to his table and it was indeed the same Mr. Fortgibu who introduced him to the dessert a decade prior. That alone is quite the coincidence, but there is more to the story.

Quite a few years later, at a party Mr. Deschamps attended, plum pudding was being served. Mr. Deschamps told his host that he has an interesting story to tell about plum pudding. As he started to tell the tale, he said it was a shame that a certain Mr. Fortgibu would not be in attendance to hear it. As he was telling the story of his amazing coincidence, guess who walked in?

Sure enough, it was an elderly and mentally confused Mr. Fortgibu. He had mistaken the house for another house, and he just walked into the party as if he belonged there.

Many times, no one but you can really decide if a coincidence is meaningful or not, but when the odds seem to be on the same level as lottery winning odds like the story above, I tend to call them all meaningful. Other times, the odds may not truly be all that amazing, but you find meaning in the coincidences, nonetheless. There's no external arbiter for deciding what qualifies as synchronicity in your life. It's a pure judgement call or your part.

The interesting thing about this, though, is the more you pay attention to coincidences, the more they seem to happen. One day I was noticing them, one after the other in the same day. The coincidences themselves may not have been meaningful, but the sheer quantity was freaking me the heck out.

So I got out pen and paper and started recalling them for posterity. Would you believe that as I was writing them, several more happened? I had the TV on, and what I was writing down started coinciding with what was on TV.

One of the events that I wrote down had to do with two people I had met that day. They were father and son. As I was writing down the event, and was actually in the process of writing the words, “father and son,” a commercial came on that said the words, “Father and Son” moving company.

Excitedly, I then started writing that one up, and one of the non common words I used in my description of the previous event, was used on TV as I was writing it. At that point I decided I might as well quit writing them down, and simply reflect on them and appreciate the moment. It sure seemed to me that on that day, that the Universe was having fun with me.

Most people have had similar experiences. For instance, you might not have thought about someone for a long time and then they call you the day you think of them. In fact, a lot of people have said the phone call came at the precise moment they were thinking of the person. You might say that is an example of telepathy, rather than synchronicity, but, to me, synchronicity entails many other phenomena, including telepathy.


The article on synchronicity on the Collective Evolution website tells how the author was on Facebook and liked and posted on a comment someone made on a friend's page. The commenter was doing it from the Collective Evolution page. She decided to send a friend request to Collective Evolution.

As she did so, the notice popped up that for her to respond to the friend request that that page had sent her. She and whoever was operating that page, did not know each other, but they both saw contributions the other had made on a mutual friend's Facebook wall, and they both were impelled to reach out to the other person.

When they connected, the author of that article found herself chatting with a guy named Joe, who told her there really are no coincidences. Now, she not only works, writing for that website, but she and Joe are married.

That reminds me of how two people who ended up getting married, met at a workshop for The Sedona Method. (That's a method for releasing all the stuff we carry around in our psyche that only weighs us down and has no helpful purpose in our lives.)

The workshop was thousands of miles from where each person lived. As they started talking, they discovered they not only were both from the same city, but the same neighborhood. Furthermore, she worked in a store which is located in the lobby of the building he lives in.

I had a situation where I quit a job and went back to the restaurant the next day to eat. I saw this gal, who was working her first day there. I was attracted to her and bemoaned my timing for quitting when I did. I shouldn't have worried though. In the next few weeks, I would end up running into her a half dozen times at various places.

One of the most impressive instances of that with her was when I met a comedian at a comedy writers softball game. We decided to get together with some of his friends the next day. In that group was that same gal I had been bumping into. She was best friends with his girlfriend. What I found even more impressive, was not long after that, she showed up in my apartment building, without knowing where I lived. She was visiting her sister, who had just moved in. (That's not even all of places our paths crossed unexpectedly.)

There is a metaphysical concept that says, time does not exist in the greater spiritual perspective. From the physical standpoint of here and now, time is real, but from that greater perspective, its an illusion. It is said that all possibilities already exist in the great Now.

From where we are in the physical world, we pull events from that field of possibilities. That is why the most amazing, odds defying events can happen in our lives, with regularity.

This concept ties into the law of attraction, that tells us that we magnetically draw things to us by the type of the energy we transmit. The reason that some people seem to have outrageously bad luck while others have outrageously good luck is that everyone is drawing things into their lives from the unseen world, based on the vibrations they are resonating.

That is why it's important to remain positive, even in the face of tremendous negativity in our world. Being negative is said to only create more of the same. I know it is difficult not to become negative when you go though the awakening process and you come to the realization that actual, baby killing Satanists are basically running the entire world, but it's crucial to mind your vibrations, if you choose to be part of the solution.

Indeed, the concept of synchronicity should bring solace to people who are awakening to the fact that for the past several thousand years, earth has been, to a large extent, under the thumb of dynasty bloodline families who, to one degree or another, enslave the masses. Synchronicity is something humanity can use, en masse, to live up to our potential as a species and break free from the shackles we were born into.

Keep in mind, there are different kinds of slavery, and the best kind of slaves, from the slave owners viewpoint, is the kind who do not recognize they are enslaved. People today, by and large, live out their lives enriching the slave owners, while not having much time to blossom into the creatures they have potential to be. Make no mistake. The slave owners do not want even a single slave to live up to her human potential.

Even in limited free time that slaves have, they fall into the traps set by the slave owners meant to divert their attention, to ensure they truly never develop their potential. These diversions include, among other things, alcohol, other drugs, television, video games, other passive entertainments, sex & pornography, making a living, trying to get ahead even when a comfortable living situation has been met, etc., etc. In moderation, they wouldn't be so debilitating, but what percentage of people are moderate, in this day and age?

Many people who have achieved financial and other forms of freedom beyond the construct of the slave or prison planetary matrix that the slave owners have set up for us, have written about how they have done it. A common theme is to get in the flow of life and allow things to come to you that you usually avoid by being a creature of habit and by being stuck in a rut.

Do you have a bucket list? (A list of things you'd love to do, before you die?) As long as the list isn't populated with one life risking, daredevil event after the next, make an effort to actually do some of those things… Not some day; now. If you are not satisfied with your life, how do you ever expect anything to change if you aren't willing to do something different, now and then?

Picture yourself in a river that is flowing. If you float with the river, it will easily take you to all kinds of places. If you try to stay where you are at and cling to the sides, you will not only, not get anywhere, but you'll have to deal with being bumped by other people and things that are flowing past you. You not only hurt yourself, but you hinder their flow.

The reality is, whether you try to cling to where you are, or if you let go and flow, you will experience bumps and bruises and pain. You should already know you are not going to be the first person to get though this life without some pain. You're likely to experience a lot less, unnecessary pain, when you allow yourself to let loose of the river bank and go with the flow.

The way synchronicity works is, let go and flow. There are all kinds of mind blowing coincidences waiting to happen in your life. It's hard for them to happen if your life consists of working a slave job and then coming home to a couple hours of mind numbing TV, possibly enhanced with mind numbing chemicals, before passing into unconsciousness, and then waking up to repeat the cycle.

Doing something new that you've yearned to do, will lead to opportunities, relationships and fun. It does not matter if you've been clinging to the banks of the river for as long as you can remember. The synchronicities are waiting for you.

If you want to live your whole life clinging to the banks, that is your choice, but there is something you should know. After you die, you will end up coming right back here to face the same challenge where you will have to decide whether to flow and enjoy the synchronicities, or live, God doesn't even know, how many more lifetimes, clinging to the side of the river bank. In case you are wondering, the evidence of reincarnation is overwhelming.

Any challenges or life lesson we do not deal with in one lifetime will be repeated in the next one. It's like being held back in school. You get to repeat the same challenge as many times as you want, before deciding to meet the challenge. It's up to you.

From this perspective, the coincidences are actually more amazing than we realize, due to the fact that they so often happen with people we know from other lifetimes. One of my favorite examples of this is told by Dr. Brian Weiss, in his book, Only Love Is Real.

Weiss was head of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, when he stumbled onto past life therapy, by doing an age regression hypnosis session with a patient who was instructed to recall the event that started a particular issue. The event, turned out to be not in this lifetime.

The patient got such a quick and amazing result, Weiss tried it with other patients, who also got as much benefit. It became his specialty. Well, in Only Love Is Real, he tells how two patients who did not know each other were recalling past lives where the other person was their spouse in each life that was recalled. Weiss was able to figure it out, because the stories were the same, but they were viewed from different perspectives.

Weiss was excited. He believed his role was to introduce the two soul mates to each other in this lifetime. He felt honored. He wasn't about to mess with the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement, so he simply booked their appointments one time, back to back. As one was leaving the other was in the waiting room. Weiss made the introduction and waited for the fireworks, the love at first sight stuff.

Nothing special happened. It was an ordinary, “Nice to meetchu,” kind of thing. The two soul mates did not recognize each other at all.

He didn't know what to think. He just got back to work and left things alone. Both patients went through all the past life regression sessions they felt were needed, without realizing that they had met their soul mate that day when Weiss introduced them. About a half year after they had finished their work with Weiss, the two of them made a surprise visit to his office. They announced they had become a couple and that they now knew who they were in relation to each other in their past lives.

They explained that they bumped into each other at an airport out of state. They both had layovers, and were waiting for their flights when they saw and recognized one another. They exchanged phone numbers during their conversation, and the rest, as they say, was history.

This is a perfect example of meaningful coincidence, synchronicity, leading people to each other, who were supposed to meet. You might take from this, that if something is supposed to happen, there is nothing a person can do to stop it from happening. If that's the case, it negates what I've been saying here about going with the flowing.

I would submit that nothing is forced. If either one of those people had used their free will to retreat, so to speak, into a life where they didn't pursue their challenges and did not want to develop into the person called for in their life plan that they and their higher self had set up for them before even being born, then that person could easily had changed the course of their lives by being a recluse.

For instance, s/he could have opted for developing agoraphobia and never ventured outside, which would drastically reduce the chances of having synchronicity work for him or her. In that case, the other party may very well have had synchronicities occur to bring someone else into his or her life. It may very well have been someone known in a past life.

Or perhaps the person would have chosen to never have a lasting, meaningful partnership if the other person wasn't going to be available. It's interesting to think how we not only affect our own lives when we don't live up to our potential, but we affect the lives of other people who don't get the benefit of what we have to offer.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it doesn't matter. You still have the choice to go with the flow and be conscious of the incredible coincidences in your life, or stay where you are and believe that there is nothing meaningful about them.

If you believe there is something to what I have been postulating, and you want to take advantage of this process to help find more meaning and excitement in your life, just remember these two things. First; pay attention to coincidences. The more you do, the more they will happen. Second; don't be a hermit. Follow your intuition and impulses. For instance, if you've been wishing you could take a class on something or other, quit wishing. Do it.

I'm going to close out this essay with four examples of the favorite coincidences (thus far) in my own life (this incarnation.) The first one has to do with my brother. At one point, he owned a limousine service that I worked for as a chauffeur.

One day, quite a few miles away from his office, I was driving down a road and saw an office that had his name on it. Curious, I pulled over to check it out. I saw it was closed, and also that it was a real estate office. That was kind of neat, because my brother was also a realtor in addition to being a limo business owner. That kind of added to the fun coincidence.

The next time I saw him, I told him about the realtor with his name and he told me that it was actually his office. He had recently rented it, unbeknownst to me. When I stopped to think about it, I realized how easily I could have driven by that office and never seen his name. However, that is not even the synchronistic event.

A few weeks later, I had a job that took me about 50 miles south to pick up the customer. She had me pick up some friends. They had me stop at a place to buy a chicken. Yes, a chicken; not Kentucky Fried Chicken. A live chicken.

At that point I put two and two together. They were speaking Spanish. They were taking a live chicken someplace. I realized this must pertain to the religion known as Santeria which still practices animal sacrifice.

I had already mentally dealt with that. I had debated friends about it. My stance was that it's horrible, but that I'm horrible, because I eat meat and I have no room to judge. As things turned out, I ended up becoming close with the Santera who had called for the limousine.

I was shocked to discover that Santeras are psychic. They live their lives helping people with their psychic gifts. This woman, who became my friend, was totally devoted to helping others. She was also an amazing mother of two boys. I became distressed when I realized that it took a lot out of her to constantly be giving psychic consultations.

Way, way under one percent of her work involved animal sacrifice, by the way. She would get sick because she cared so much about others that she wouldn't tell people, no, when she really needed to recharge herself, and rest. I lost touch with her but found out years later she had died. I'm almost sure it was from an illness brought on by a weak immune system.

Her psychic abilities were amazing. I know first hand. She knew things about me she had no way of knowing. She gave me advise that turned out to be spot on. She warned me about things I was able to deal with in advance.

I could very much say that it was synchronicity that I happened to be the driver who was assigned to pick her up, and that I was supposed to meet her. Yet that is not why I've included her in my personal examples. That first day I met her, she didn't have an address, but she knew where she was going.

I just followed her live instructions. She ended up taking me to the strip mall where my brother's real estate office was located. Her ex husband owned the restaurant one door down from my brother. Interestingly, Iris went on to later tell me things about my brother a stranger wouldn't possibly be able to know, and give me messages for him, with very helpful advice.

The second example is about someone I met who had been kicked out of Scientology for being a free thinker. I loved hearing his inside knowledge about the workings of that cult. One day we were talking about his experience a few years prior, working on a king crab vessel off the coast of Alaska.

He talked about how hot the showers would get when someone flushed the toilet and how a friend of his did that to the friend's girlfriend. He said it took her a few days to start speaking to his friend again. They would communicate by passing messages through him.

My friend, Chris, said that the gal, Lorraine, would say things like, “Chris would you tell David to pass the salt.” David would say, “Chris, tell Lorraine I”m really sorry for the toilet flush trick and I“ll never do it again.”

When he was telling me the story, it dawned on me. He was not the first person I knew who had worked in Alaska on a crab vessel. I asked Chris if Lorraine's last name was, the last name of my step sister. Sure enough, it was. I knew David too, and I remembered that he was a Scientologist.

I found the odds pretty incredible. I had only recently moved to California from Florida when I met Chris. The chances of meeting him were infinitesimally slim. Beyond that, he could have easily never shared that story with me.

Example number three involves my brother again. This time I wasn't working for him. I was working for a one car limo service that my friend Danny and I had bought from my brother.

One day, my brother told me that he had recently been to a Christmas party that was attended by the star of a TV show. A few months later, my friend and business partner, Danny, told me that the realtor he worked with – Danny was a real estate agent – was the father in law, of the TV star my brother had met.

In fact, it was at Danny's realtor broker's home that my brother had met the actor. He was invited to that Christmas party because a friend of his, who used to work for my brother selling homes for a developer, was best friends with the woman who married the actor, (the daughter of Danny's boss.)

The show was shot in California. The Christmas party was in Florida. Even if everything had taken place in Los Angeles, it would have been a great coincidence, but somehow, when the miles are entered into the equation, I find it even more compelling.

The fourth example is also pretty amazing. It may be my favorite. Coincidentally, it involves a TV show, and the same two locations, south Florida and Los Angeles.

I had fulfilled a dream to write for television at a fairly young age. I drove out to California on vacation, to try to get a script I had written for a TV show, to the show's creator. While on vacation, I discovered it was going to take a lot more effort than writing a single speculation script and hope to get someone to read it.

So, there I was, a teenager, calling home to say I was staying; I wasn't coming home. You might imagine, the folks weren't thrilled. I ended up manifesting my dream 3 years later, after all my friends had long told me to give it up. (That sure felt good.)

The TV show aired on Tuesday nights. At my mom's Sunday night church service, just two days before my first episode was to air, she met a woman in her church, in Florida. This new member of the church, excitedly told my mom, that her aunt, who was in her eighties, had recently decided to become an actress, and that doors just seemed to magically open for her. She got a gig on her very first audition.

She named the show I wrote for and said her octogenarian aunt was going to be on the upcoming episode Tuesday night. My mom could hardly believe it. She told her new friend that her son wrote the episode that her aunt is appearing on.

The odds of that happening are astronomical. Plus, it could have happened, but no one would have ever known if they had not spoken, or if they spoke, but that topic wasn't broached.

A key aspect of manifesting coincidences it act on your impulses. People hear that and think it's a reference to obsessive compulsions. That's not the case at all. Impulses are not compulsions. In fact, obsessive compulsions tend to come from quashing your natural impulses.

Here's an example of what I mean by acting on your impulses. If you would like to meet someone you see at a party or in a store, etc., act on that impulse. Go up and introduce yourself, even if that is totally unlike you. Just do it. Nothing may come from it, but so what?

You'll feel empowered just by having taken the little action of making the introduction. On the other hand, that introduction might lead to a series of amazing coincidences that will illuminate, enrich and change the course of your life. It might be that the person quickly exits your path, but not before she introduces you to someone who becomes vital to your story.

Don't worry about the fact that even though you want to get to point Z, the only step you see at the moment is from point A to point B. You'll figure out point C when you're on point B, and you have a long ways to go before point Z.

Hold the goal of point Z in your mind and trust yourself, the universe and your impending synchronicities to get you to where you want to be. (By the way, if you are going with the flow, you may later decide that you are no longer interested in getting to point Z.)


The Band, The Police, popularized synchronicity in the 1980's with the song titled, Synchronicity. For me, the most important message in the song is the line, “If you act as you think, the missing link, synchronicity.

I think that is spot on in more ways than one. On one level it can mean what I was referring to as acting on your impulse. If you think of something you'd like to do, just do it. Act as you think.

On another level, I think it refers to walking your talk, being consistent between your words and your actions; in other words, not being a hypocrite. If you really want to experience synchronicity in all its splendor, start acting as you speak. It's the missing link… Synchronicity.

For me, it means I must finally give up eating meat. I purport to be such a lover of animals, yet I pay big bucks to the slaughter industry for them to keep doing what they are doing. I need to stop, and I need to stop this lifetime.

There is another example or two of manifesting a coincidence that I would be remiss if I did not include it here. In fact, the previous example demonstrated how meaningful coincidences will come to you if you aren't a hermit, and especially if you are open to recognizing them. They happen on autopilot.

There is another category synchronicity manifestation, though. It's conscious manifestation. Here are two examples from my life.

I was having an extended back and forth email discussion with a fundamentalist Christian who said she believes everything in the Bible is true and that there are no mistakes in the King James version of the Bible.

I knew I could do an online search for Biblical inconsistencies, but I decided that I would just find something on my own. So I opened my Bible and random went from one page to another, reading a verse here and verse there.

Unfortunately, I did not write down the verse I found within five minutes (or less), but it had an obvious translation error. The way it is, it basically puts God the Father beneath God the Son. There were two words together, that if you transposed them, would correct this issue.

Evidently, in the original language, those words are used in a different order than in English. I emailed it to the person who had be convinced that there are no errors in the Bible, and she had to admit that I found an obvious translation error.

To me, that is an example of manifesting a coincidence. It's true, it was not on the first page I randomly flipped to, but it was still pretty incredible that I found it so quickly.

Another example of conscious coincidence manifestation hearkens back 25 years when I was driving a taxi cab. There's a singer I really love named Basia. I was excited to learn she was coming to town to perform, but I was disappointed to discovered that she had sold out her only show before I had a chance to secure a ticket.

I simply decided that I was going to manifest a ticket. I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I just knew I was going to get in. There was a radio station that was giving tickets away. I figured that I'd win them.

As it turned out, it was the night before the show and I had not been able to get through to the radio station when they invited listeners to be the lucky caller, but I had not given up.

I was sitting in the cab on a stand outside a nightclub listening to the radio station, waiting for the announcement that it was time to call to win tickets to Basia, when four people got in my cab. Within less than a minute they told me they were in town, with Basia. They were roadies, traveling with her.

As you can imagine, I asked if I could trade them cab fare for free tickets. They took my name and said two tickets would be waiting for me at the Will Call Window before the show. I loved that I just happened to be in the first position at that point on the cab stand, because if not for that, they would not have been in my taxi.

I originally ended this essay here, but later remembered another coincidence I found quite interesting. It falls in the unconscious/subconscious manifestation category:

Quite a few years ago there was a woman who was charged with first degree murder, even though the police even admitted, didn't lay a hand on the victim, who had died from suffocation due to convulsions brought on by some form of assault, or confrontation with the woman's husband. In fact, neighbors testified that she yelled at the man and got him to leave the victim alone, albeit the victim went into convulsions and tragically died.

I felt really bad for the victim, but also for the woman, when the jury actually found her guilty. I couldn't believe the police and district attorney charged her with murder, let alone, of the first degree. I was shocked when the jury found her guilty.

When the conviction came down, I even thought about writing to her. I had never written to any prisoner I didn't know, so it's not like I had a proclivity to do that. I just felt like she was actually one of two victims of that crime, and not a perpetrator in it, and my heart went out to her.

When I first saw a picture of her in the newspaper, showing her being arrested, I immediately thought of a former girlfriend, Cindy. I hadn't heard from Cindy in a couple years. She had been in and out of prison due to a serious drug addiction.

I felt they shared the same vibe. They both needed help, not prison. My heart went out to both of them.

After not hearing from Cindy for that long, I actually had begun to wonder if she had died. That was the level of her addiction. Out of the proverbial blue, a few weeks later I got a letter from Cindy, and we started corresponding again. She was back behind bars. In one of her first letters, she mentioned that she was friends with that woman.

That blew me away, especially because of the fact that when I first saw her picture, I thought of Cindy, and now shortly thereafter, Cindy had reemerged and was telling me she was friends with her. It was a bit mind boggling, actually.

I asked Cindy to ask her if I could write to her, and to tell her that I was thinking about writing to her anyway, but didn't know how to find out where she was. It was the 90s. The Internet was in existence, but must people didn't have access to it. I certainly didn't.

I'm sure I could have made a number of phone calls and found out what prison she was in, but I had not gotten around to it. I'm not sure I would have, eventually, but I wouldn't have been surprised if I did. I really cared about this stranger that everyone and their brother absolutely hated.

I believe that for a while, she was the most hated woman in the United States, and that it was an unjust rap. She wasn't perfect, but the level of negative emotions against her were ridiculous, in my personal paradigm.

Some weeks later, when Cindy was being released, I drove upstate to pick her up. (I believe that at this point I had exchanged a letter or two with the woman.) As I was in the parking lot, waiting, there was a line of inmates directly on the other side of the fence, waiting on something.

I noticed one of them was really attractive, so I had some women's prison fantasy playing in my head, watching her. I don't recall the exact mental movie I was making, but knowing me, I was probably the warden, offering her some special guidance.

My little mental movie was interrupted when Cindy showed up with a guard who unlocked the gate. The line of women was still there. Cindy spoke to the gal I had been scoping out, and she waved at me. I waved back.

You know where this is going. Cindy came out and hugged me. Then she asked, Did you recognize her? The one who waved at you? It's her. She was still looking at me, and we both ginned, and waved at each other once again.

There are multiple coincidences there.

1) I thought of Cindy when I saw this woman's photo in the paper. I felt they were so much alike, in ways. Both young and pretty and in need of help, not so much punishment.

I didn't know if I'd ever hear from Cindy again or even if she was alive.

I felt so bad for this woman, I almost did something I never imagined I would do; write to a prisoner who didn't know me from Adam, (as they say.) I just wanted to let her know everyone didn't hate her and that some of us realized she was dealt a bad hand.

2) Then, Cindy suddenly ends up communicating with me, out of the blue.

She just so happens to tell me that she is friends with this woman. She could have easily not shared that with me, and I'd of never known.

3) When I went to pick Cindy up, the woman just happened to be 50 feet away from me, and Cindy ended up “introducing” us in person.

I don't know about you, but I find the odds of all of that happening, astronomical, to say that least. I definitely believe it happened because of my strong feelings about both the women involved and my desire to reach out to them.

What coincidences have you noticed in your life? If you pay attention to them, you will probably manifest more and more of them. Thoughts are powerful. They send out intentions and they are picked up by others.

Whatever you do, always remember that you are a powerful spiritual being having a human experience.

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