How to Keep Your Mind Active

The brain is the most complex organ in our bodies. It controls our thoughts, our movements and our lives. Many people don’t use it, while others use it extensively to the point of nervous breakdown. Whichever the case is with you, chances are big you are not reaching its full potential. There are many ways to keep your mind active and reading this article to the end will be one effective method.

How to Keep Your Mind Active with Sleeping

You need eight hours of sleep every night if you are a fully grown individual. Most of us sleep 6 hours or less, giving our fast lifestyles and we think we are more productive that way. It’s true, getting up earlier gets more than a few things done, but in the long haul, sleeping less might weaken your immune system. Everybody needs the right amount of REM and non REM ratio sleep every night. Otherwise the body doesn’t have enough time to activate the natural healing system completely. You may feel fine for some time because grownups don’t require as much sleeping as kids, but in time your immune system will lose the ability to fight off viruses and bacteria effectively. Plus sleeping less drains the energy out of the body, because once you waste the energy you recovered during sleeping, you will start using the body reserves. That will lead to tension and you’ll start changing moods and jumping on everything people say. Of course today, not everyone can afford to sleep for 8 hours every day. If you are one of those people, make your week balanced. 4 days of the week you can cut your sleep to 6 hours a night to get things done, but the rest of the week should be reserved for a nice, long beauty sleep.

Change Hemispheres

As you probably know, the left hemisphere of the brain is where we deal with logic, while the right hemisphere is activated when we use our creativity and emotions. Because nothing in our day to day activities is strictly black and white, you can learn to use both hemispheres to gain more insight and make your mind more sharp. For starters, switch your hand that holds the mouse when you are on the computer. This seems like a stupid exercise but it will not be an easy one for the brain. You will find it difficult at the beginning because you are not used to using your left hand to navigate the arrow, but in time you will be able to use both hands without even noticing. Switching the hemispheres can be done while handling problems and looking for solutions. When the task requires logic thinking, remember to activate your right hemisphere and start thinking creatively. Make a puzzle of the information you have gathered and try to complete it without holding every piece. You will be surprised how many times we stumble over details and forget to look at the problem from another perspective. If on the other hand, the task requires creativity or you are too emotionally involved, use your left hemisphere. Try counting, planning, getting deep in the details and rip the big picture into small pieces. Getting your mind involved in statistics when it’s time for it to be imaginative will restart it and give it a fresh, new angle.

Feed Your Brain

Whole grains, blueberries, black-currant, fish, tomatoes, sage, parsley, pumpkin seeds and other nuts will certainly boost your brain power, but here we will talk about another type of feeding. Your brain works by exchanging information. That’s why we dream when we sleep, because even though the entire body’s asleep the brain keeps swapping over data. It goes over today’s events and problems, it processes the information we’ve managed to collect throughout the day and tries to make sense of everything. We don’t allow kids to watch scary movies and news because their brains are more susceptible to information, but ours are not dull either. Reading a book before bedtime, watching a comedy or solving a crossword will put your brain in a problem solving state. Our brains collect 11 hours of information a day, which is more than most home computers. Make sure what you gather is worth for the brain to process. So if you think you will spend the night thinking about a certain occurrence instead of sleeping, try to pan out while you are still awake. Don’t let the information you’ve picked up linger in your subconscious because everything you’ve witnessed will come out someday. Get involved in meaningless activities, the ones that will develop your personality and build your character. That way the brain will process important data instead of junk. Everything is easier today because we have the Internet, so use this tool to read news that you are interested in and find ways to keep your mind active. If you listen to music to elevate your mood, calm you down or increase your focus, don’t turn the player too loud. Not only that loud music will hurt your ears, but it will make you lose your concentration.

Best Brain Stimulants

Dark chocolate has been known to help the body release dopamine, the brain chemical that aids memory and learning. Hot cocoa will do the same trick because the best chocolates are made of a high percentage of cocoa. A cup of cocoa and a mystery movie will be the best brain stimuli combination. Movies and books with mysterious content make the mind question, look for clues and explanations and most importantly, they activate the mind in a fun way. You have to exercise this body part just as all other body parts. Engage yourself in all kinds of activities. Sitting around most of the day kills from 30 to 50 percent of the American population. Physical inactivity causes all kinds of health complications, from coronary disease and heart attacks to osteoporosis and cancers. Social interactions boost the mind because lots of information gets exchanged in every single contact. That way you can satisfy your curious mind with the latest gossip, hear something new and stay close to your friends. Spending time alone may also be beneficial but only if you occupy your days with productive work. That could involve writing even if it’s no good, learning a craft you never though can pull off or grooming your pets like they are going to a beauty competition. Our lives are perpetually changing and you can steer the way in any direction you want by participating in many undertakings. Even if you write a screenplay that is not good enough to be presented to anybody, you will watch at least three plays until you finish with your writings. That is called expanding and your mind will always be acceptable of new intellectual growth.

Keep Learning

You may think you are too old to learn to drive or sew, or you make excuses that you don’t have any money for lessons and how to books. That’s okay because we have a solution for you too. It’s never too late to learn a new language for example. You don’t need any money for that and you are never old for adding a new language to your skill journal. You can learn online for free, find foreign friends on social networks and download MP3’s in different languages. Maybe you don’t have the time to learn to speak French, but you can very well learn the lyrics of a song. It doesn’t even have to be in some foreign language because memorizing any text will boost your brain power in the same way. Try to learn the lyrics to a rap song and see how much fun you will have. All rap songs have exceptional rhymes and rhythm, which makes learning patterns easier, while the frequent repetition will build fluency. Also, your confidence will be increased, because versing those lyrics is not always as easy as it sounds.

If you are retired, keeping your mind active and stimulated is required. A part time job will make your brain cells exchange information flawlessly and keep you from rotting down in the last stage of your life. The fact that the world thinks you should stop working should be taken as an advantage. Young people want to do things but they don’t have enough time to do them all, but once you’re retired you can think of all the things you’ve missed out while you had to work to provide. Dancing classes, fishing or involvement in sports will increase your energy levels and improve the oxygen flow to the brain. An active mind needs a lot of oxygen, so locking yourself in your apartment will only make things worse. Plan a trip to visit some place you’ve always wanted and even if you don’t go through with it, your mind has already paid the visit. Daydreaming may look like a waste of time for young people, but it gives the mind a chance to explore territories out of reach. No one knows what’s going on inside your head, so use that and start visualizing all the things that you wish to have, be or experience.


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