How dieting affects our health

People nowadays are obsessed with the thought of slimming down. Be it men or women, nobody is unscathed from this obsession of cutting down or shedding some pounds. There are many reasons for such an obsessed behaviour. One reason is the glam factor. Every profession ranging from teachers to scientists, are bent on being glamorous.

Everyone wants to look good. People are worried about their looks and are spending hours, grooming themselves in front of mirrors. Another primary reason is health. In this supersonic age, strokes and tumours have become a part and parcel of daily lives and everybody wants to cut down some flab, as obesity is the mother of all these diseases.

However, in today’s generation everyone wants everything fast. Therefore, instead of losing fat slowly, they are looking at speedier options like surgery and dieting, not realising their side effects. Now let us see some of the major side effects of dieting.

Depression - More often than not, we have seen people who opted for dieting are experiencing depression. These people unknowingly throw themselves in the depths of darkness by opting for such a dangerous method like dieting. People who are dieting start changing their body metabolism suddenly and everybody cannot take this change properly, especially women. These persons then go in a very depressed state and it becomes very difficult for them to come out of it as their body lacks the nutrition it needs. Hence, to come out of one disease, one should not throw oneself into another one.

Fatigue - How many times we have seen that a person who is dieting gets tired very easily and feels fatigued and exhausted all the time. This is because of the fact that the body, which is in the habit of consuming a lot of probably excess calories, has suddenly stopped experiencing even the minimal calorie intake. This side effect of dieting is tough on the individual as he/she is not able to concentrate on his/her work.

Irritability - The aforementioned point is closely linked with this point as the fatigue, tiredness gets the worst out of the individual, and the individual becomes to sulk regularly. He/she regularly starts to lose his/her temper, as that individual is not able to concentrate on any of his daily chores. This brings a lot of negativity and anger inside the person.

Sinus - This is one of the most common and unnoticed side effect of dieting. People having normal breathing problems start feeling uneasiness in the nose and then they come to know that they have a sinus problem due to this monster in making “dieting.”

Bloodshot eyes - The eyes of a person who is on dieting becomes red and swollen. This effect keeps on increasing exponentially. Sometimes this happens because of the fact that the person who is on dieting loses temper very easily and in turn increases his/her blood pressure, which is shown in the person’s eye.

Losing weight is not an issue but it should be done slowly and gradually so that one’s body becomes adaptive to that process and dieting should be done in moderation. If dieting is taken to the extreme, it can be disastrous to a person's health and body.


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