How Devtome share payouts work

After a few reads of the devtome wiki it's very obvious that newcomers would have no clue how devtome payouts work. I had a lot of questions that I didn't understand until I started receiving payouts.

Basically, here is how it works:

Each round (roughly one month) has 180,000,000 coins available to wiki contributors. Those who contribute to the wiki earn shares. The total shares depends on how much is contributed. Aside from writing there is advertising, admin, developing, etc.

For writing a share is 1,000 words. If you contribute 1,000 words you get 1 share. Your article popularity matters. If you are an unpopular writer you may only get credit for .5 of your shares. If you are popular it could be 1.5x

Payout takes place for approximately an entire month. You receive your devcoins over this entire period.

For example:

400 total shares, you contribute 10.

180,000,000 / 400 = 450,000 DVC for each share.

You can expect 4.5 Million DVC. However, this changes based on your popularity.

Depending on how you catch a round it could take up to 2 months to get your entire payout. The wiki does a good job of showing when rounds are occuring and when they payout - it's based on block numbers.


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