How Can Devcoin Be Improved?

Here I propose some improvements for devcoin, to combat devaluation and other negative activities. I am by no means an expert at cryptocurrencies, so if something is not possible, just shoot me a message on my talk page!


Devcoin's code (both daemon and -qt) should be caught up to the latest bitcoin codebase (0.8.5) for security fixes. Also, the block reward should be reduced to decrease the rate of inflation. (Maybe a gradual slope down) Devcoin needs to have lots of miners at first though, or else this will just reduce the revenue for the foundation.

    • Devcoin has been updated to the latest bitcoin
    • Devcoin is merge mined, so block rewards are not a problem


Devcoin has been awarding writers and programmers, but sites in which you can post your art for devcoins are much in need. (like deviantart - you can pay to download a picture in “deviantart credits.”)


Devcoin needs new bounties for more businesses, pools, and exchanges to get the currency moving. It has been cited as a “Zimbabwe” currency and we need to get rid of that assertion from the public.

    • The value of devcoin has been rising but it is not back at former levels

"Devcoin Accepted Here" Campaign

Devcoin needs to be accepted at more businesses for there to be an incentive to buy devcoin. An advertising campaign in much in need.


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