How are Earnings Determined?

Word Counts

Every words of original content counts as one word, and every word of content based on something else, or collated content, counts as 0.3 words. Therefore, ten words of original content would be worth 10 words, and ten words of content based on something else would be worth 3 words. To calculate your total word count, your collated word count is multiplied by 0.3 and added to your original word count. For example, if you wrote 10,000 words of original content and 10,000 words of collated content, your word count total would be (10000 * 0.3) + 10000 = 13000 words.


The ratings of your articles, your articles' popularity, and your articles' categorization all contribute to your multiplier. Your rating counts for 60% of your multiplier, popularity counts for 30%, and your categorization counts for 10%. The minimum multiplier is 0.5 (0,5) and the maximum multiplier is 1.5 (1,5). Rating is the median of all the ratings you have gotten for your articles. Popularity is the number of views your articles get per 1000 words, according to Google Analytics. Categorization is the number of articles which have categories at the bottom. If all of your articles are categorized, you are good to go. See the bottom of this page for reference. For example, if you are a bad writer who gets poor ratings and nobody looks at your articles, and none of your articles are categorized, your word count is multiplied by a multiplier of 0.5 (0,5). If you are the opposite, a great writer who gets high ratings and is very popular, as well as having all of your articles categorized, your word count is most likely multiplied by 1.5 (1,5). For example, if the writer who wrote the 20000 words as shown above had a multiplier of 0.5 (0,5), his weighted word count (13000) would be multiplied by 0.5 (0,5), resulting in 6500 words. Therefore he would get 7 shares. If the writer above was popular with a multiplier of 1.5 (1,5), his weighted word count (13000) would be multiplied by 1.5 (1,5), resulting in 19500 words, granting him 20 shares.

Word Count Limit

Your word count is limited to 50000 words per round. If you have more than that, the rest of your words will roll over into the next round.

Payout Time

Shares are paid out 2700 blocks after a round ends. You can view round endings and share payout schedules here:


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