The Holobarracks is a city-improvement implemented in the Galactic Ruleset of Freeciv, the ruleset that the Galactic Milieu uses to represent Galactic Milieu planets using the Freeciv system.

It differs from lower-technology barracks in that it affects Diplomat and Spy units as well as normal ground units. The rationale for that is that like the Holodeck that is familiar to viewers of the various television series' that are part of the Star Trek franchise it enables to use of complex interactive scenarios and the representation of complex characters. helping to train negotiation skills and such.

Various of the Battle for Wesnoth campaigns that have been made that are set in the Galactic Milieu make specific mention of Holobarracks, and even use the conceit that the campaigns are themselves Holobarrack programs; the idea is even put forth in some such campaigns that on worlds that do not yet have Holobarrack technology the Battle for Wesnoth software is used to start training potential future holobarrack-programmers in advance of actually deploying the technology on their world.

The character Crissy (Galactic Milieu) is featured in some such campaigns as a holobarrack programmer and even as the actual author of the holobarrack programs that are represented by the various Battle for Wesnoth campaigns.

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