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Holistic living has been around as long as the common healing methods which have been mentioned above. But at the same time, holistic living is not normally practiced by many people in the modern society. This has consequently led to the state of the world that we are currently in where people are diverging from holism. It is therefore agreeable that in holistic living, many things are interrelated in one way or the other. Holistic living involves taking the responsibility for the choices and actions we undertake, while bearing in mind that all actions taken have consequences in our life and the lives of others. It involves creating an equilibrium and harmony among emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of all living organisms, and it goes beyond self satisfaction.


Holistic Living and Personal Development

Developing yourself is one of the main elements of living a holistic life. These include creating awareness of oneself, positive meditations, being active, eating right and also being respectful. These components are helpful in living a healthy holistic life.

Awareness of oneself: This is one of the ways that one can change his living and make a great improvement. It is an easy process of understanding and being aware of yourself. It is a long term process and therefore calls for continued research. In this connection, being aware of oneself can begin in many ways and can be as a result of different reasons. This process starts by the conscious understanding of the fact that the present situation is the only reality, and it is where one should start from. In other words we need to first deal with the present tense. However, one thing that cannot be underestimated is the fact that the past has been made and brought to the present situation we are now in. At the same we don’t know the future but it may well provide us the chance of offering our skills to those people that we care about. This can be done by first recognizing that we are going to start from the present situation we are in and to mold the future. This means that we should first embrace and accept the present situation we are in so that we can rejuvenate ourselves towards the future. However it does not end there, being aware of ourselves also calls for taking into consideration of what we need and want for ourselves. This knowledge helps one to understand our environment and more so those people who surround us and matter in one way or another for us to live a holistic living.

Meditation: This is one of the most effective ways of achieving holistic living. It has many advantages towards one’s performance and also impacting on one’s lifestyle. Meditation can be done at anytime, any place, and in any position. This means that one can exercise meditation while standing, walking or sitting. For a deep meditation experience then one should prepare themselves and the environment in which to conduct this meditation exercise in. Studies show that sleeping is one of the most effective ways of mediation. Meditation can be done in both religious and non-sectarian ways; one way of relaxing and involving oneself in meditation is through praying. This forms a reflective approach to meditation and creates a considerable comfort, which is satisfying as well.

Being active: It is prudent to understand that holistic living is not only a state of mind but also active participation in constructive activities. A good example is the daily advice that people get on different issues but they rarely put this into action. The information can be used to empower people and become productive in their lives. This way, one will be living a fulfilling life when combined with other aspects of holistic living.

Being Respectful: Respect to others start within us. It starts from understanding who we are and accepting our present situation. This propels our willingness to show others the same respect. It helps one to build relationships and show love to those we care about. One way of showing respect to ourselves is by obeying what our body wants provided it is healthy. For instance if one is hungry then the first thing to do is to find something to take in, this shows that we respect ourselves. It is not until one does this, that we will be able to show the same respect to the world and live a holistic life. Therefore it is advisable to listen to our senses such as feelings and emotions. This will help us to meet our needs and wants, as well us communicating the same to those people that we love in a respectful manner.

Proper eating: Holistic living cannot be accomplished without exercising proper eating habits. This later defines our heath and whether we are able to carry out our daily activities for ourselves and translate the same to others. It improves our performance in whatever activity we involve ourselves in. it also shows that we respect the generations which will follow us. This will keep away many of the lifestyle diseases which are common in the current society.

Holistic Living and Parenting

One of the core components of holistic living is parenting. Holistic living looks at how different things that affect our lives are interconnected and how one can create a good life out of all these.

Decision making: Healthy and fulfilling parenting requires making informed decisions. Some of the decisions that one is expected to make as a parent include the issues to do with nutrition, childbirth, circumcision, vaccination, and discipline among others. One should embrace proper interpersonal communication. It is important for parents to realize and be aware of the available options so that they can be in a position to make proper choices. This ensures that one is able to positively influence the holistic life of his family and also your own personal life.

Good relationships with others. As a parent, living a holistic life requires one to nurture respectful and healthy relationships with those people that surround them. One can go ahead and show empathy to others especially our children. A parent can affect a child’s future positively by impacting proper discipline.

Balancing emotional, spiritual and physical aspects: the integration of these aspects and knowing how to balance them is important in order to lead a holistic living as a parent. They should be balanced in every day activities. Some of the ways of doing this is to through application of healthy eating in your living, doing exercises, reducing stress in your living and having a fruitful and non violent communication with others. These principles define a wholesomeness of living. By applying these principles in one’s living as a parent, then one will be living a balanced living with the whole family.

Caring about the natural world: Environment is one of the most important components that we can’t do without especially so if we want to lead a holistic living. The same should be translated to our children and family members. This shows the respect we give to the nature and the core part it plays in our living. Children should also be given opportunities to experience nature and appreciate what it has to offer. Protection of the environment is one thing that a parent should hold dear and teach children about. To some extent it indicates the love one has to the future generation. This also defines a holistic way of living as a parent.

Simple living: Most people believe that consuming a lot and leading a luxurious living defines a full life. On the contrary one will be missing the point of holistic living. It is often advisable to consume less and live a simple living where possible. This consequently helps one to reduce the human being’s impact on the environment. It is one way of minimizing on non-material values in one’s family living.

How to Live Holistically

Living holistically provides different ways in which one can try to balance all aspects of their life. These aspects include one’s spirituality, relationship, health, and finances among others.

One of the many ways of living holistically is through positive thinking. This is enhanced through meditation. It provides a healthy and clear mind; positive thinking ensures that one has a relaxation in his mind and also his entire body. It uplifts one’s living performance in their daily activities. This is because it helps to keep his mind to remain positive in living. Deep meditation makes one feel a sense of separation of his physical state and in their mind, thus providing relaxation. It improves one’s clarity in problem solving processes, and meditation also helps in reducing stress. This is because it provides clear solution to otherwise huge problems. It assists one to become creative and come up with different ways of looking at an issue. There is proper coordination with one’s inner system which leads to a proper focus in performance and decision making.

Another important aspect of living a holistic life is by making sure that one eats a proper diet. Eating holistically refers to eating habits that ensure one avoids taking in processed foods, high sugar content food, or food with a high fat content. This kind of food is known to contain high calories than one’s body needs, and also fewer essential nutrients. It is good to change your eating habits and one should also include the detoxification process.

Stress management is another way of making sure that you live holistically. Holistic living cannot be complete if one does not ensure they manage their stress levels adequately. Stress is known to cause health complications. Some of this includes ulcers and depression; it is therefore fatal if not well managed.

Holistic living also involves keeping one’s soul as healthy and happy as possible. This can be done through exercising kindness to others. It makes you feel a sense of satisfaction accompanied with happiness. Healing one’s soul can also be done by volunteering in doing something beneficial to others, or the community at large.

Taking care of our environment: This gives one a sense of satisfaction which is a great aspect in holistic lifestyle. Having a conducive environment creates comfort and relaxation to oneself. At the same time, protection of the environment ensures that one protects his health from environmental pollution. Simple things such as proper waste disposal go a long way in touching not only your life but also the lives of those you care about.

Benefits of Holistic Living

There are many advantages of holistic living, such as peace of mind. It also helps one to have positive thinking towards living and what one wants to achieve at a given period of time. It helps one to achieve his goals in living, avoids irritations and provides relaxation and comfort.

Health is also so vital element in one’s living. If one is healthy, then it means that you will have enough energy to forge on and influence your living and the living of others positively. However, good health comes with commitment, dedication, and discipline. The first thing is to be aware of oneself and show respect and love to your body. This means that one should care for the needs that his body requires, including good health. This is one of the sure ways of leading a healthy life together with other factors such as doing exercises. Good health helps one to engage in positive thinking when facing his daily responsibilities. It assists in having the courage of carrying out activities and also mobilizing others towards a certain course.

Living a living full of joy: Happiness is said to be one of natural remedies of many ailments. Holistic living ensures that one leads a happy fulfilling life. It also enables one to prevent many diseases such as stress and depression. Being happy makes one be approachable and thus impacting and influencing other peoples’ lives. A holistic living involves joy and happiness and making good use of what one has.

Self awareness: this is one of the main advantages of holistic living. Self awareness helps one to embrace the present and accept the situation as they are. Living a holistic living is achieved when one accepts the current conditions and makes the best out of it. All these aspects, if correctly applied, will make one live and enjoy a fulfilling and holistic living.


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