Very little is recognized about time before this Falling. They call this time the Time of Gentle. All is known which UpperBeings LowerBeings Spirituals as well as Beasts aligned themselves having either the light or perhaps the dark. Now this may seem very cliche. Even so the leaders of each area were brother and sister. Twins Both great Sorcerers. They lived inside Fable city of Ahhn. The City built on clouds. The town that balanced the Light and the Dark. Your twins soon began to practice magic together. It had been soon discovered that these folks were very very different. As the female Arianna made trees grow in the woodlet her brother Orion used his time catching the instructors on fire. It was clear that these a pair of were elemantals. The top regarded Sorcerers of wholly. Considered to be the most pure! The most lighting. As in all areas there was always light-weight and dark in Kript. They were balanced though. Orion when he was a teen 2nd in his course (too his sister course) he tricked his distance to the forbidden sector on the Ahhn's academies library. He then read about the Darkness. Which he found he was very good on. Fire being his kaj (Main form regarding sorcerery) he was by now very destructive. And dark was about destruction and also power. He liked both equally very much. When their parents found out they were devastated they told your ex to stop. But Orion was already stronger than him and he or she destroyed them. For this kind of the leader of Ahhn threw him off of the city. That day this individual vowed revenge. He held responsible not only his cousin for this but all of Ahhn. He vowed to get the person to provide Ahhn out of heaven. Nearly 20 years glued since Orion was thrown out. Hes been causing damage and mayhem throughout Kript. He amassed an enormous army. Who all scary him. He loved fear. Much better than obedience he believed. Then he / she and his army came at Ahhn. Now Kript did not involve some pathetic defenses. It acquired amazing defense. But inside of minutes Orion practically solitary handedely busted the front gate open. Then they set about destroying Ahhn to bring this down. Even with the majority of his army on the floor keeping any help from reaching Ahhn it wouldn't take him long to arrive at the center. where metropolis hall was located. His or her sister Arianna was the brand new leader of Ahhn and also demanded he retreat. Their particular powers were equal your lover knew. Orion was to help arrogant to believe that. There would never you should be one of the Baby twins either they both reside or they both dice.

They had a huge battle which destroyed Ahhn further. Arianna begged him to cease. He would not. That they both were tired equally. Then with what vitality they could muster these people went into a ultimate attack. It killed both of them. This attack did not just kill them both this damaged Ahhn to significantly. It began to happen of the sky!! Folks that watched the beautiful town fall cried. With the crash of the location came the crash on the balance. Even though Orion was dead he or she put together a significant army. Most of that has been still alive. Ahhn had been what kept the balance wheel between light and colored. There was no someone to balance it. Dark has a head start. This ended up being what has become known as the Falling. The struggle with regard to light has begun.

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