Herbal Medicine

More people each day become aware of the fact that everything happening around us is chemistry. Everything you touch, feel, taste, hear and smell is triggering a series of chemical interactions and reactions in your body. Many of the elements found in nature can be found in the human body also. There are chemical processes taking place in your organism as you read this article. The balanced work between them promotes optimum health, and every type of imbalance causes some form of discomfort or illness. Modern medicine has come so far that there are numerous treatments for every disease. Most of the time, those treatments activate more than one reaction in the body. Some of those reactions are beneficial and purposely anticipated, so they can treat the infection. The rest of them are called side effects. But every time you get sick, your only intention is to get better as soon as possible. There is a way to do that without any nasty consequences and its called Herbalism. The chemical components found in herbs and certain foods are known to promote health, boost the immune system and guard the body from many diseases. The same chemical compounds are extracted from these herbs and foods, and they are made into pills, drugs and all sorts of other pharmaceuticals. The reason why these drugs cause side effects is because they contain other chemicals which may disrupt the natural chemical reactions in the body. We all know how a cup of chamomile tea can relax our nerves and make us sleepy, but there are other herbs in nature that don’t have such mild effects. Just as self medication is dangerous, self healing with herbs can cause more health problems than stimulate wellness. Before you rely on the properties some herbs and foods hold, talk to your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of herbal medicine.


Health risks of herbal medicine

As we mentioned before, the raw chemicals found in herbs are responsible for activating certain biological processes in the body. Some of those herbs might cause allergic reactions, especially if taken together with the conventional pills your doctor prescribed. Most herbal and dietary supplements are sold without initially being tested to prove whether or not they are safe, mainly because they are natural and organic. That doesn’t make them safe and taken in large doses, without a prior herbalist consultation, they can change the biochemical balance in the body. Cancer patients and pregnant women are especially advised to be careful in medicating with herbal supplements. The plant tarragon for instance, is a natural antispasmodic, diuretic and laxative, but taken in large doses can be toxic. It also has carcinogenic properties and its use should be monitored by a licensed herbal specialist. Tea, extract or any form of mistletoe supplement is known to be extra useful in healing infections, wounds and lesions. Nursing mothers and particularly pregnant women should avoid it because it can cause miscarriage. Very sick people and people are under anti-hypertensive medications may experience contraindications, because this shrub is known to drop the blood pressure and heart rate.


Datura can have serious side effects

Herbal medicine for women

There comes a time in every woman's life when the levels of hormones like progesterone and estrogen drop naturally and the menstrual cycles start to cease. Together with frequent change in moods, hot flashes, insomnia and vaginal dryness they indicate of a biological state called menopause. There are plants and herbs that naturally exude the compound called phytoestrogens. This compound simulates estrogen in the body and can help every woman avoid many of the menopause symptoms. Some plants and herbs that can provide your body with this compound are: black cohosh, red clover, alfalfa, licorice, tempeh, tofu, and soy nuts. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits with high percentage of vitamin C, because this vitamin is known to relieve the body of hot flashes. Almost all veggies and fruits contain vitamin C, but those with the highest rate are: beet greens, broccoli, salad greens, peppers, parsley, melons, citrus fruits, apricots and berries. Dong quai, or Chinese Angelica, provide the same effect. If during your menopause you have problems sleeping, chamomile tea, valerian tea and root will soothe your body into sleeping. Premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps are the most uncomfortable pains in every woman's life. These symptoms don’t attack the body unaccompanied. Breast tenderness, retention and bloating, irritability, skin blemishes, depression and fatigue are in the cluster of around 150 menstrual symptoms. There are numerous herbal treatments to use during this time of the month. For feelings of bloat, diuretic herbs can help. Known herbs that have diuretic properties are Angelica, parsley, dandelion and hydrangea. Hormonal levels tend to go wild during the menstrual cycle, so drink dong quai tea or tincture in the days before the cycle. Stop with this treatment as soon as your cycle starts. It’s not advisable for menstruating women to drink Chinese Angelica, or dong quai tea or supplements unless their cycle is irregular or really light. Drink red raspberry leaves tea and yarrow tea if the cycle is to heavy. If it's painful, use valerian, black cohosh, wild yam, Feverfew, yarrow and chamomile tea to soothe your menstrual cramps. Drink a cup of the potion days before the cycle start, so that your body doesn't have to experience pain at all. According to holistic practitioners, there is a time when you should cut down on your fruit consumption. That is when you have a yeast infection. The yeast infection is a type of fungus that thrives best in warm and moist areas, like the vagina. This fungus replicates on the sugars transferred through the blood stream, so instead of fruits, increase your vegetable consumption. Herbs like cedar, Calendula, Goldenseal, myrrh and rosemary, all have antifungal properties and you can use them to conquer the infection. Pour hot water over these ingredients, and you can make a douche or use the water to soak pads and apply them externally.

Herbal medicine and men’s health

Alternative medicine has the answers to many health related issues, like for instance Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Hydrangea root and horsetail tea, capsules or tincture are remedies used by herbalists worldwide to reduce the inflammation of the prostate gland. Many studies have been made to prove the effectiveness of these herbs and with a calculated mix successful results were achieved in little more than a month. With this health ailment, the element zinc is missing in achieving a perfect biochemical balance. You can use pumpkin seeds to reverse the condition. Zinc supplements are also available on the market, so if you choose to increase this deficiency with capsules, make sure they include copper as well. For erectile dysfunction, most holistic doctors recommend the herb gingko. Its properties smooth the penis muscles and enhance to blood flow to this organ. Another herb called Ashwagandha is the Indian Ginseng. Same as regular Ginseng, it is known to promote stamina, energy and sexual function. Keep in mind that erectile dysfunction sometimes has nothing to do with hormones. Accidents that damaged the spinal cord, diabetes, psychological and emotional wounds can also have the same effect on a man’s sexuality and libido. Examine all factors before taking any treatment into consideration. Cayenne pepper stimulates muscle movement and digestion, and it also helps the blood to circulate more easily through the body, so use this kitchen ingredient more in your cooking.

Availability of herbal medicine

Many of the herbs we use in our everyday lives have a magical influence on the body. There are at least 12 thousand compounds already known to modern medicine which can enhance the natural chemical processes in the body. Herbal medicine is not new to science. The first prove of herbs being used as medicament's were found in the form of clay tablets, listing hundreds of herbs and plants, such as opium and myrrh. The tablets were engraved by ancient Sumerians 5000 years ago, but other cultures like Indian, Chinese and native American populations were using Herbalism as part of their medical system. Today, this alternative medicine is more popular than ever, because now we have medical evidence that we don’t need shots every time we catch the flu. The basic system of herbal medicine is divided in Western Herbalism, Chinese Herbalism and Ayurvedic Herbalism. They all provide patients with more or less the same remarkable medicinal properties. Find a licensed herbal specialist when you decide you want to live your life in better health. Ask your conventional doctor about names in this field or recommendations about dietary supplements and nutrition. Alternative medicine has discovered an efficient herbal treatment for almost every disease, from migraines to cancers, cardiovascular diseases and HIV symptom relief. It will probably be best if you don’t wait to get sick to adopt the habit of a healthy living. Even though health conditions like anxiety, weight gain or loss, pespiratory ailments, skin and hair conditions can easily be left behind with the help of the right herbalist, it will be best to start living a healthier lifestyle right away. Make the effort to provide your body with the right nutrition while you’re still healthy. A holistically managed diet will improve your body and brain natural nutritional absorption. That will help your body fight colds, infections and diseases from the minute they intrude your system.



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