Help Cancer And Aids Research By Donating Computing Power And Get Even Paid For It

You can contribute to a bigger cause by donating some of your computing power of your personal computer or even your Android smartphone. The way to do this is to join the Cloud Computing Network via the Cloud Computing Software BOINC made free by the University Of California Berkley. In association with Ripple Labs you can get paid in the digital currency Ripple XRP for this.

How To Participate Step By Step In Less Than 10 Minutes

  1. Sign Up Free at The World Community Grid
  2. Download BOINC software that is available during your sign up at the World Community Grid mentioned in the last step
  3. Join the “Ripple Labs (International)” team as you sign up.
  4. Create A Wallet At Ripple - get your public Ripple address, this is where you get paid
  5. Get Your Ripple Account activated by letting someone sending you 25 XRP (via or alternatively you can just wait until you have 25 XRP accumulated with this system itself.)
  6. Go to ComputingForGood
  7. Register Your World Community Grid Account, add your public Ripple address and verify your account.
  8. Install BOINC on your computer and use your lgoin credentials and you computer should start automatically downloading and processing the research data

There you are - ready to contribute to worthy causes!

Trading XRP Ripple Into Bitcoin

There are different ways to trade XRP into Bitcoin. This article here is beyond that topic.

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