Hellen Keller

Helen was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1880. Helen taught the world to respect people who are blind and deaf. Helen’s mission came from her own life. When Helen was a baby (11 months to 2 years old), Helen was extremely ill and Helen lost both her vision and hearing. It was like entering a new world with new rules. By the time Helen was 7 years old, her parents knew they needed help so they hired a tutor named Anne Sullivan. Anne was strict, but she had lots of energy. Anne taught Helen how to spell words with her hands using the manual alphabet, which is part of sign language that deaf people use. The trouble was, Helen didn’t understand what the word meant- until one morning at the water pump (like an outdoor water fountain) Helen got a whole new attitude. Anne had Helen hold one hand under the water. Then Anne spelled “W– A– T– E– R” into Helen’s other hand. Immediately, Helen bent down and tapped the ground. Anne spelled “earth.” Helen learned 30 words. From then on, Helen’s mind raced ahead. She learned to speak when she was 10 years old by feeling her teacher’s mouth when she talked. Often people found it hard to understand Helen, but Helen never gave up trying. In 1968 Helen died at the age 88 of old age.

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